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10 Foods That Boost Metabolism And Help You Lose Weight

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No one likes to lose fat slowly, we all rush it waiting for the quickest results ever. The reason behind this could be not having the boosted metabolism to lose weight.

We also don’t like weight loss because it demands dedication, pain, and food deprivation, which are against the normal human nature nowadays. In order to accelerate your results, you have to combine dieting, doing activity, drinking water, supplementation, relieving stress, sleeping properly, and having a boosted metabolism.

This foods will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight #weightlose #diet #healthyfood

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Yet you can fail…don’t be too motivated, but this is the case. You might be not counting your calories efficiently and you are just consuming a lot of calories or maybe consuming the wrong type of calories too.

You might ask what do you mean by wrong type of calories? Well, the equivalent number of calories in meat and fish are actually not the same, the other nutrients differentiate between them.

There are good and bad calories, so in order to lose weight, you have to eat good calories and get rid of all of the bad calories because they will lower your metabolism and thus not speeding up your results. However, good calories can be found in foods that raise your metabolism, which is the purpose of this article.

This question here is what are actually the foods that boost metabolism for weight loss? Are they expensive? Rare? Fancy? What they actually do?

The answer to these questions will be presented next as you go through the list, but you have to know how those foods help you lose weight. Metabolism increasing puts your body in a state of fat burning even if you are not doing activity, which is the result of giving your body the good calories that will make you lose weight dramatically.

Boost Your Metabolism with Those 10 Foods:

1. Green Tea

Don’t be surprised because green tea isn’t a food, but yes it boosts your metabolism and puts your body in a fat burning zone. Don’t add sugar to this drink and it will be a sugar-free full of antioxidants and caffeine drink, giving you a lot of energy without adding any calories. This drink will elevate your weight loss. In addition, green tea has tea oxidation properties, which enhances your results as well.

2. Coconut Oil

Lauric Acid is the main component in coconut oil and it aids raising your metabolism tremendously. Moreover, it supplies your body with a lot of energy since it is packed with healthy fats, which suppresses your appetite and decreases your hunger. Being packed with healthy fats means that coconut oil aids your fat burning efficiency.

3. Celery 

This foods will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight #weightlose #diet #healthyfood

Celery is perfect for weight loss because it has calories less than the calories you are used to consume, which is known as negative calorie food. Such condition makes your body burn fat and lose weight since your caloric consumption is low compared to what you spend.

Celery is very watery and has a lot of cellulose, making you digest easily and feel full almost all of the time, constituting a perfect snack.

4. Chili

Boost your metabolism for more than 2 hours after eating your meal by 25% by adding chili to your meal even if just a few. You are lucky if you love spicy food.

5. Lean Meat and Fish

This foods will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight #weightlose #diet #healthyfood

Proteins are the main sources of metabolism boosting, especially lean meat and fish. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat loads of meat and fish because actually eating a lot of proteins can convert the excess proteins into fats, which is an unwanted result in weight loss.

In addition, you don’t want to lose muscles in the process of weight loss since your aim here is to burn fats, so eating proteins will feed your muscles and assure that you are losing fats mainly.

So boost your metabolism, become more energetic, suppress your appetite, and maintain your muscular formation through eating lean meat and fish. Losing muscles can make you look skinny fat, which you definitely won’t like. Having fish once a week in your diet is crucial because it gives you proteins and a lot of healthy fats which raise your metabolism tremendously.

6. Coffee

Coffee is another caffeinated drink, just like green tea, that enhances your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants and gives you higher energy levels.

Make sure you drink black coffee to make sure that it has no calories at all, neither by any flavors, sugar, or milk.

To have a winning drink, try adding coconut oil to your coffee to have an enhanced metabolism, which is called bulletproof coffee.

7. Spinach

Leafy veggies are very healthy because they add a lot of fibers without adding any calories, which maintains your weight loss process and fills your tummy. Leafy veggies generally boost your metabolism, but I specified spinach because it has many other health benefits.

Spinach helps your muscles recover faster if you lift weights and it supplies your body with many beneficial nutrients like magnesium, potassium, vitamins, and calcium.

8. Almonds

Although almonds are kind of high in calories, they are healthy because they supply your body with many nutrients like vitamins, manganese, fibers, magnesium, and fatty acids, which actually boost your metabolism.

Don’t consume a lot of them to maintain a low caloric diet and boost your metabolism to be able to lose more weight.

9. Water

This foods will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight #weightlose #diet #healthyfood

Basic and easy! Water is a very essential factor in boosting your metabolism, that is why drink your 8 cups of water daily at least. Studies mention that you can increase your metabolism by 30% for 30 minutes after drinking two cups of water.

10. Chocolate

Now don’t get too excited. I’m not talking about creamy milk chocolate with toffee. I’m talking about the good old real dark chocolate.

Don’t take this to the next level, I mean dark chocolate not the creamy ones or the ones with a lot of sugars. Aim for a minimum of 70% cacao content in dark chocolate to cut your cravings and maintain an enhanced metabolism.


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