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10 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

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10 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Carrots have long been lauded for their various health benefits, and people have been encouraged to incorporate them into their daily diet.

What is the fuss when it comes to this oddly shaped root vegetable and why is it Bugs Bunny’s favorite food? Here are 10 health benefits associated with the orange-colored superfood that might help answer these questions.

1. Strong Bones–Two of the minerals contained in carrots–Potassium and Vitamin K–help to strengthen the body’s bones via providing amino acids to build protein.

2. Skin Protectant–The beta-carotene in carrots has a variety of benefits, including the fact that it acts as a skin protectant from the Sun’s harmful rays and bolsters the body’s ability to fight infection from skin wounds.

3. Immunity Booster–Another benefit linked to beta-carotene is its ability to convert into Vitamin A when consumed, along with its power to ward off viruses and infections, and therefore, boosting the body’s immune system.

4. Heart Healthy–Carrots are known to lower cholesterol levels and risk of cardiovascular disease by enabling the body to digest fats easier and more effectively.

5. Better Oral Health–This is a unique benefit associated with carrots and could explain why Bugs Bunny loves them so much. The consumption of carrots actually cleans your teeth via their crunchy texture, which removes the plaque from your teeth and stimulates the production of saliva, which neutralizes the bacteria housed in the mouth.

10 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

6. Anti-Aging–Another benefit associated with beta-carotene is its ability to act as an anti-oxidant for damaged cells in the body.

7. Detoxifier–Vitamin A generated by beta-carotene helps detoxify the body via flushing toxins from the liver. This reduces the production of bile and helps the liver process fats more efficiently.

8. Anti-oxidant-Rich— Carrots are chock full of anti-oxidants known as carotenoids, which give carrots their distinctive orange hue.

9. Stroke Preventative–According to studies, people who eat 5 or more carrots a week are less likely to be at risk for strokes than those who consume one or fewer carrots in a month.

10. Vitamin-Rich–In addition to their Vitamin A-rich notoriety, carrots are also rich in Vitamins C, E, K, and D. These nutrients aid numerous organs and systems of the body, including your eyes/vision, skin, immune, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, etc. In fact, there is not a system in the body that does not benefit from these essential vitamins.

Now, we can see why carrots are so beneficial to the human body and why we should incorporate them into our daily diet. Perhaps carrot juice is not your cup of tea. It does not matter whether you prefer them in juice form, as sticks, chopped or shredded in salads, or as baby carrots, whatever entices you to consume more carrots can only benefit you and your overall health, just ask Bugs!

10 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | carrots benefits | carrots benefits health | carrots benefits juice | carrots benefits nutrition


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