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The 10-Minute Weightless Workout

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The 10-Minute Weightless Workout | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

Most people’s schedules are so packed full of work, family, and just life, in general that taking care of ourselves is the task that always seems to take the back seat and overlooked. Exercise is an important part of life and is needed to stay fit in all areas of our lives; our physical wellbeing, as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing. Without it, our bodies and minds can really deteriorate and become a fast track to medical issues and illness. Well, now you can get a healthier, fitter you, and it won’t take you but ten minutes to do. Ten minutes is something everyone can donate to their body for the sake of their health. Right?

Think about how much time we spend each day doing things we didn’t even realize we ate up so much time. Sending a few texts, posting a tweet or posting a few pictures on Facebook. Watching TV and talking on the phone all takes up time. Any of these slots of time could be better spent doing something healthy for you. When exercise has so many benefits for your mind and body, it really is hard to make excuses as to why you can’t give up just ten minutes a day to get some. And especially when you don’t even need anything special to do this particular workout. No equipment is needed for this weightless workout, only a yoga mat, and an interval timer. So here we go.

Here’s what to do.

You will need to perform each exercise for 30 seconds without out resting in between the exercises. Rest for 30 seconds after you complete each circuit, and rest for 1 minute after you complete circuit 3. For the optimum results, perform this workout routine 3-4 times each week.

Beginner’s: 2 rounds
Intermediate: 3 rounds
Advanced: 4 rounds


The Red Tea Detox

Circuit 1

Alternating toe touches
Alternating step back lunges

Circuit 2

Boat Pose (Holding pose exercise)
Close Grip Pushup

Circuit 3

Plank Hip Dips
Alternating Superman

Instructional Videos:

Alternating Toe Touches

Alternating Step Back Lunges

Boat Pose

Close Grip Pushup

Plank Hip Dips


Alternating Superman

The 10-Minute Weightless Workout | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |


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The Red Tea Detox

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