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10 Powerful Health Benefits of Asparagus

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Get ready for the asparagus season, the spring! You will start finding asparagus almost in each and every grocery store as it is a spring food that many people cherish and love. Asparagus adds a lot of taste with actually many health benefits that you will explore in a while.

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Whether you have been eating asparagus without knowing its health benefits or you aren’t an asparagus fan, it is time to know more about it to actually consider it seriously in your diet.

1. Cancer Resistance

Yes! This tiny little thing can fight resistance. Asparagus is rich in antioxidants that prevent inflammation, which is the most useful process in defending your body from cancer. Inflammation facilitates the passage of cancer and its feeding, which is a very undesired event for all of us. According to animal studies, asparagus can prohibit the growth of cancer in a very efficient way via changing the metabolic activity of cancer cells.

2. Rich in Anti-oxidants

The high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation possessed by asparagus doesn’t only fight cancer. Anti-inflammation can actually limit the risks of many diseases due to the fact that the lack of anti-oxidants can cause the death of some nerve cells due to high inflammation. Asparagus supplies your body with saponins that fight such inflammation and prevents your body from many ALS diseases.

Beside that, asparagus is rich in many nutritional and healthy antioxidants like zinc, selenium, manganese, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Having a balanced supply of those anti-oxidants keeps your body away from many risky diseases like heart diseases and diabetes.

3. Healthier Digestive System

Asparagus is very rich in inulin, which is simply a prebiotic that is broken down in the large intestine. This is very useful since the large intestine is the place where you need to feed the useful bacteria to actually perform digestion properly. This leads to better nutrients absorption and prevents your digestive system, especially the colon, from cancer.

4. Cardiac Health

Homocysteine is an amino acid that can increase the risk of being subject to heart diseases, so controlling and regulating it is a very important and crucial health concern. Fortunately, asparagus has many healthy nutrients that suppress the levels of homocysteine. Those nutrients are mainly the derivatives of B vitamins and niacin.

5. Controlled Sugar-Levels

The B vitamin derivatives are also capable of enhancing the release of insulin in your body that is capable of maintaining a proper bloodstream sugar level. Diabetes can also be prevented by consuming a balanced amount of fibers, which is totally provided by asparagus.

6. Packed with Nutrients

Asparagus is simply packed to the gills with nutrients. Besides all the B vitamins mentioned above, there is vitamin A, C, E, and K, along with folates, copper, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and essential amino acids.

7. Detoxification

Rich in glutathione, asparagus eliminates harmful carcinogens and free radicals out of your body by maintaining proper kidney and liver functions. Slowing aging is also possible by consuming asparagus.

8. Brain Health

Asparagus has many health benefits as you can see from the previous points beside having perfect taste. In addition, asparagus supplies you with brain health benefits. The main brain health benefit is that it prevents cognitive decline if you proceed in age. The absorption of B12 become less when we proceed in age, so consuming a lot of B12 at late ages is recommended to fight cognitive decline. Accordingly, consume asparagus and include it more in your diet.

9. Natural Diuretic

Getting rid of extra salts is needed, especially if your kidneys aren’t functioning properly. Asparagus has a high level of asparagine, which is a very useful amino acid that enhances urination and helps you get rid of the high level of salts. If you have high blood pressure or edema, then consuming asparagus will definitely help you get rid of excessive salts.

10. Bones Enhancements

The strength of bones and blood clotting can be enhanced directly via consumption of asparagus since it is rich in vitamin K.


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