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13 Lazy Tips for Busy Women to Lose Weight

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Many women these days are either too busy with their house duties or they work 5 days per week, left with no time or energy to do anything, especially for weight loss.

13 Lazy tips for losing weight on a busy schedule #weightloss #diet #loseweight

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

You will hear the usual claim of either “I’m tired” or “I’m busy”

For a working woman, she will just get home to take care of her family and cook for them, consuming more time and energy from the day actually.

Even if women don’t complain, they will find no time or energy to workout or check upon their weight.

All women want to look good, this is intrinsic. This will happen by eating properly and working out too.

How is this achievable with the messy typical day? Either by drainage of energy or shortage of time, many women find that it is impossible to workout or eat properly under such conditions.

Technically speaking, this is not laziness, but it is more of time management issues.

Accordingly, there must be something to do to lose weight and stay on track to look well.

After reading this article, you will know that losing weight and staying in shape in this busy life is not impossible anymore, it just requires following some tips and ways presented next.

Tips to lose weight:

1. Kill The Sugar

This tip doesn’t require any extra effort or time from you, it is just cutting the sugars. Sugar actually packs on a lot of calories in your body, making losing weight kind of impossible.

Unfortunately, everything delicious in this world has sugar, literally every sweet thing. But here you have to take an action and stop this sweet addiction by cutting the sugars.

Consuming sugar moderately is fine, but cutting it will be the best option since it will allow your body to lose weight by your normal daily activity without counteracting that by adding sugars.

In addition to losing weight, cutting sugar will actually prevent you from having sweet teeth, which is not desired.

Have you ever asked yourself why older generation people are actually more ripped?

Well, they hadn’t sugary tools we are having today like vending machines and candy snacks that are present everywhere.

Such temptations will make you consume sugary stuff because actually they taste really good!

But again, your goal here is to lose weight and you are too lazy or busy, then you must kill such sugary stuff and focus on what you actually want.

I started with this tip because actually this is the toughest amongst all! If you can cut sugars, then you will probably be able to do the remaining 12 tips easily, just like a piece of cake.

Cutting sugars will be a very grueling task in the beginning, especially in the first few days, but when you get used to it you will find no hardships as your body will actually adapt to what you are eating now.

As a matter of fact, you can actually start noticing weight changes if you just cut sugars!

Which is crazy actually because you have just changed one thing.

Don’t reward yourself for staying a long time without sugar by exploding and eating a lot of sugars like a Nutella jar or a big cake, you will reset everything and you will miss what you have actually made.

2. Use Small Plates For Your Meals

Who said you can’t trick yourself?

Well, you can of course under your agreement.

In this case, you can trick yourself by actually serving yourself in smaller plates instead of using the big ones that can carry a lot of food.

This dirty game actually works because when you fill a big plate, you feel that you are obliged to complete it till the end, which is a psychological thing that most of us fall in.

We were born and raised to finish our plates. And not only regarding food, but this is how most of us proceed in life, finish all you have.

This comes from the fact that your parents forced you a lot to finish your plates for growth, that we don’t like to waste money by not eating all the food, or maybe we actually love what we are eating and we are craving for more with a slightly competitive sense.

What limits people sometimes from eating more food is actually the cost they have to pay for the food, not the tummy-filling feeling.

Accordingly, by decreasing the size of your plates you will be able to eat less and giving yourself the satisfactory feeling that you have finished all what you have to finish.

Not all healthy foods will stay healthy when consumed a lot because actually what controls your weight is your caloric intake, so be careful and prevent yourself from overeating by reducing the size of your plates.

3. Brush Your Teeth

13 Lazy tips for losing weight on a busy schedule #weightloss #diet #loseweight

Brushing your teeth in the morning as the first task of the day will actually prevent you from the feeling of wanting to eat anything in the mean time because anything will taste terrible after you brushed your teeth.

You can use this trick throughout of the day not only in the morning to prevent yourself from eating what you crave, because you will not crave something that tastes bad.

As a lazy person, you will probably won’t get up and brush your teeth all over again and again, that is why brushing it once or twice daily will prevent you from overeating because you are just lazy to get up and brush your teeth again.

Brushing your teeth at night is very useful since you will probably hate eating anything as it will make you get up and brush your teeth again before you sleep, limiting your eating options.

You can also use mouthwashes and other oral hygienic products that will change your taste of food.

4. Do Breathing Exercises

Some of these lazy ways to lose weight tips are proactive with regards to what you put in your body and others are proactive in trying to prevent what you put in your body.

Whenever I’m stressed I throw any and all food restrictions out the window.

Stress eating is something that many people suffer from and one of the best ways to combat it is through deep breathing exercises.

The idea is that you want to prevent getting to the point where you feel that eating food is going to help with your stress.

Instead, take active measures that will prevent you from stressing out to the point where you end up eating a whole pizza.

5. Take Your Time And Eat Slowly!

It isn’t a competition here, just relax and eat really slowly.

Eating faster actually makes you gain more weight, which is not what you really want.

Do that not only for the sake of losing weight, but actually do it to enjoy the food and its taste!

Your brain claims you are full or not in just 20 minutes, that is why if you ate slowly your brain will conclude that you are full and you will lose appetite eventually.

However, if you ate quickly, you will just crave for more since your brain didn’t shut your stomach yet.

Accordingly, eating slowly will make your brain realize that you are full, giving you the feeling of not actually wanting more.

6. Chew Gum

13 Lazy tips for losing weight on a busy schedule #weightloss #diet #loseweight
Don’t be so happy because some chewing guns are so sugary that they might actually ruin your goals.

Haven’t you found a lot of smokers chew gums as a method to quit smoking?

Well, this is a technique that keeps you busy or gives you the feeling that you are eating something while actually you aren’t.

Sometimes we need this deception to cut our appetite. In addition, we sometimes feel hungry out of boredom, unlike the times we are very busy in.

Chewing gums will actually remove this idea from your brain as if you are actually doing something.

7. Drink Wisely

Moderation is always the key in anything, but actually alcohol has a lot of effects on willpower since you will always need more and more!

Who doesn’t love martinis for instance?

Despite the difference in taste, all alcoholic drinks are packed with calories, which will not help in your fat loss process at all.

You will always claim that this is your last drink and you are going to do is sip more drinks because you will not be able to control your temptations.

So drink wisely and in moderation to not affect your weight loss process. No one wants to grasp the fun from your life, just have a plan and do it carefully.

8. Snack Wisely
Who said snacking will make you gain weight?

Of course not!

You don’t have to starve and feel continuously hungry to lose weight, you just have to pick what you eat when you are hungry and you are on the right track!

You have to prepare your snacks priorly as you might feel hungry at any time of the day, letting yourself eat harmful snacks that will actually hinder your weight loss process.

Instead of using vending machine products or potato chips as snacks, you can have a lot of healthy alternatives that will prevent you from starvation without adding a lot of calories.

Starvation will make your body store anything you eat for a longer period of time as a defensive way to avoid starvation the next time you don’t feed it.

So eating less doesn’t actually convey losing weight, it might add up more weight to your body!

Snacking is inevitable, that is why it is recommended to prepare your snacks overnight or before you leave as you might get hungry at anytime during the day.

Laziness will drive you to pick an unhealthy snack, favoring not to prepare, but actually healthy snacks doesn’t require a lot of effort from you.

Some examples could be nuts, fruits, wholegrain bars, oats, and many more.

9. Cut The Highly Caloric Drinks

13 Lazy tips for losing weight on a busy schedule #weightloss #diet #loseweight
I like to consider myself a soda connoisseur.

Soda and soft drinks!

They are the favorite for many people because they actually quench thirst and make you feel fresh!

Well, sodas are actually filled with sugars and they are highly caloric, more than you even imagine.

In order to lose weight, you have to spend calories more than you consume, so sodas definitely make you gain weight quickly.

Bear in mind that fruit juices are not healthy too…

They are loaded with sugars as well and they have a bad effect on your weight loss process.

Why don’t you just drink water to quench your thirst?

It also raises your metabolism to lose weight easier!

10. Cut The Coffee

Coffee isn’t healthy as you have always heard, it actually stops you from losing weight.

Coffee ruins your sleep cycle as it becomes a necessity in your life to kick-off your day, which is something you definitely want to avoid.

If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, you will not need anything to get you up of your bed as you will be super active already.

Coffee is a myth that people convince themselves to believe.

You shouldn’t need a super boost of caffeine to wake you up! If you are eating right and taking care of yourself then waking up is the only boost you need.

Sleeping less will be a big obstacle between you and your target weight because sleeping is a major key in raising your metabolism.

11. Sleep More

13 Lazy tips for losing weight on a busy schedule #weightloss #diet #loseweight

According to the discussion held earlier regarding sleeping less, it is logical to tell you that you have to sleep more to lose weight!

This doesn’t mean you stay up late night and have a bad sleeping pattern, but your body has to rest properly for you to be able to burn more fats.

Women are different in men as they women have a more complex brain than men, making them need to sleep more than men to be able to rest and recover.

So hooray lazy women! Your favorite part is here!

Sleeping more has many benefits since it is the time where your body absorb the nutrients delivered to it and burn fat as well.

Sleeping more means you are allowing your body to be well nourished and have the enough energy to be able to have higher levels of metabolism to burn fat and lose weight accordingly.

Stop using your phone before you sleep or any other electronic devices as they make you more focused on other stuff, hindering you from sleeping steadily.

12. Never Skip Breakfast

13 Lazy tips for losing weight on a busy schedule #weightloss #diet #loseweight

This is for those people that aren’t intermittent fasting.

Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day as your body has been starving for the past 8 hours, needing your attention.

If you didn’t have a proper breakfast, you will start craving a lot of sugary stuff throughout your day as you didn’t kick it off the right way.

Such cravings could lead you to eating unhealthy snacks because your starvation level is high and you will start feeling its symptoms like headache and dizziness.

By eating a healthy breakfast, you will fill your stomach for a long period of time and you will eliminate all the weird cravings that pop in your mind if you didn’t have a proper breakfast.

13. Be Merciful

Being merciful here is meant to explicitly inform you that you must forgive yourself if you didn’t do it the right way from the beginning.

Blaming yourself and not forgiving will actually make it worse, you will become demotivated easily.

We are human beings and we do mistakes, so slipping up is very probable whenever you are trying to diet as it is never easy.

If it was easy, everyone would have been doing it.

Weight loss demands discipline, motivation, and consistency but we aren’t machines and we do mistakes.

So when you slip up, make sure you don’t go hard on yourself and just let go, it happens!

You will face many break downs when you are on a weight loss journey as we are tempted easily.

Stay sharp and focus on your goal, but if you slipped make sure that you forgive yourself and keep going, it isn’t ruined yet!

Giving up and blaming yourself continuously will make you go back to your b

ad eating habits, losing no weight.

This will actually make you gain more weight. In order to succeed, you have to win this mind battle an

d make sure that you appreciate yourself anyway.

Whenever you slip, face it and know that you must be on track right away because it is unusual to stay focused 24/7/12!

Embrace yourself and keep pushing forward without blaming yourself for the mistakes you do, make sure that you learn from them and move forward.


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