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14 Tips To Lose 5 Pounds In a Week

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Losing weight is desired by everyone, especially quickly, like losing 5 pounds in a week. But do you know that most conventional ways of losing weight quickly is actually not good? Anyone would think to cut off all types of nutrients for a short period of time to burn calories, but this actually produces many health issues.

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Technically speaking, the conventional ways are also very difficult to let you lose a lot of fat in one week, even it is difficult to lose more than 1 pound weekly. You might lose some water in the beginning, but you will not lose water forever, just a temporary flip. You don’t also have to lower your caloric intake toughly because basically less calories means less metabolism, which is not desired since you will never lose fat quickly if your metabolism is slow. In fact, anything you would eat with a slow metabolism can make you gain weight!

Accordingly, we recommend you read the following tips and comprehend them for a safe and quick weight loss process.

1. Diet

This should be always the first thing to be mentioned in any fat loss process because consuming calories less than what you spend is the definition of weight loss.  Use an online app and calorie calculator and be honest with your entries to know if you are eating properly or not. In addition, according to your weight and activity level, you can know your basic metabolic rate, which is basically the number of calories you spend in the daily process. Do the math and stay caloric deficit, but not so low in calories.

2. Go Green

Many diets are now mainly based on veggies, fruits, nuts, grains, and legumes. They are low in carbs and high in fibers, which makes you feel full without packing a lot of calories. Accordingly, most of the diet plans today include veggies for their fibrous nutritional value that facilitates digestion and nutrition absorption.

3. No Soda

Soda cans are packed with sugars and calories, which will lead to a lot of weight gain even if you are dieting and exercising. The amount of sugars in a can is enormous that it can’t always be compensated by your daily movement. In addition, liquid carbs like soda doesn’t give you the feeling of fullness, so you might end up consuming more and more calories because you will always be needing more.

You might ask if you can drink calorie-free sodas and zero sugar ones. Well, they are all sweetened with artificial ingredients that actually cause obesity and trigger your satiety hormones, making you feel hungry most of the time.

4. Consume Less

You might have been adapted to a certain eating lifestyle that actually have ruined the way you are eating now. Instead of making a vast change or a sudden deprivation to your body, why don’t you try eating the same foods but with healthy alternatives? Just to maintain the caloric deficiency. The best way to lose weight is actually accompanied with making small swaps to what you are actually doing so that you can sustain it for a longer period of time. If you are used to having a sugary cereal on the morning, why don’t you eat a less sugary one to drop the calories without sacrificing your favorite breakfast option. 

5. Eat Big At Night

Contrary to many beliefs, you can eat your biggest meal at night. The biggest meal means eating the most calories at night, which many people is not ideal as you are closer to bedtime. However, many studies claim that your body is adapted to consume the most calories in the morning.

However, this might not work with the lifestyle of many people, so why don’t you mix it up? But just one meal. The problem is that when you deprive yourself throughout the day and whenever you get a chance to have dinner with friends or family, you will break all the rules and screw the night, which is definitely undesired.

Accordingly, why don’t you try to eat light breakfast and lunch then treat yourself with a hearty meal at dinner? Don’t sacrifice your social life, just flip it and go light on breakfast and lunch. This technique regulates your blood sugar levels the next day and helps you eat less.

6. Max Your Protein

Why proteins help you lose weight? You probably have heard that proteins help you gain muscles, then how can they help you lose weight? Well, this has two scopes. First, proteins raise your metabolism to a high extent, making you burn fat and lose weight quickly. Second, digesting proteins require a lot of energy, even higher than carbs and fats.

That is why you have to include many protein sources in your diet. But which sources? It is recommended that you depend on lean protein sources like dairy products, poultry, fish, meet, and many more.

7. Accompany Sweets With Proteins

Sugars, by nature, are digested in the mouth, which resembles how quickly they are digested. The speed of digestions explains also why you still feel hungry after eating something sugary, because they don’t last for so long. However, proteins slow down the pace of sugar release in your bloodstream, making you feel full for a longer period of time.

The longer you stay full, the less cravings you well have. This decreasing probability of cheating is needed whenever you want to lose weight, especially if needed quickly.

8. Fibrous Carbs

Fibrous food is a powerful tool also to slow down the rate of digesting carbs, which again is needed to keep satiated for a longer period of time. Fibers also fill your tummy for nothing, which is digested in the end without giving you any excess weight. The fibrous carbs include whole wheat products and whole grain bread. Need not to mention that consuming fruits that are fibrous is also significant in leading to better weight loss.

9. Stay Hydrated

Water is not adding to your weight; it helps you filtrate toxins and release antidiuretic hormone. This hormone is particularly released to get rid of your unwanted water from eating salts and sugars.

10. Control Your Drinking Habits

You know that beer and wine are packed with calories? Not only that, but they actually supply you with no useful nutrients at all. I’m not telling you to cut drinking, but there are some things that you need to control. Drinking doesn’t only pack your body with calories, but it also makes you wanting to eat more and more, which is a disaster because you might not help eating some junk food after drinking.

If you find yourself a person who eats a lot after drinking, then eat less during the day to account for the extra food you will eat after drinking. In addition, why don’t you reduce your intake? Even by one glass.  Remember in the beginning we mentioned that the best way to change is to follow your some habits but with a bit healthier way, not changing it at all because simply you can rebound easily.

11. Manage Stressing

Let us take a moment first beside weight loss…Stress can cause you a lot of health problems, so it is recommended to follow any type of meditation to lower your stress levels because you don’t want to have health issues especially if you are at a young age.

Regarding stress and weight loss, bear in mind that stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which increase your cravings to sugary food. As a stressed person, you would love to do anything that minimizes your stress, which is definitely obeying your needs and eating more and more.

Accordingly, you need to manage your stress in order to lose weight efficiently. You can do any kind of activity to release stress like jogging, listening to music, sitting at a bench on the river, or anything. Make sure that you are not eating out of stress, just you eat when you feel hungry.

12. Sleep Like A Baby

Sleeping more is not an action of laziness, it is giving yourself and your body the time to rest and recover from all of the mental and physical work. In addition, sleeping maintains high metabolism and limits the time you eat in.

13. Workout Moderately,

Looking to lose weight in one week? You surely would think that working out a lot will do the job, but this is not true. Working out for a week won’t give you the results you are thinking of, but it might surprise you by dropping a pound or more due to the inflammatory response associated with your body.

Working out can yield to negative results because you might end up wanting to eat more, which is horrible and undesired.

14. Sex

Sounds good right? Sex might not be as efficient as cardio, but it is still counted as caloric consumption, so it is a good idea to have sex regularly to lose weight.


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