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20 Bedtime Habits That Help You Lose Weight

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Sleeping is one of the biggest factors that control your weight-loss. Accordingly, you have to make sure that you are having enough sleep. In case you are having trouble in sleeping properly, by the end of this article you will know 20 techniques that will help you sleep properly and lose weight.

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Weight loss is not the only factor considered in sleeping properly, you will have an overall better health experience when sleeping adequately. Sleeping properly increases metabolism and prevents you from many harmful diseases, so treat yourself properly because you certainly deserve a rest.

Excited already to sleep and lose weight? Here you go!!

1. Hit The Dance Floor!

This is funny right? But it is healthy too! Not only dancing helps in sleeping, but also any form of exercising or physical activity. We all fall in the case where we get back home after a tiring day at school or work with few energy left and we actually fail to sleep right away.

Well, this is because our brains are overworked but our bodies are not, leading to extended waking up hours that we hate to have. Solve this problem by having a moderate dancing session or workout or even do any form of activity that you prefer like walking for example.

This body-brain synchronization enhances your sleeping habits and assures that you rest properly. In addition, you will also shed of some fats by having a funny cardio movement that also enhances your mood.

2. Eat Some Poultry And Nuts

When the cortisol levels are high in your body, you can suffer from insomnia. Such increase in cortisol levels is associated with worrying and stress, which may also cause inflammation.

However, you can control your cortisol levels by eating foods that lower them. Focus on the foods that are L-tryptophan rich, which is an amino acid that enhances the serotonin levels in your body.

Serotonin has a complete opposite effect to that of cortisol, which is a hormone that makes you feel good and stress-free. Foods rich in L-tryptophan include turkey, chicken breasts, and nuts. So why don’t you include them in dinner as a source of soothing and making you sleep better? Think of it.

3. Eat Cottage Cheese Pre-Bed

Cottage cheese is not only rich in L-tryptophan, but also rich in casein, which is a slow acting protein that keeps providing your body with proteins in a long period of time, limiting hunger and starvation while that can interrupt your sleep.

4. Drop All Electronics

Using electronics pre-bed keeps you alert and might also increase your stress levels for many cases. Keep your electronics off for at least 30 minutes before bed to make sure that you are in the sleeping zone.

Do some activities that enhance your mood and release stress rather than increasing your concentration and alertness. In addition, using your phone on bed in a dark room will make you feel that you want to stay awake for a longer period of time due to the brightness effect.

5. Have a Tidy Bed

Feel more welcomed by your bed by cleaning it and making it look cozy. This is a psychological effect that makes you feel more comfortable in your sleep, giving you a sense that you won’t find this coziness anywhere else. Make sure that you are using clean pillow and bed covers with a mattress that makes you feel so comfortable. Tuck the bed cover properly in your bed and use as much pillows as you want.

6. Foot Soak

This is not a stereotype, it actually works. Foot soaking before bed relieves stress and muscular tensions in a magical way. Get some warm water with added salts and soak your feet in the solution for 15 minutes. Move your feet in this solution regularly and circular fashion and up and down to release muscular tension.

7. Shower

Foot soaking is not welcomed by everyone and many people like to get clean regularly, so why don’t you take a warm shower before you sleep? Relax in your bathtub and use some soothing oil or simply take a quick standing shower.

Studies have mentioned that showering freezes your brain thinking and makes you rest. Fragrant body washes and shampoos actually help you sleep better since it puts you in a more of relaxation mood.

8. Massage

After having this warm shower pamper yourself by a foot massage with a moisturizer and apply a circular motion pressure on your feet. You can also use your knuckles and fingers with variations of medium pressure. Perform such motions for around 5 minutes.

9. Jump in comfy pajamas

You don’t have to necessarily sleep with the same clothes you wear while watching TV or in home generally. Choose something that is satin or cottony to move freely in bed. Tight clothes are not preferred while sleeping and also avoid clothes that cause you itchiness. If you feel more comfortable while naked or half naked, then it would be perfect for you to sleep in the appropriate conditions for you.

10. Ventilate Your Bedroom

Allow the fresh air to enter your room from the doors or windows before sleeping to ventilate your room properly. In addition, modify the temperature to a moderate one which is not too warm or too cold, maintain a steady environment.

11. Aromatherapy

Not everyone has access to ventilation, so if this is the case, use some room flowery fresheners and use some oils that will make the environment cozy enough for you to fall asleep. You can keep a cup of water with some oil drops near your bed or add some oils to your pillow to make it soothing to maintain the cozy environment for a longer period of time.

12. Pre-Sleeping Yoga

Yoga shouldn’t be taken without seriousness. Yoga increases your flexibility and facilitates your mobility by relaxing your muscles, tendons, and joints. Soreness from working out or from your job can prevent you from sleeping properly, that is why practicing yoga can actually soothe you more than you think. In addition, yoga routines release stress and makes you have a clearer state of mind.

13. Journal Reading

As we agreed, you must shut off your electronics. You might find an excuse of needing your electronics to check some news, but here I come with surprising you that you can back to basics and read the newspaper! You can also skip writing fancy notes on your laptop and use a logbook instead or a diary to write about your progress and how you feel about the day.

14. Warm Milk

This is not a joke, and this is a big reason behind why actually babies sleep for elongated periods of time…because they drink warm milk! Sip a cup of warm milk before you sleep and you will actually sleep like a baby. Milk is rich in casein too, just like the case of cottage cheese. It will keep you full for a longer period of time and it will make you sleep better than ever.

15. No More Cravings

Drink your water and warm cup of milk and say goodbye to your kitchen because in case you didn’t, you will always want to go to the kitchen to open the fridge and snack anything up. Get rid of this habit by shutting off all of your kitchen’s light sources and appliances if possible to forget about snacking. In addition, snacking will actually make you gain weight because our bodies digest less efficiently before bed.

16. Empty Your Tanks

Don’t let anything wake you up or make you feel you want to stay alert, and the urge to go the toilet is one of the worst feelings one can feel in the middle of a comfy sleep. Go to the toilet to empty your tanks and have a nice teeth brush before heading to bed.

17. Be Excited And Have a Warm Environment

Cherish the fact that you are going to rest and lay on your bed in the comfiest way ever. Use the number of pillows that you want and soften your skin before you sleep. Loosen your hair, remove your eyeglasses, and you are ready to go.

18. Read

Hold on, don’t use electronics to do this too! Rest your eyes for a while and stop the electronic addiction. Read a hardcopy of a novel, story, book, magazine, or anything before you sleep. Reading sets you in the mood and helps you sleep quickly.

19. No Lights

Whether you like it or not, turning off the lights will help you sleep better because your eyes rest and the pineal gland release melatonin, which is a stress relieving hormone that gives you better sleep times.

20. Blue Light

In the worst-case scenario of you not liking sleeping in a dark room, use blue night light lamp in your room as it is better than the usual light where it helps you get in the sleeping mood quicker.


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