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4 Best Probiotics For Weight Loss And What Do They Do?

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Many people complain that they have been training and eating properly for a long period of time without noticing a worthy change. However, training and dieting aren’t the only factors that affect weight loss, you didn’t consider the presence of probiotics, which are responsible for your gut health, and how they affect your results.

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Having a leaky gut can diminish your results and make you feel demotivated when hitting a fat loss plateau, that is why this article presents you 4 probiotics that will improve your gut health and help you surpass your plateau.

Do you have any idea of how many miniature microbes flood to your body each and every single time you eat?

But hold on, those microbes are needed to help your stomach with digestion by breaking down the food for your body to absorb efficiently. They are actually considered good bacteria since they lower the probability of bloating and they help you digest food.

Those bacteria are known as probiotics, where in a healthy body, they constitute a minimum of 90% of the intestinal flora. Degrading such probiotics is a bad indication to losing weight since your digestion will not be conducted properly, leading to food accumulation and fat storage.

Degrading this ratio of probiotics

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is mainly caused by illness, bad diet, medications, and continuous stress.

Lowering the number of good bacteria doesn’t only affect your digestion, but actually it increases the number of bad bacteria as well, which might cause a lot of serious immunity system diseases, digestion issues, and weight gain.

Reintroducing probiotics to your intestines will actually restore everything to the balanced form again by maintaining the healthy ratio and kicking out the bad bacteria of your body. This will enhance your health and help you lose weight.

Probiotics are present in our bodies by nature but due to life circumstances they might get lower regularly. Accordingly, probiotics supplementation is tremendously recommended to maintain a balanced gut health. In addition, probiotics number can be increased by solid food eating as well, which is simple and cost-effective in many cases.

The trick here is that not all probiotics are with the same functionality, so the right ones must be consumed for an extremely enhanced gut health.

Probiotics Effect on Body Weight

Having a ruined gut health will not allow your body to digest and breakdown nutrients properly. Such failure in digestion manipulates the way your body stores fats and will increase the fat storage in your body. In addition, your body will even fail to digest fibers.

Bad bacteria release harmful chemicals called lipopolysaccharides (LPS) that cause inflammation and aid the process of weight gain. Studies have proven that having high levels of LPS on medium fat diet will make you gain weight like having a high-fat diet, which shows how the presence of LPS can diminish your results even if you are working out so hard and maintaining a proper diet.

The bright side is that good bacteria do the exact opposite thing, which is getting rid of chemicals like LPS to help your body break nutrients and lose weight efficiently. In addition, good bacteria will diminish your satiety by decreasing the hormones responsible for alerting your body that you are hungry, giving you less cravings.

Abundance of Probiotics in Natural Food

As mentioned earlier, consuming foods containing probiotics will help your digestive system digest the nutrients for better absorption. However, some cases require supplementation since foods might not be sufficient. In order to be on the safe side, eating food rich in probiotics and supplementation will yield the best results regarding your health condition and weight loss.

Here is a list of natural foods that are rich in probiotics:

⦁ Fermented vegetables
⦁ Kefir
⦁ Plain yogurt
⦁ Natto
⦁ Kombucha
⦁ Apple cider vinegar
⦁ Miso
⦁ Gherkin pickles
⦁ Tempeh

Which Probiotics to Consume?

The concept here is not to buy the product with the highest number of probiotics or healthy bacteria, it is about what is the type of strains as well! So those two scopes are very important when buying a probiotic supplement. Having multiple strains of bacteria is the best option since you will have an overall digestive health enhancement.

The probiotics you should be looking for are B. bifidum, B. longum, and L.acidophilus where the first is responsible for digesting the complex carbs, proteins, and fats. The second is responsible for sustaining the health condition of the lining of the intestinal walls. And the last promotes the nutrients absorption.

You must also know that the minimum number of probiotics for healthy weight loss is 5 billion colony forming units with multiple strains, not less than 7. Double check the packaging if it is stored in a cool and dark place since probiotics die in other conditions.

Storage in a cool mean doesn’t necessarily mean refrigerating the probiotics, it just means that they must be kept away of sunlight, maybe just on your shelf away of the sunlight.

Don’t pick the cheap products blindly, but rather pick the supplements that are certified by a well-known agency. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t give certifications to probiotics, so you have to look for other well-known agencies.

Check the following 4 supplements for enhanced gut health

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Biotic Extra Care

Some people have certain preferences in picking probiotics where some prefer dairy, soy, and gluten free ones. If you have this preference, then pick the renew life ultimate flora biotic extra care blindly.

This product has 12 probiotic strains with more than 50 billion live cultures per serving chosen to enhance the immunity system and balancing the digestive system.

Take exactly one capsule per day and you will see the difference.

Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Probiotic

Stomach acidity sometimes make it difficult for probiotics to be effective, killing most of them. Accordingly, the vitamin bounty pro 50 probiotic designed its product to be compatible with the stomach acidity conditions with a unique time-release capsule that exceeds the acidity before releasing the probiotics.

This outstanding product delivers you 13 different strains with more than 50 billion live CFUs, which is more than enough for your intake. In addition, this product has a lot of herbs and ingredients that enhance weight loss. But if you are allergic to any of the green ingredients in this product, find another one right away.

Hyperbiotics Pro 15

This product has a few amounts of CFUs per pill, around 15 billion CFUs. However, the company claims that this amount of CFUs is equivalent to 220 billion CFUs in other brands.

The Hyperbiotics Pro 15 has a coating around its capsules that makes them resistant to the acidity in the stomach, claiming that this product has the only unique delivery process that doesn’t harm the useful bacteria and flora on its way to the intestines, unlike other products that break down soon, killing the useful bacteria.
Such delivery system allows the efficient delivery of probiotics, surpassing the stomach acidity. This efficiency is known to be more than around 15 times the number of live probiotic organism.

Dr. Tobias Probiotics with Spore Forming Strains

Exposing bacteria kept off the refrigerator to oxygen can cause the death of many bacteria, which reminds to you to know more about the packaging of the product.

The presence of spores eliminates the need to refrigerate the probiotics, which is the reason why Dr. Tobias is designed with the addition of two spore-forming strains.

So you will never forget to check your refrigerator to take the supplement anymore, you can put it anywhere near to you.

This out-of-refrigerator storage will not affect the number of CFUs, which was clinically tested and proven. If you are allergic to peanuts, wheat, or process dairy, you need to find another product.


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