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5 Pilates Ab Exercises You Can Do In 5 Minutes

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Have you ever thought that laughing could be a very hard task, and coughing could cause much pain than it should do? Well, if you think that these things aren’t possible, then you have never been to a Pilates class. You might get distracted by the soreness in the beginning, but eventually you will love it to the extent that you will start working for it to feel the pride.

Pilates has always been known as one of the most intense ab routines due to its insanity and technique difficulty. Do not be upset, you will eventually have the perfect form. It is no surprise that most of the celebrities and athletes implement Pilates in their workout routines as it tones the midsection and sculpts your abs like no other routine.

One of the most prominent advantages of Pilates is that it can be done anytime and anywhere without any fancy equipment, weights, or machines, you just need the determination and the mindset to have a wonderful workout that will make your abs sore the next day.

We have included in this article a beginner Pilates that is constituted of exactly 5 exercises that can be done only in 5 minutes. And guess what! You can do them at home, so you have no excuses now to get washboard abs. However, you have to consult your doctor before making this routine to make sure that this workout fits you to prevent any form of injuries that could happen to you. So please check with your doctor before getting into action.

If you are pregnant lady please wait until you deliver your baby before doing this workout as you might hurt your own health instead of benefiting it. There are various exercises for pregnant ladies to follow, and Pilates is not one of them.

All you need is a mat and a timer to count for yourself, and you are read!


Make the workout as intense as you can by performing each exercise for 45 seconds and take just 15 seconds rest. Or in a more advanced case, you can perform all exercises without any rest.


Start with lying down on your back and make your thighs make 90 degrees with your body without your feet touching the floor. Put your arms in the air towards the ceiling and start by lowering one leg down and the opposite arm behind you and return back to the same position. After you are back, return the movement with the opposite pair of legs and arms. Do not forget to breath in before any movement.


Lie on your back with your feet on ground and knees making a 90 degrees angle. Put your hands behind your head and relax on the ground, making your hands act as a pillow. Breath out and make a normal crunch with a very controlled and slow motion. While curling up, make sure that your ribcage is curved toward your hips and do not stick it out while coming back down. Breath is and get back down.


Start this exercise with the same starting position of the ab curl but just raise your feet from the ground and your thighs making a 90 degrees angle with your body. Take a breath and do the same abdominal curl with the same steps as mentioned in the last exercise.


Imprint your spine on the floor and put your legs in the tabletop position as if you are doing dead bug. Do an abdominal curl and lock your hands around one of your shins and use it as a support to lift your chest and head off the ground as much as you can.

Pull your knees closer to your body and alternate the legs without lowering your chest down to keep your abs contracted as much as you can.

Don’t forget to breath in while pressing and release when you are switching to maintain a steady oxygen flow to your body.


Lock your fingers together and place them under your head as a pillow while you are imprinting your back on the ground. Lift your legs to the tabletop position and you are ready in the starting position.

Breath out and lift your shoulder blades up and rotate your torso to the direction of one of your knees while stretching the other leg out. Breath in and return your stretched leg back and again and repeat for the other pair.

This exercise is also called bicycle crunch, but do that in a more controlled fashion and focus on not getting your chest back to keep your abs contracted.



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