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5 Quick Tips for Teenagers to Lose Weight and Avoid Obesity

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According to a recent study, one fifth of the teens are obese in the United States, which is a pretty big number and scary as well.

How to lose weight for teens? Follow this 5 easy tips to avoid teenage obesity #looseweight #obesity #healthyliving

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Being obese as a teen is a really bad thing because obesity hinders teenagers from actually living their age and do the activities other teenagers do, just the only hurdle is their weight. Not only that, but also obesity puts a lot of risk diseases on teenagers, making them suffer in a very early stage in their lives.

If you are a teenager and you suffer from being obese or you have the tendency to put on more weight, then you should read the tips presented in this article to save yourself.

Definition of Obesity

First, we have to define what is obesity and how can a teenager know if he or she is obese. For teens, obesity is having a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 95% of the people at the same age and sex. Basically, BMI is a quick calculation method based on your height and weight to determine the degree of your obesity.

Talking with numbers, having over than 30 pounds more than other teenagers of your same age and sex, then you are obese. You don’t have to obese to know the coming tips, you can be on the way or almost close to being obese, so save yourself!

Why Fight Obesity?

Not only you will lose self-confidence and your self-esteem will be diminished, but also you might feel having a weak will-power as you aren’t able to control your eating habits. No one likes to be not able to control personal stuff, especially if they are related to their appearance.

Obesity can limit your activities and how you can hang out or play some sports with your relatives and friends, making you feel bad about the stage your reached.

You will always find hard time in choosing your clothes and you will not always wear what you like. Your priorities will choose the fit and comfortable ones. All of these are psychological factors that can actually doom your personality as well.

People might start making fun of you, joking about your weight and how you look. But you will never receive those comments as jokes, they will seem like insults for you each and every time someone brings it up.

Deep inside every obese teenager, there is a strong wish and hope for a change, but the change will not come unless you go and ask for it.

Obesity Risks

Obesity dooms your self-esteem and personality, but there is another painful scope as well, which is health risks!

Being obese will put a lot of load on the joints and bones, limiting the mobility and causing a lot of physiological pain. Most of these physiological issues occur in the hops, back, knees, and feet as they are supporting regions.

You might notice sensitive places in your body due to extreme skin stretching, which will not be visually good.

Obesity puts a lot of load on the heart as the heart needs to pump a lot of blood to supply the obese body.

Obesity has many other health risks like hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and many more.

The Bright Side: Teens Lose Weight Quickly!

I hope you weren’t demotivated by what you have read so far and you are still keen to find the solution. The good news here is that teenagers actually lose weight very quickly when compared to other ages or generations. This is due to the fact that teenagers have higher metabolism and their bodies are capable of healing and repairing.

All of the health issues are reversible if and only if you get rid of obesity, so it is not the end of the world! You can beat that. Even hypertension can be reversed!

So what are you waiting for? You have been looking for a chance? Or have you already been demotivated? No excuses for you know since it is never too late and actually you can do it better than any other person given your age and physical condition.

Follow the following steps if you are a teenager aiming to lose weight and acquire a better and a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Stay Away from Temptations

How to lose weight for teens? Follow this 5 easy tips to avoid teenage obesity #looseweight #obesity #healthyliving

Nothing easier than eating a big junky burger and drinking 1L of soda. They are available everywhere with different sizes, tastes, and prices. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should actually do that.

You will find them even in the daily ads and even in your own home. You have to bear in mind that such things shouldn’t be your usual or normal. They are simply exemptions that you should avoid them in order not to become obese.

In case you can’t control your temptations, stay away from them as much as you can until you develop the feeling of not needing such stuff or craving them anymore.

You can stay away from such temptations by limiting your TV watch, which is intended to avoid you from watching seductive junk food ads. You must also stop staring at vending machines containing a lot of sugary packed snacks. In addition, ask your parents to stop buying junk foods and stay clean.

  1. Assure the Presence of Healthy Snacks

How to lose weight for teens? Follow this 5 easy tips to avoid teenage obesity #looseweight #obesity #healthyliving

Instead of accepting any dirty snack offers, have your own healthy snacks with you so you can enjoy the company without adding some extra layers of fat in your body.

You can have your snacks with you anywhere and eat them whenever you feel hungry. You can have them in your locker, bag, or even in your pocket.

So instead of asking your parents for chocolate bars or ice cream, ask them to provide you with healthy snack alternatives from the following:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Roasted Chickpeas
  • Beef Jerky
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Veggie snacks
  1. Start Cooking

How to lose weight for teens? Follow this 5 easy tips to avoid teenage obesity #looseweight #obesity #healthyliving

Being a teenager doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cook. Cooking is not a tough task as it might seem, it is very easy actually and you can start with the basics to control your intake with healthy meals.

You will not be only able to control your intake, but you will also be able to decide which ingredients to use and how to stay healthy on track.

Cooking is really nice and it will repair your damaged self-esteem as well, so don’t hesitate and start learning how to cook. Begin with easy recipes and develop on your way. You don’t have to do fancy stuff as you can just start with some basic recipes, even if just one, and start learning more and more.

Ask your parents to teach you how to cook using few ingredients and you will be set on track! There are a lot of easy recipes found everywhere, just start and you will find your way.

  1. Eat in Higher Frequency

How to lose weight for teens? Follow this 5 easy tips to avoid teenage obesity #looseweight #obesity #healthyliving

This might be deceiving when read first, but actually it is true…Eat more often!

In order to lose weight, you have to eat in smaller portions but more frequently, which allows your body to absorb the useful nutrients and avoid transforming any of the excess nutrients into fats.

Have small snacks in between your major meals that are healthy in order to not put your body in starvation mode. Starvation will not make you lose fat, it will actually make your body store any meal you eat for a longer period of time, which is definitely avoidable.

Staying hungry for long periods of time will make you crave junk food more often, and you need to avoid this and keep on eating in a clean way.

Having small snacks between your meals will actually lower your cravings and help you lose weight efficiently. In addition, having additional small meals will actually raise your metabolism, thus help you burn fats efficiently.

You have a list full of healthy snacks presented in the previous tip, and you can even find other healthy ones.

In conclusion, losing weight doesn’t mean starving at all, you just have to be smart about your decisions.

  1. Minimize Your Free Time

How to lose weight for teens? Follow this 5 easy tips to avoid teenage obesity #looseweight #obesity #healthyliving

Losing weight demands a higher level of activity instead of sitting in front of the TV for hours and hours. You have to move more often to burn fats and build muscles.

Accordingly, the food you eat will be your energy source, not stored as excess fats.

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