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5 Reasons to Eat Locally

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Nearly everything in the world has pros and cons, but do you that eating locally has pros only?

5 Reasons why eating locally is a good idea #food #fruits #vegetables #healthyfood #health #diet

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This will shake your beliefs, but it is true, there is nothing bad about eating locally. Having fresher ingredients makes the nutrients transport much better as well, which is reflected on your health and balance. In addition, short travel distances make your food also fresher, which is undoubtedly a very important factor.

The pros of eating locally are a lot, so actually limiting them to few choices to present them in this article was no easy, yet we managed to pick the most important factors to sum up for all. Eating locally also includes interactive education, where you get to know more about the local farm and teach your relatives as well.  If you are not convinced yet, you will probably cling to local eating after reading this article and know the 5 prominent pros.

  1. Seasonal eating 

5 Reasons To Eat Locally | Healthy Eating On A Budget | Healthy Eating Plan | Healthy Food | Meal Planning | Weight Loss Food

Growing fruits and veggies all year round is a very tough task unless you own a farm that has suitable temperature levels in all seasons. Each season has its favorite agricultural products according to the temperature and water presence, which always has diverse options.

You would ask why is this a benefit? Well, instead of giving your body the same type of veggies and fruits, why don’t you try three different versions? Giving yourself a genetic diversity that enhances your diet.

In addition, seasonal crops are cheap as they demand no extra effort, making them cheap for your pocket while filled with nutrients at the same time.

  1. Unharmful food conditions

Eating locally reduces the carbon footprint in your diet, which is one of the best reasons of eating locally. This reduction in carbon footprint is due to the less travel times that local farmers do like how the food you get from the groceries travel, which requires a lot of fuel that contributes in a strong way in increasing the global warming. The food that is transported from the farm will never exceed 100 miles, while the food you get from the grocery might have travelled 1000 miles, which makes you believe that eating locally is safer.

Besides harming the environment, store food are more vulnerable to contamination than that of locally sold, which is because stored food are handled by many people, making them exposed to parasites and bacteria vastly. On the other hand, local food has no added preservatives, which gives you more nutrients with less toxins.

  1. Higher nutritional value

5 Reasons To Eat Locally | Healthy Eating On A Budget | Healthy Eating Plan | Healthy Food | Meal Planning | Weight Loss Food

Off-season foods have less nutritional value and can actually expire with being put on the shelf in the stores, which makes them harmful. Local foods have more fresh and nutritional value as they are always on-season, which enhances your immunity system. As local foods ripen naturally, they will even have more nutritional values, more than those of the stored foods.

  1. Enhanced taste

You will always sacrifice flavor if you eat off-season foods, while local foods are always on-season and always taste really good. The ripening process doesn’t only increase the nutritional process, but it also enhances the flavor. To be more convinced, eat an on-season fruit and an off-season one, you will probably eat locally forever, because the local foods’ taste is totally different.  

  1. Promotes community

The community plays a very important role in supporting the farmers to keep on growing high quality seasonal food that has a lot of nutritional values with great taste. Buying directly from farmers will increase their budget, allowing them to buy more tools that will actually increase the local food business and farther enhance the local food production.

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