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5 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners and Big-Sized Women

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Big-sized women do face adversities in working out like others do. Accordingly, this article is dedicated to big-sized people who need to workout without risking injury or pain. Consisting of just simple 5 moves, you can do it at home in ease without feeling any pain in your joints!

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Lacking mobility is one of the worst things anyone could feel, leaving you no options to even become fit again because being fit actually requires motion! However, you still can do it by doing simple Yoga poses. Nothing is impossible, even if the options are limited, so you have to think about those limited options and make use of them. Yoga strengthens your muscles and improves the flexibility, allowing you to have a better physicality and lifestyle.

Yoga will help you retain your flexibility to be able to do movements you might have lost hope to do. Procrastination won’t help, so you have to think wisely about how to tackle your physical state and be able to transform it.

Yoga isn’t exclusive for only fit ladies and bikini models, this is not true. You can always find the perfect yoga routine for you based on what you actually need.

Not only yoga is safe, but actually it is diverse and can help you in improving your flexibility based on your current physical condition, putting no boundaries between you and a better physical state.

The famous yoga poses that strike your mind aren’t the only poses in the list! There are tons of yoga poses that require simpler and more safe movements that are actually effective. Begin with the easy ones and move to more advanced movements when you become lighter and more flexible.

Don’t think of your big size as the only hurdle between you and your physical goals, excuses and your mindset are the main reasons behind those adversities. With simple yoga movements, you will be able to be flexible, so stop making excuses and do the following poses without hesitation.

Big-sized women enhanced flexibility poses:

1.Standing half forward fold

5 Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners And Big-sized Women | Yoga For Beginners | Weight Loss Over 200 Pounds | Yoga Weight Loss Poses | Yoga Inspiration | Weight Loss

You can infer from the name of the pose that it is actually easy. Well, it is actually easy and simple. It is recommended to start with it as it warms up your lower body and stretches your hamstrings.

To perform this pose properly, have a hip-width stance and use your hip to bend forward. Don’t bend with your waist as it will not actually stretch your lower body. Stay aligned and keep your body straight and bend over as much as you can to reach the floor.

This doesn’t mean that you have to reach the ground, just do your maximum. Gradually, you will be able to reach the floor and fully stretch your hamstrings.

2.Tree pose

5 Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners And Big-sized Women | Yoga For Beginners | Weight Loss Over 200 Pounds | Yoga Weight Loss Poses | Yoga Inspiration | Weight Loss

Place your feet with shoulder-width stance and stretch out your arms above your head with your palms sticking together. Raise your left foot and rest it on your inner right thigh, attaining the maximum you could reach. Contract your core muscles to keep your back straight as much as you can to be stable.

Just in case you can’t put your palms together due to balance issues, you can simply put your hands on your chest. Make sure to alternate between the two feet and have a constant breathing manner.

3.Pigeon pose

5 Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners And Big-sized Women | Yoga For Beginners | Weight Loss Over 200 Pounds | Yoga Weight Loss Poses | Yoga Inspiration | Weight Loss

Your initial position for this pose is on your palms and knees and, then start bending your left foot in front of you between your hands. Then put your left heel on your inner left thigh. By making your hips face in front of you, extend your right leg backward and lean on your toes, or the maximum you can reach. Alternate between both feet.

4.Head-to-knee forward bend

Start with sitting on the floor and your legs are in front of you, then bend your left leg and rest your right foot on your inner left thigh. Maintain an aligned form and keep your back straight, then lean forward reaching your left foot with your right hand. Alternate both feet.

5.Camel pose

5 Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners And Big-sized Women | Yoga For Beginners | Weight Loss Over 200 Pounds | Yoga Weight Loss Poses | Yoga Inspiration | Weight Loss

This pose starts with you on your knees and legs are hip-width apart, then bend back and grab your left ankle with left hand. Have a firm grip and push your chest outwards, arching your back. Then hold your right ankle with your right hand. Stretch your chest out as much as you can by arching your back as much as you can. This pose will help you have stronger chest and back muscles.

Those aren’t the only simple and easy yoga poses, there are a lot other exercises that you can perform if you are big-sized without injuring or hurting yourself. With better flexibility and stronger muscles, you can advance to the next level and do more complex exercises to farther enhance your physical condition.

Regarding the variety and diversity of yoga exercises for big-sized women not finding the right path to enhance their mobility and can’t lose weight, the “Yoga Burn” program by Zoey Bray-Cotton’s is strongly recommended.

As a beginner or big-sized woman lost in how to lose weight, this program has a detailed video instructions system for you to be able to perform the workout properly in 3 different phases.

Not only you will be able to become more flexible, but you will actually start seeing considerable weight loss, which is the purpose of you coming here from the beginning! Instead of building flexibility then moving to fat burning exercises, you can do both simultaneously by the help of this program. Just make sure to follow a clean diet to enhance your results.

This program doesn’t require special equipment or gym membership, so you got no excuses now…stop procrastinating and start working out from home.

Don’t miss this chance and check the Yoga Burn program for better flexibility and a weight-loss experience that you will be grateful for.

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