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5 Tips For A Fit Summer Body

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Winter is the season where people eat and fill their tummies for cozy night outs and warmth, not knowing that summer is coming soon and they expose their bodies on the beach. You finally find summer arriving and you look at your belly with grief claiming that you are upset that you didn’t workout and diet for this vacation.

Get your summer body by those weight blasting 5 tips #looseweight #summer #diet

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

You start rushing in dieting and working out but you might find out that it is actually too late, you just have two weeks before heading to your beach vacation and that you don’t have enough time to get that sexy body.

How about you are the one who surprises the summer this year? So instead of being tricked, be prepared for this battle and win it with having some privilege. This privilege is presented in the form of 5 tips for you to consider for this summer.

The tips are easy, simple, and they don’t require something outstanding to do! Just some basic tips you might have been missing for your beach vacation body.

Here you go:

1. Always know why you need the summer body

Get your summer body by those weight blasting 5 tips #looseweight #summer #diet

This is something very basic, you have to know your goals and the purpose of losing weight for the summer. Identifying your goals will keep you on track and continuously motivated to move farther.

You need a strong and valid reason behind losing weight because it requires a lot of dedication and discipline, so you will need to remind yourself every now and then by why are you doing this.

You will find your weak points when someone invites you for burgers or pizza for example. Or if your friends are throwing a party and you find a lot of delicious food. Without dedication and a clear goal, you will forget about losing weight and you will be indulged  in your temptations.

Your goal must be big and straight. Even if you just want to look good, feel that you want it so bad! As bad as you want to breathe! By having this mindset, you will be able to overcome your temptations.

Having a certain goal is extremely personal, you don’t have to share the same goal with others. Some people want to lose weight to show off, others want to lose weight to have a healthier lifestyle and prevent the risks of some diseases, and so on. The point here is to have a goal that drives you every day towards losing weight…Preventing you from eating a delicious pizza, getting you up from a bad mood to workout, etc.

Don’t be shy from declining invitations and become brave enough to write down your daily or weekly goals, like you want to lose 2 lbs this week.

2. Water, water, and water

Get your summer body by those weight blasting 5 tips #looseweight #summer #diet

That’s why I’m reminding you again to drink lots of water because it aids in weight loss and also curbs your appetite so you’re less likely to be snacking all the time.

Have you read this tip before? Of course, you did! No one doesn’t know that drinking plenty of water actually aids in the weight loss process. You have to actually believe this tip and work on it.

In addition to aiding weight loss, drinking a lot of water suppresses your appetite and makes you crave less food. In case you forget to drink water, set a reminder or an alarm to drink 100 oz. of water every day on different times.

An easy tip to use is to have a bottle that is 20 oz. for example where you have to fill it 5 times daily.

Nothing will hurt you in drinking a lot of water. Worried about peeing a lot? That is not a big deal!

3. Workout using the HIIT technique!

What is HIIT?

Get your summer body by those weight blasting 5 tips #looseweight #summer #diet

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it is a prominent routine for fat loss. It simply makes your body adapt to burning fats while resting. It depends on exercising in high intensity for a time interval then resting actively (doing some activity) for another period of time where you alternate between both.

HIIT has many benefits that include burning fats, toning muscles, fun, and can be done anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to put more excuses now because HIIT is done very quickly, so no waste of time.

Do an HIIT routine twice weekly with your maximum effort to burn more and more fats by this weight blasting technique.

4. Eat More Frequently

Get your summer body by those weight blasting 5 tips #looseweight #summer #diet

Yes, eating more will help you lose weight! But wait wait wait, don’t rush it. I wrote in the title the word “frequently”, which means that you have to eat more often, not in bigger quantities!

Also this doesn’t mean that you eat whatever you crave, you have to keep in mind to watch your calories and have a healthy and balanced diet.

Starvation is not the key in losing weight as it puts your body in a starvation mode, storing anything you eat for a longer period of time as your body is afraid to be put in the same starvation mode again! Such storage is undesired in weight loss. In addition, starvation will make you crave more food and your metabolism will not be high enough to burn fat as it is busy conserving energy in your body.

Your body needs proteins, carbs, and healthy fats, so make sure you get thee nutrients from clean sources. Examples of clean carbs are potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grain bread, etc. Healthy fats can be found in avocados, nuts, peanut butter, and fish products.

5. Lifting Weights is a Must!

Get your summer body by those weight blasting 5 tips #looseweight #summer #diet


I know this one may be shocking to you as well! You’re probably thinking that lifting weights is going to make you gain weight instead of lose.

Lifting weights has always been stereotyped as the tool to give you more mass and weight, ignoring the important fact that it actually aids in the weight loss process! Gaining muscles isn’t associated with your bulky look.

Lifting weights will tone your muscles, make you stronger, and help you burn extra calories that will result in weight loss!

Studies have shown that having more muscles will actually help you lose fats as your muscles require a lot of energy to be able to grow, making your body put the extra in building muscles, not storing fats.

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