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5 Yoga Tips For Beginners

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Nothing is easy, especially in the beginning. This applies also to yoga, so if you are a beginner, you will probably find hard time in doing the yoga movements and poses properly. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do, you just have to learn from the experiences of other people and professional trainers. This article is dedicated to educated you with yoga tips based on experience throughout the years.

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In your early yoga sessions, you will always feel awkward since you will never be sure if you are doing the exercises properly, in case you know what you are actually doing. You might also feel embarrassed from other people since you will be doing a bunch of wrong movements that you have no idea of.

In addition, you might feel demotivated as you will first believe that you will never be able to progress and do more advanced movements and poses, which is actually not true. Train your mind that you have to take it step by step and gradually you will do all of the poses you thought you will never do. Who has ever started great? Everyone was once a beginner!

The difficult thing about yoga isn’t yoga itself, it is actually the point where you have to start from. You will find flexible people doing hard poses and looking fit, well, this is not your time…your time is actually coming, you just need to start! You will never have to start with advanced movements that will actually demotivate you anymore as this article will help you in getting on track, where you will feel free to do whatever you want next.

After understanding and applying the 5 tips presented in this article, you will become much better in yoga and you will be able to do more advanced movements, ones you have never thought you could do.

What are the actual benefits of yoga?

Yoga is a wild card in not only improving your physical health, but also relieving tension, stress, anxiety, and breathing issues. You will be more balanced and have a better sleep if you attain a regular yoga routine. Generally, you will have a better lifestyle if you make yoga a major part of your life.

The 5 best beginning tips

1. Simplicity

Take it easy, nothing is rushing you at all! You don’t want to do yoga to be injured or feel stressed, remember that the goal is the complete opposite. Begin with the basic movements and you will eventually be able to move to more advanced moves, but start simple and develop the technique and basis for your prospective solid foundation.

Listen to your body and do simple moves in the beginning until you master the basic techniques, then you are ready to proceed and do the crazy movements you have always wanted to do.

Some of the simple movements include cow pose, cat pose, plank, and downward dog. Simple as they might appear, but actually build you the foundation to build on later on. However, this doesn’t mean that they will be easy for beginners, so that is why start simple and proceed gradually.

2. Patience

Hold on, starting simple doesn’t mean that you will be a pro in few days or weeks! It totally depends on your body and physical state. Again, don’t rush it, you have all the time to master the technique. Move past this threshold and you are set to go, just be patient and listen to your body. When you become more pro, your body will ask for more!

3. Don’t push yourself to the extreme limit

Yoga isn’t simple as some people might perceive, it actually requires strength and flexibility. You might fail in many attempts, but just make it safe and don’t force your body to do movements you are not capable of at the time.

Practice, practice, and practice…Because practice makes perfect.

4. Stop comparing

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the appearance of results like: age, weight, sex, physical activity level, time, and many more. Your circumstances are unique, so you don’t have to compare your results with others, just make sure you are progressing. You are the only person you want to compete with.

Focus on your goals and progress, this is the only thing you should focus on. Focusing on other people’s progress and comparing will do nothing but demotivate you and hinder your results. Be smart and challenge yourself only.

5. Find your comfort zone

There are a lot of yoga classes with a big variety, so you need to pick what works best for you. You would ask which class is suitable for you? Well, you have to build this experience by trying and exploring more and more about the various yoga classes and pick what is perfect for you.

You can watch several online programs and follow other people, nothing is embarrassing about that because you are trying to find what suits you best. There are different schools and all are successful, you just have to choose what suites you the most.

You can either train at home or in the gym with a couple of new people. Some other people feel comfortable training with their friends, so all of these factors are subjective. The main thing is, do whatever makes you feel more comfortable and focused.

In case you are a home trainee, then this program will unleash the yoga lover inside you

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The “Yoga Burn” by Zoey Bray-Cotton is a fundamental and very easy yoga workout routine that you can do at home without any hurdles. It consists of many videos and instructions to facilitate your understanding the program and doing it properly.

This is a beginner yoga routine with 3 phases for you to build the flexibility you have always wanted, in addition to losing weight as well! Get ready for this life time experience and enhance your flexibility and promote your fat loss in this 2 in 1 program.

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