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6 Best Muscle Mass Building Tips For The Skinny Guys

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The 5 best tips for skinny guys trying to gain muscle #muscle #gain #bulking #fitness #gym

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

You will probably not visit this page if you are the buff guy in the imagine that everyone wants to be like, so in order to be a buff one, you have to understand some of the most important muscle building tips that will transform your skinny body into a machine.

Moving from the buff guy to the skinny guy, well, this you. But this is not a bad stage, you don’t have to be great to start, you just got to start to be great! Don’t feel awkward or shy, no one ever started as buff.

Lifting a pair of light dumbbells in the beginning is not something you must be ashamed of. Despite the fact that you might have been visiting the gym a lot, you still see no result, which disappoints you more.

Well, we need to discuss the transition phase now. Being skinny might have blessed you with abs, but actually abs on a skinny guy is like big tits on fat girls, so we don’t count them as something of your effort. Now you need to have bigger guns, legs, torso, and chest!

  1. Focus on compound movements

There are two types of lifts: compound lifts and isolated lifts. The former focuses on multi-joint exercises, working more than one muscle at a time. While the latter involves the movement of a single joint, focusing on only one muscle group.

But why compound exercises allow more muscular gain for skinny guys? You will be able to strengthen all of your muscle groups quickly and this will make your muscles bigger and stronger to lift even heavier weights.

Compound exercises include deadlifts, bench press, military press, squats, pull-ups, bent-over rows, etc.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to cut isolation exercises, they are great too and will make you gain muscles and weight. But your main focus and priority should go to compound movements as they are capable of increasing the levels of growth hormones in your body, making you get bigger quickly.

  1. Eat big and clean

A: Pick clean sources of carbohydrates

You are skinny, so definitely you need to eat more to be able to grow. However, big doesn’t mean fat! You want to be leaner, not obese! So, you have to pick the sources you get your carbs from, not just any unclean source.

Complex carbs, the ones being absorbed over a long range of time, are the best type of carbohydrates as they keep you full for a long time and doesn’t have the tendency to be stored as fats in your body. Examples of complex carbs include cereal, rice, bread, pasta, and likewise.

B: Cling to healthy fats

Haven’t you heard about healthy and unhealthy fats? Well, healthy fats are the ones that are present in olive oil, peanut butter, nuts, etc. They don’t get stored in your body as the unhealthy fats that you know, they actually help you digest those harmful fats.

The other harmful fats include friend food, junk food, processed food, etc. Consuming such fats will make you look obese rather than lean along with risking your life.

Having an adequate intake of healthy fats is needed to give you a proper physique.

C: Uphill your protein intake

Know we came to the vital part of building muscles, proteins. You should consume a lot of proteins in order to raise your metabolism to gain muscles and burn fats. Not only that, but also proteins will make you stronger and your muscles will adapt to higher strength levels.

This doesn’t mean that you have to consume proteins in lavish quantities, as they might also be turned into fats if consumed more than needed. So you need to focus on consuming 1.5 gramps of protein per kg of body weight daily in order to increase your mass and strength without packing additional fats.

You can get your proteins from poultry, meat, milk, eggs, fish, and some veggies.

  1. HGH

This might seem dangerous to some, but with using HGH, human growth hormone, under the supervision of a professional consultant can pack on serious results in mass and strength.

HGH increases the insulin growth factor by stimulating the liver to produce more, making you build muscles faster and stronger.

  1. Lift smartly, not everyday

Many people believe that lifting everyday and torturing your body is the key to building muscles, while actually it can do the opposite, it can make you lose muscles!

When muscles are over trained, they breakdown instead of growing, making you skinny as you are without moving a step forward. Not only that, but you will always feel tired and fatigued instead of vivid and fresh!

You need recovery! Your muscles are drained in your workouts, and they grow by resting and trying to adapt to the level of activity that they were subjected to. That is why giving the time to rest will actually make them grow, while forcing them and hitting them with a lot of activity will make them breakdown instead of build-up. The recovery period makes your muscles receive nutrients efficiently to develop, so give yourself a break every other day.

  1. Don’t rush your sets

Take 3-5 mins rest between your sets to give your nervous system the capacity to rest from the prior set in order to have the sufficient energy to move on to the next set.

Resting while going heavy with low reps makes  testosterone flow rapidly in your bloodstream, enhancing growth and size.

  1. Wait..

Don’t expect to see results on daily basis, or even weekly basis. You have to be patient and let your body have the freedom to grow. Follow those tips and be consistent, then results will follow.

Growing muscles isn’t easy, but isn’t difficult as well…It just needs patience, discipline, and consistency.



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