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7 Benefits of Doing Planks Every Day

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Despite the fact that planks look easy and doesn’t incorporate much effort, it is a game changer and it can provide your body with a lot of benefits. It doesn’t focus only on your abdomen, it works other muscles as well.

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Don’t think of planks as a painful exercise, it can actually relieve you and solve some of your muscular stiffness issues. In addition, planking everyday for few minutes will not cost you a lot of time or even lower your energy levels, it actually will make you feel fresher!

No fancy gym membership or equipment is needed, all you need is a mat and you are ready to go.

Executing plank is simple. First get into the pushup position and bend your elbows to make your arms

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have a 90 degrees angle with your body. Maintain a straightline posture throughout your body and you are ready. Hold on this position for some time.

>> Plank Perks! <<
Strong Core

Who doesn’t like to have strong core and washboard abs? Of course we all do! Planks help you flatten your belly and strengthen your core muscles to make them visible.

Your abdomen stabilizes your upper and lower bodies together, giving your body the balance you perceive. When you plank, your core muscles contract tremendously to keep you in that position for longer times. Without your core muscles, your body will fall down on the ground.

The best way to train your abdomen to endure such contraction is to actually train it under these conditions. Crunches and sit ups do help you build a strong core, but in half of the motion of any other abs exercises, your ab muscles get to relax.

On the other hand, planks put constant tension on your core muscles, making them stronger.

Say Goodbye to back pain

As we mentioned earlier, planks do incorporate other muscles than the abdomen. One of those incorporated muscles is the back muscles. It strengthens your abdominal belt and help you reduce the lower back pain.

Back pain arises from weak lower back muscles, so strengthening them will actually help in reducing the pain.

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The balance of your body in this position requires strong core muscles and lower back muscles as well. Think of planks as an exercise that puts constant tension on your abdominal belt to make it stronger the next time it gets to endure such pain.

Improved Flexibility

Planks can help you in increasing your flexibility and strengthen some of your secondary muscles like, shoulder blades, shoulders, collarbone, and legs. The plank position requires you to put your elbows on the floor, making a right angle between your arms and shoulders.

Such position requires upper body strength too. For instance, your stabilizing shoulder muscles are put on constant tension to make your body stay in this position for long time without having to fall.

Flexibility is enhanced by improving the strength of your shoulders and shoulder blades. You might not see it, but you will actually feel that your shoulders and shoulder blades are tensed after a session of planks, which indicates that your stabilizing muscles are getting stronger.

7 Benefits Of Doing Planks Every Day | Plank Workout | Challenge | Plank Workout For Beginners | Plank Workout Benefits | Fitness | Plank Exercises | Plank Exercises For Women | Plank Exercises With Weights

Psychological Fitness

Just like any other exercising regime, planks help you to get rid off the negative energy and enhance your mood. Not only that, but it also helps in the blood flow through all of your body since planks work a lot of muscle groups, thus blood will flow regularly to feed all of these muscles.

Muscle Relaxant

Due to the lack of activity, some of the muscle groups can suffer from stiffness. Accordingly, doing activity like planks can help you relief the muscular tension. Back muscles are always subject to stiffness, which is due to posture issues. Accordingly, you might find that your back muscles are stiff.

Planks increase your level of activity and facilitates the blood flow to many of your muscle groups, lowering such stiffness and giving you a better relieving feeling.

Enhanced body posture and balance

As you become disciplined while doing planks by maintaining a straight line, planks help you have a proper posture as it keeps your chest, back, abs, and shoulders in the balanced posture.

Whether you are suffering from lazy shoulders or rounded back, planks will fix both issues as your shoulder blade muscles will become stronger and you will feel more comfortable in contracting them while standing. The same goes to you straightening your back. It just requires stabilizing muscles development.

Enhanced Energy Levels

Your body has energy levels that need to be activated in order to perform your daily duties. Unlike the common belief of that exercising makes you feel tired, exercising actually helps you feel energetic and makes your body healthy since it facilitates the transportation of nutrients to your body, which is the same case in doing planks regularly.

Planks have prominent benefits that you can’t just skip, so start doing your planks daily in a regular basis and you will find that your energy levels are enhanced, your muscles are more relaxed, your core is stronger, and you will even look better.

Mats for Plank Exercise

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