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8 Exercises to Get a Bubble Butt in Just 21 Days!

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The bubble butts you find on bikini models are actually achievable, you just don’t know the key. Don’t be ashamed to wear your bikini again as you will lose the lumpy cellulite that always embarrassed you, you are ready to rock the beach with that sexy butt!

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This article is dedicated to help you firm that but, shed off fats, and tone the cellulite in just 3 weeks. So don’t put any excuses that you don’t have the enough time or dedication to have the rounded butt, surprise everyone with that quick transformation.

Surveys claim that having a saggy butt is the main problem and concern for women today, and no wonder this is the case! A saggy butt is nothing but a self-esteem disrupter and it acts as a catalyst in increasing the age of the woman, which is definitely undesired. The more women grow in age, the more they will lose muscles and firmness, especially in the butt area.

However, time machines do exist here! You can back in time and have that firm booty and lose the cellulite that lowers your self-confidence.

Every woman deserves to have a nice butt that makes her proud whenever she turns around and have a look at the mirror.

Everyone will stare at your butt by doing this bubble butt workout

This workout plan is designed to target your booty from three distinct areas: lower back, hamstrings, and glutes.

Lifting your butt and transforming it into a bubbly one is the duty of squats included in this workout plan. In addition, squats enhance metabolism and help you build muscles and lose fats quickly. So watch your glutes and quads burn by doing those squats. Bear in mind that lose butt fats will actually make your butt look better, not the opposite!

How to have the perfect butt?

Your gateway to having that firm and rounded booty is to approach them from all degrees with either compound movements or isolation exercises. This method makes this workout distinct from other workouts, because it hits your booty from all the angles and methods, giving it the chance to develop with the method that works best for it!

Different bodies respond to workouts distinctively, where each body has its preferred working out conditions. This workout leaves no chance for error, so forget about your saggy butt and get ready for the new glances you will receive…and yeah! Just in three weeks!

The 8 exercises that will change your booty

Part One:

We have just mentioned that some muscles for different bodies respond best for compound exercises and others respond best for isolation exercises and pre-exhaustion. The first part of this workout plan is the pre-exhaustion phase with isolation exercises, since they don’t involve any other muscle groups except your glutes!

Isolation exercises don’t actually shield the help of other muscle groups totally, but it does so partially, which puts a lot of tension and stress on your booty, forcing it to grow and burn!

It works as follows:

Pre-exhausting your butt with isolation exercises before doing compound exercises by putting more load on your other muscle groups since your butt is already “exhausted”. The other muscle groups engaged are the quads, lower back, and hamstrings. This booty drainage will make it adapt to high tension levels and become rounder by time.

Beginners: Do isolation movements with bodyweight exercises.

Advanced: You can use bands, bars, dumbbells, cables, and machines in performing the exercises.

To do the kickback with top form, make sure that you don’t arch your back by contracting your core muscles. Otherwise, you might suffer from back pain and injuries like herniated discs.

The isolation exercises include:

Plank Glute Kick Back

Donkey Kicks

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Glute Hip Thrust

Part Two

This phase includes demolishing your booty with compound exercises to force it to grow into a bigger and rounder booty. Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises, and they are used here to raise your metabolism to help you lose fat from the butt area and have a stronger and bigger booty.

Reverse Hack Squat

Dumbbell Sumo Squats

Barbell Squats

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Workout basis

All you have to do is put a minimum of 2 isolation exercises with 2 compound exercises for a total of 8 sets. You can vary that by doing one set each to be able to perform the 8 exercises. Just make sure that you have performed 8 sets.

Those combinations are recommended:

  1. Donkey Kick Backs x 2
  2. Glute Bridge x 1
  3. Dumbbell Sumo Squats x 3
  4. Stiff Leg Deadlifts x 2


  1. Standing Kick Back x 1
  2. Donkey Kick Back x 1
  3. Plank Glute Kick Back x 1
  4. Barbell Squat x 4
  5. Reverse Hack Squat x 1

The reason behind including a lot of exercises is that because the glutes are very large muscles, so they need different exercises that hit them from all angles. In addition, the various exercises work the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, giving them all the reasons to grow.

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Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Did you know, your muscles don’t grow when you exercise them?

You also must know that your booty won’t grow while you are working out. This might be shocking, but this is the truth. During working out, you tear your muscles apart, so they need some rest to repair and grow to endure the pain next time you train them. So, your booty will actually grow in resting times! Accordingly, the workout is designed to give you rest days to give your booty the space to grow.

The workout routine

Day 1: Heavy day – 8-12 reps for isolation exercises and 5-8 reps for compound exercises.

Day 2: Rest Day

Day 3: Light Day – 15-20 reps for isolation exercises and 8-12 reps for compound exercises.

Day 4: Rest Day.

Day 5: Repeat.

On heavy days:

Variety = Rounder Butt!

Might users might now complain because the workout isn’t fixed and it doesn’t have a clear routine. However, giving yourself the space to pick and be creative about it is the actually the key! You will eventually know what works best for you and you will start developing your own workouts to have that booty! You have the tools and instructions, just build the booty.

Listen to your body and know what works best for you. If you ever feel that a certain exercise will cause you an injury or you just can’t do it in proper form, you have a big list to pick what works best for you.

This creativity in selection and listening to your body will help you develop the mind muscle-connection needed to make you dig your own way in your workouts later on, not just for booty. If you are a newbie, just start and explore what works best for you, it is a lifetime experience you will never forget.

Bonus Tips

  1. Doing cardio regularly will help you tone your butt.
  2. Lowering the fat level in your butt area will help you achieve the booty of your dreams, so follow a well-balanced diet.
  3. Don’t do partial squats, do the full motion: ass to grass! Don’t sacrifice form, if you feel pain in your joints, do the normal range of motion.
  4. Be creative and don’t stick to few exercises, have a variety. Train with heavy weights in heavy days, booties grow with heavy weights!

Do your squats safely

  1. Push the weight up with your heels, not your toes. Do so by bending at your hips and pushing your ass back. Never bend at your knees, you might be injured.
  2. Breath in when you go lower in the squatting motion and breath out when you are in your way back up…feed your body with oxygen!
  3. Align your head with your body and keep looking forward. Don’t look downward as it might cause you some neck injuries. Push your chest out and arch your shoulder blades together.
  4. Go as low as you can without risking injury, even if you have to use lighter weights. The full range of motion will engage your glute muscles more and help you get the round booty you desire, not the weights.
  5. In order to maintain your balance and stay safe, try to point your toes slightly outwards, which gives you a better control over your body. You don’t want to fall down while squatting…
  6. Keep a slightly wider than shoulder-width stance for your legs. Putting your legs close to each other will target your quads, while widening them will hit your glutes harder, giving you a better angle to attack your butt.

Be patient and stay disciplined. Watch your protein intake as proteins will help you recover and build booty matters. In addition, count your calories and don’t overeat, you don’t need to build fats on your booty.



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