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8 Nutrients To Help You Lose Weight

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8 Nutrients To Help You Lose Weight | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes |

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

From basic knowledge, most of us know the benefits of the presence of vitamins and minerals in our body. But the main role of vitamins and minerals is not only sustaining the well-being of the joints, bones, and muscles but also accelerating your weight loss process to reach your dream physique.

For instance, vitamin B6 is capable of aiding your body to burn up more calories that you consume throughout the day. Moreover, lacking calcium could destroy your physique accomplishments, not only making your bones harder. Iodine also is capable of sustaining a healthy weight loss process and aids the process. Eating without careful tracking could affect your weight loss plan without your knowledge, so track your micronutrients carefully to help your body sustain the perfect environment to lose weight. In this article, 8 of the most significant nutrients that aid the weight loss process are presented.

1. Vitamin B6

As vitamin B6 converts glycogen into glucose to be used by the body in any activity, it aids the process of extracting energy from the food we consume. As simple as it seems, vitamin B6 has a very important role as it might help in burning more calories. As mentioned earlier, vitamin B6 converts glycogen, which is stored originally in the liver, into glucose to supply the body with energy without the urge to consume carbohydrates. If Vitamin B6 is consumed adequately, it could substitute eating carbohydrates for energy and using the glycogen stored in the liver as the main energy source, making the body burn more calories thus lose more weight.

Vitamin B6 is very abundant and can be found in fish, grains, dairy products, chicken, and vegetables.

 2. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the well-known vitamins as it is consumed by people having anemia and bone issues. Vitamin B12 is capable of converting fats and proteins into energy. As is it good as converting fats into energy sounds, it is not always useful since the nervous system and the nerves consist of lipid-like structure called myelin sheath, which is used to cover the nerves. If Vitamin B12 is not consumed adequately, this could affect the nervous system. Proper consumption of vitamin B12 also prevents the occurrence of having low number of red blood cells.

Anemia is an undesired disease, so it is favored to sustain a high level of energy to avoid it by having a balanced diet that has a plenty of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is abundant too and can be found in poultry, meat, and dairy products. According to these sources of B12, vegans must be aware of the fact that they should find the right sources to get the needed amount of B12.

3. Iodine

If you’re maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly but are still failing to lose weight, you may be iodine deficient. It regulates your thyroid gland release of the hormone thyroid, which maintains the proper metabolism for weight loss. Balanced thyroid release prevents the body from fatigue, pain, and hindered weight loss.

If you notice any of these symptoms, please do not hesitate to visit a doctor to guide you or incorporate iodine sources in your meal plan.

Iodine is mostly present in sea vegetables, strawberries, and organic yogurt.

4. Vitamin D

One of the most prominent benefits of vitamin D is maintaining healthy bones and body weight since it makes the absorption of calcium and phosphorous from food sources easy. Vitamin D is used by your brain to control your feeling of hunger, so consume plenty of vitamin D to avoid over-eating.

Normally, vitamin D is usually absorbed by the body through sunlight exposure; however, a lot of skin cancer concerns demand less exposure to sunlight, so we direct our vitamin D absorption to food sources like cereals, meat, eggs, and fish.

5. Calcium

What is most known about calcium is its efforts in maintaining better bones and teeth; however, it has tremendous benefits in affecting the weight loss process. Calories can be converted to fats if the levels of a fatty acid called synthase increased. The level of this fatty acid increases if your diet does not included sufficient calcium consumption.

According to a research case in 2009, two groups of women trying to lose weight with one group consuming calcium daily and the other just followed a normal diet were examined for 6 months. After the duration ended, the group of women consuming calcium daily lost weight 6 times much the group who did not consume calcium.

6. Iron

Just like vitamin B12, iron prevents the body from anemia as it enhances the red blood cells count.

Ironically, the lack of iron in your diet is capable of making you lose appetite and weight in return. Such misleading feeling of appetite loss is not a healthy path to take for weight loss since it can cause laziness, sluggishness, and pain in return. However, a recent study concluded that people adequately consuming iron-rich food lose weight more effectively than not consuming it.

Iron is found abundantly in poultry, vegetables, eggs, fish, and whole grains.

8 Nutrients To Help You Lose Weight | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes | nutrients in food | nutrients in food lesson | nutrients needed daily

7. Magnesium

Magnesium supports the occurrence of many chemical reactions in the human body including energy release from food in combustion and regulating water balance. Aside from its biological and chemical benefits it supports in our bodies, magnesium also can aid the process of weight loss as it was found in a study in 2013 that consuming food rich with magnesium lowers body fat markers like insulin and glucose. It can be found abundantly in dairy products, meat, grains, and vegetables.

8. Fiber

As it comes from cellulose, fiber is not digested by our human body. However, fiber is a very crucial element in any diet as it has weight loss benefits like flushing fat. As it is not digested, it pushes the digested food out of the intestines and it can also lower the cholesterol levels to maintain a healthier body. It can be found mainly in vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

8 Nutrients To Help You Lose Weight | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes |


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