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8 Reasons Why Walking is Great for your Health

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Walking | Exercises | Healthy Living

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While intense exercise offers a lot of benefits, it is important to note that even few steps daily can help to take you a long way. Longs works is a great exercise as it helps shed extra weight, tone your legs, and even calm you down your mind. It heightens your heart beat, improves blood and oxygen circulation to muscles, and other body organs, including the brain. Studies have shown that brisk walking for 30 minutes at a moderate speed can help to burn up to 200 calories. Here are 8 reasons why walking is great for your health :

1. Walking help to strengthen your heart:

Walking regularly lowers the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular problems. Research done by Harvard Medical School, reveals that walking for about 20 minutes a day reduce the risk of head disease by 30 percents. Walking help to improve the level of HDL, which is good cholesterol while lowering the level of LDL, which is bad cholesterol. Make an effort to walk for 30 minutes a day to help to control high blood pressure that leads to stroke.

2. Walking lowers risks of disease:

Regular walk improves help to improve the immune system and lower the risk of Type Two Diabetes by about 60 percent. Walking daily at a moderate speed reduces the risk of developing cancer of colon and breast by about 20 percent.

3. Walking help to burn fat

Most people believe that walking is the easier exercise. However, walking more than that as you will not be just strolling but walking at a relatively moderate speed that can help to low weight. Moderate walking at a speed of 2 miles per hour for 30 minutes burns about 75 calories. Improving your phase to about 3 miles per hour can help to shed up to 150 calories. A study done at the University of Utah show that women who perform a daily brisk walking lower the risk of obesity by about 5%. Harvard School of Public Health in a research learned that daily walking reduces obesity-promoting genes by about half.

4. Help to boost your memory:Walking | Exercises | Healthy Living

Walking is a great exercise that helps to boost your memory. Walking for about six miles a week help to boost the memory and reduce the risk of dementia. Studies published by National Academy of Science what that a daily 40 minute walks increase the volume of the hippocampus by about 2%, which is fairly significant. Another study done by American Association for the Advancement of Science, show the regular brisk walks can help to slow down the shrinking of the brain and faltering of mental skills, which is related to old age. The studies concluded that taking a short walk for three times a week increase the part of the brain that is linked to planning and memory.

5. Help to tone up legs, tums, and bums:

Walking is a cardiovascular exercise that helps to shade those extra calories and attain tighter physique. Vigorous walking can burn up to 4 calories per minute and walk for half an hour per day for five days can help to burn up to 600-calories. Moreover, walking at a moderate phase helps to improve the definition of the calves, hamstrings, and quads. Adding a hill walking into the mix can even help to attain more effective results. Pay attention to your posture you will even achieve better results.

6. Walking help to boost the level of vitamin D in the body:

Walking outside give an opportunity stays in the outdoor and boosts the level of vitamin D in the body. Research reveals that many people are vitamin D deficient, which affect the health of bone and the immune system in general. Walking is a good way of burning unwanted fat while fixing to improve the level of vitamin D in the body.

7. Improve the level of energy:

Regular walking is a great way of getting more energy. It helps to improve blood circulation, which is a great way of improving oxygen supply to every cell in the body. This helps you to feel alert and remain active throughout. You can try walking in the afternoon to ensure that you remain active in the afternoon.

8. Improved the mood:


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