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99 Habits for Improving the Quality of your Life

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99 Habits for improving the quality of your life #health #weightloss #fitness

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

People are goal and result oriented, which means that we always thrive for something new and something challenging to keep us finding interest in life because these challenging things make us better persons.

This type of productivity occurs only when we succeed in these challenging things, that is why we work on improving ourselves to overcome our challenges. In order to succeed generally in life and self-improvement, we have to acquire some habits that make us consistent and always positive.

Losing track is exactly the opposite of what you are aiming to do, so you must be motivated enough through your journey to stay running with the same pace and even higher. The key here is not to lose passion and find a meaning in your life, which will not happen without acquiring some habits.

We have prepared a list of 99 habits for you to follow as the first step towards your self-improvement journey. “You do not have to be great to start, you have to start to be great” And we are giving you the start here and the rest is your own legacy.

You can implement some of them only in the beginning, leaving the ones you find challenging for a later time. When you start finding the improvement, you will start implementing all of the habits automatically because you will recognize that you can be even better.

99 habits:
1. Be an early bird.
2. Manage your day and time.
3. Meditate regularly.
4. Implement healthy meals in your daily diet.
5. Reward yourself with a break after 1 hour of work.
6. Spend time with yourself daily.
7. Look at yourself in the mirror with a confident smile.
8. List your priorities.
9. Stretch when you wake up.
10. Don’t do anything while eating.
11. Understand more about yourself.
12. Give time for creativity games.
13. Quit smoking.
14. Drink in a few occasions.
15. Take care of your skin regularly.
16. Nourish your hair and take care of it weekly.
17. Pamper your nails.
18. Water, water, and water.
19. Pay your taxes on time.
20. Plan for your birthday.
21. Don’t surf the web randomly.
22. Wash all your used appliances after using.
23. Make your bed upon waking up.
24. Do your laundry every morning.
25. Don’t throw your clothes anywhere, please hang them.
26. Tidy your home regularly.
27. Decorate your home.
28. Compliment yourself once daily.
29. Motivate yourself with something you did daily.
30. Never skip any of your medication.
31. Ink down your thoughts in a diary.
32. Brush your teeth twice daily.
33. Have some home activities.
34. Go for a picnic or BBQ once weekly.
35. Walk for 20 minutes daily.
36. Have a gratitude diary.
37. Have a bucket list.
38. Ink down your ideas and try to be creative as much as you can.
39. Write down all the calls you need to make and schedule them by
40. Prepare the clothes you will wear the day after with all the details.
41. Make teeth check up regularly to maintain healthy oral hygiene.
42. Put a new challenge for yourself monthly and track yourself.
43. List the countries you want to visit and study them thoroughly.
44. Do activities and play games with your close people.
45. Read self-improvement notes and listen to podcasts.
46. Remember your dreams and track your sleep.
47. Remove the mess from your closet twice weekly.
48. Have a fixed work and rest routine.
49. Make it greener and put some plants.
50. Upgrade your tablecloths regularly.
51. Discard all your negative thoughts and make them positive instead.
52. Make use of the sun as a light source.
53. Treat your windows every now and then, they brighten your life.
54. Make sure your oven is always clean.
55. Have a meal plan.
56. Wipe your floor with water regularly.
57. Explore more in psychology.
58. Look and act with confidence, even if you are not confident.
59. Know what you will do a month ahead.
60. Look always for new music and listen to different genres.
61. Have a short workout daily.
62. Don’t watch TV relentlessly.
63. Put your own house rules.
64. Sustain your standards and rules.
65. Have a nice posture.
66. Smile to anyone who services you.
67. Visit your loved ones regularly.
68. Visit the ones who consider you a loved one.
69. Check upon your relatives bi-weekly.
70. Look for creative methods to increase your income.
71. Clean your wall art every now and then.
72. Develop your speaking skills by looking at a mirror.
73. List all you need for shopping.
74. Don’t let sickness put you down, have a positive mindset of getting
treated soon.
75. Don’t panic or exaggerate things.
76. Pamper your body’s skin.
77. Use some oils when bathing.
78. Use aromatherapy.
79. Tidy your makeup tools weekly, you deserve them.
80. Clean your desk after work.
81. Check your home’s security.
82. Reward yourself with jewelry.
83. Expand your social group.
84. Make memories by taking photos.
85. Choose motivating music.
86. Investigate your habits.
87. Listen to nature sounds.
88. Open the windows in the morning.
89. Relax in candle lights.
90. Clean your fridge weekly.
91. Socialize daily.
92. Take online self-development classes.
93. Do your religious duties.
94. Make time for your pet.
95. Put long-term goals.
96. Organize your bag.
97. Stop anxiety.
98. Schedule your self-care.
99. Take usual deep breathes.


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