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    5 Motivational Quotes And Sentences For You To Remember Why You Started And To Remind You Of Your Desired Goal.


    One of the most important elements in having a great physique is never losing passion and never deviating from the original goal. Although it seems a very grueling matter, it can be tackled if you have kept your positive energy with the sufficient motivation to keep you pushing harder. Your fitness journey is never easy, […] More

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    Leg Muscle Warm-up Exercises


    Despite the fact that you might feel ashamed about the idea of warming up before you workout, it is tremendously important. Many lifters nowadays claim that warming up is a very obsolete technique that is nothing but a waste of time. In fact, warming up, especially your legs, prevent a lot of joint injuries that […] More

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    5 Motivational Quotes To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


    The hardest step in success was never the start only, another hard step is maintaining your peak performance. We have always known that staying on the top is always harder than reaching the top, which is similar to the physique goals. Which demands loads of motivation and positive energy to stay on the top. When […] More

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    How to burn more than 300 calories in 30 minutes


    On average, a person burns approximately 100 calories for each mile of running, so in order to burn 300 calories, an average meal, in half an hour, you need to do any cardio exercise or routine for 3 miles. Running is too boring for the fat loss process, so another workout will be presented in […] More

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    5 Motivational Quotes to Keep You on Track


    You will never start with claiming each and every single time that next week is your start, instead of such fake claims, get up and fuck the weights and get that negative energy out with the sufficient motivation to reach your goals. Such lazy actions are an indication to lack of motivation, and that is […] More

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    5 Weight-Crushing Quotes to Keep Your Level Up!


    You do not have to be great to start, you have to start to be great. Life is really short, so why spend it and you are not fit? You will never know how it feels until you are there with a new lifestyle that will make every day better than the preceding ones Such […] More

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    25 Inspiring & Motivational Quotes to Start Your Day


    Words are easy, but actions are not. We all wish to achieve our physique dreams, but we stumble at many points in our journey. Achieving your dream physique, demands hard work, commitment, and motivation to stay positive through the dream body trip that is full of pain and sweat. In order to help you stay […] More

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    The basics of the deadlift, bench press, and squat


    As a beginner, you have always spotted your focus on getting bigger and leaner. Such thought was always accompanied with heeding towards the bench press with full hopes of having a chiseled chest and big arms. As you wander through your bigger size dreams, you start noticing other big guys in the gym and you […] More