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    4 Best Teas That Melt Fat

    4 Teas That Melt Fat | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    Despite whether it be comfortable on the adoration situate or loosening up by the fat, there’s something about some tea that makes the greater part of life’s fundamental things have all the designate of being all the all the all the more loosening up. While tea is in certainty soothing, it’s moreover queit strong. A couple of mix can empower you to stop eating while others can a long your calorie utilization. In any case, others arrangements are forceful to the point that they can even mollify the fat fitting off your edge. Yes, we comprehend that may appear like an opening line for a soft weight decrease pill see, yet you can’t battle with science. We’ve clean the investigation journals to present to you the best fat-fricasseeing mixes on supermarket racks—so basically sit back, start tasting and watch your fat break down away!

    White Tea

    4 Teas That Melt Fat | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    We treasure white tea since it works in four ways to deal with help you shed that irritating fat. As demonstrated by an examination dispersed in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, this blend prevent the course of action of new fat cells while in the meantime boosting lipolysis, the body’s technique of isolating set away fats.

    Another social affair of experts found that the tea is in like manner a rich wellspring of catechins(a tannic acid that is extracted from black catechu as a white crystalline substance), a sort of disease specialist that triggers the landing of fat from the telephones and helps speed the liver’s ability to change fat into imperativeness.


    4 Teas That Melt Fat | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Barberry Tea |

    The stem, foods grown from the ground bark of the barberry bush contains berberine–a capable, normally happening, fat-broiling substance. An examination led by Chinese specialists uncovered that berberine can counteract weight pick up and the advancement of insulin resistance in rats devouring a high-fat eating routine. Past examinations have likewise discovered that devouring the plant can support vitality consumption and help diminish the quantity of receptors on the surface of fat cells, making them less adept to retain approaching wellsprings of flubber. Sounds like a justifiable reason motivation to have a some tea to us!


    4 Teas That Melt Fat | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Rooibos Tea |

    Celestial Seasonings and Teavana are liked by many people.

    This red, frequently sweet tea made using the leaves of the Rooibos development are practical fat-melters. As per South African geniuses, polyphenols and flavonoids found in the plant upset adipogenesis–the progression of new fat cells–by as much as 22 percent. The chemicals in like way engage manual for fast handling. Taste this mix to help consumers that immovable piece of chub holding fast to your center. 

    Pu-erh Tea

    4 Teas That Melt Fat | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Pu-erh Tea |

    These are liked by many tea lovers: Numi Organic Tea, Uncle Lee’s Tea

    This created Chinese tea can truly get the cross of your fat cells! To find the blend’s fat-crusading powers Chinese scientists confined rats into five get-togethers and maintained them fluctuating weight control plans over a two month time navigate.

    In spite of a control gathering, there was a get-together given a high-fat eating routine with no tea supplementation and three extra social affairs that were dealt with a high-fat eating regimen with fluctuating estimations of pu-erh tea evacuate.

    The inspectors found that the tea outright chop down triglyceride concentrates (potentially unsafe fat found in the blood) and midsection fat in the high-fat eating routine parties. Notwithstanding the way that tasting the tea could have to some degree uncommon results in people.

    Then again, we think these disclosures are sufficiently promising that it’s still without a doubt legitimized paying little regard to your while to settle yourself a steaming hot compartment. 

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    HIIT- Your One Stop Solution To Burn More Calories And Fat

    HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    HIIT- High-intensity interval training, is one of the most popular training styles which are known to greatly burn calories and to burn fat. Using alternates of high intensity exercise and small recovery periods, this training is perfect for those looking to burn some extra calories and fat. It not only urns fat and calories, but also builds lean muscles as well as helps in improving endurance and cardiac health of a person.

    In this article, we discuss HIIT for abs workout which is recommended for people at intermediate to advance level.

    To get the maximum benefit out of this workout, it is advised to push yourself especially during the high-intensity periods. The trick is to perform the moves as fast as you can without losing the form. The recovery period of 15 seconds will be suffiecnt so that you don’t burn out quickly.

    Requirements: A gym timer which is a free app available for download, a towel or mat to lay on floor.

    What you need to do: Perform each exercise move for at least 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in between. Complete 4 rounds by repeating all moves, with the total resting time about 30 to 90 seconds.

    In this post, we have also included the relevant videos to guide you about each move. Using the proper form while exercising is crucial to the success of the routine which ensures that you will get maximum benefit out of the routine.

    HIIT- High-Intensity Interval Training | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |


    • Mountain Climbers

    This exercise is use to build strength of upper body muscles which includes chest, arms, back and shoulders. It is essential to tone your upper body muscles as they hold up your bodyweight for considerable amount of time. Adding the legs movement upper body muscles stabilize more effectively.
    Mountain Climbers

    • Russian twist

    This exercise is great for not only strengthening your abdomen to give you that super-flat tummy but works on strengthening all of your stomach muscles. It works on the internal as well as the external oblique’s and also reduces the risk of dangerous cardiovascular diseases including the heart attacks and strokes.
    Russian twist

    • Jackknife Crunch

    When traditional crunch is too easy for you, try a better alternative in the form of jackknife crunch. This exercise targets rectus abdominis that is situated in front of your abdomen known as “six pack”. Jackknife can also have many variations which can vary depending on the core muscles you are targeting.

      • Jackknife Crunch

    • Up & Down Plank

    Planks are one of the greatest exercises out there for strengthening your core. While push ups are great for maintaing your rectus abdominis or in simple language main abs. Up and Down planks combine the best of push ups and planks. It is ideal for strengthening your abs, core and arms all in one go.

      • Up & Down Plank

    • Burpees

    Burpees are a strength-building, awesome, calorie-torching, full body exercise. Burpees is the ideal source of making your body a fat burning machine. It is the most excellent source of burning calories, a ton of calories. They burn as much as 50% more fat than other exercises that why they are favoured by a lot of training experts.

    • Leg Lifts

    Leg lifts are essential component of HIIT training as they target leg muscles and core muscles. The main muscles they work with include the back and thigh muscles, abdominals and others. The body form in which they are applied can be differed depending upon whether you are lying down or standing.
    Leg Lifts

    • Bicycle Crunch

    Bicycle crunches are known for strengthening and toning the ab muscles. Bicycle crunches are ideal for targeting all your ab muscles. It is also been called as one of the most effective exercises when it comes to abdominal strengthening according to various studies. It works better for abdominal muscles in compared to 12 other exercises, which include several crunches and variations of exercises. Bicycle crunch is the ideal exercise if you want to lose fat around your belly and strengthen your abdominal muscles.
    Bicycle Crunch

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    15-Minute Full-Body Workout Plan

    15-Minute Full-Body Workout Plan | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    Here’s the truth, and it’s good: regular 15-minute workouts can be just as beneficial as going to the gym. Of course, that is granted you are willing to maximize your time in those fifteen minutes to do your best. It may be hard, but once you are done – and it won’t take long – you will be ready to take that nap. 

    There are a few ways to maximize your work-out at home. What is most important is you stick to a strict schedule; typically, it is recommended you exercise three days in a row and rest for the next. If this is too much, you can always variate it throughout the week – but set your time. Save those fifteen minutes where you go through the total body workout. There are many exercises, some with and without equipment, choose the ones that suit your needs the best.

    To begin with, the following workout requires no equipment, and it goes without saying the most effective – and standard – of these exercises is the push-up. No matter your level, you want to begin with three sets; see how many you can do. Five, maybe ten? Or more? Once you start to do perform this exercise on a regular level, you will begin to see instantons improvement to your body. Position yourself on the floor with your hands on the ground, slightly wider than your shoulders. Between each set, rest for one minute, and continue. No matter how many you do, it will improve your body right away – and over time – quicker than you think, you will be able to do twenty, fifty, sixty, and so on.

    Together with this exercise, planking goes well with doing push-ups. They require the same: nothing more than a space on the floor. You may not know this, but planking is so much more than simply building your abs; it is building your core strength. Your core muscles are linked together in a belt around your stomach, moving up your sides and rounding on your back. Furthermore, and you know this, your spine is unstable. If you do not maintain the muscles that protect it, the flexibility of the bones will become a liability rather than an asset. 
    Like push-ups, do this in three sets: same position as before, elbows straight on the floor, with your hands extended. Focus the weight on your toes, and straight out as long as you can. Rest one minute. 

    15-Minute Full-Body Workout Plan | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    After these two exercises, you should have time left for one more; and this time, to round it off, focus on your legs. Lay down on your back with your hands under your buttchecks, choose one leg and extend it horizontally along the floor while lifting the other leg approximately 45 degrees over it. You want to do this exercise in three sets also, each set consisting of ten or more repetitions. Once in position, begin to move your legs respectively up and down in a scissor-like movement; if you dare, incline your head and chest slightly upwards as you do so. But this is not otherwise needed.

    That is how one fifteen work-out can look. In this case, you train your upper-body strength as well as your core muscles, rounding off with your legs. Repeat this three-to-five time a week, and your health will improve instantaneously.

    Alternatively, you can subscribe to a full-body workout “boot-camp”. All you need to train your full body is a couple of dumbbells and fifteen minutes of your best time. You also want an interval timer. We recommend Gymboss, a free app ready to be downloaded. During this workout, you want to do all the following exercises each for one minute, then move on to the next without rest, and after the first set, wait one minute before continuing. In total, three sets are recommended, again.

    Cross-Body Hammer Curl is the first exercise. This exercise is great for your forearms and your biceps. To perform it, you will need two dumbbells. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart at shoulder distance. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, put your hands down with your palms facing towards your sides. Then, without twisting the arm, curl the dumbbell in your hand up towards your opposite shoulder; slowly return it along the same path. Repeat the same motion with the opposite arm. Do this for a minute. 
    Cross-Body Hammer Curl

    Tricep Kickbacks is the second exercise. For this exercise, you will need only one dumbbell at a time. Choose a hand, lift the weight, palms facing your sides. Move to stand in a position with only one leg forwards. The leg you move is supposed to be the one opposite to the dumbbell. Move your free hand on your extended leg. You will then want to move forwards while maintaining your stance. Hinge forwards, make sure most of your weight is transferred to the forward leg. Hold this position. To perform the tricep kickback, bend your elbow; hold it parallel to your torso. Make sure that the dumbbell and lower arm is vertical with the floor. Hereon, extend your backwards, lower it back to position, and repeat for one minute. Change arms with next set. 
    Tricep Kickbacks

    Sumo Squat with Dumbbell is the third exercise. This is a great workout for your glutes and legs. You will need only one dumbbell. Point your toes out, move your feet apart, wider than your shoulder width. Stand straight, lift your chest, hold a dumbbell in your hands in front of your crotch. Hereon, move down, push your butt back and open your knees wide. When you go up, place your weight on heels and outer part of your feet. Repeat for one minute. 
    Sumo Squat with Dumbbell

    Reverse Lunge with a Front Kick is the fourth exercise. Start with your feet about hip-width apart and your arms comfortably bend. Step your right foot back and lower yourself into a lounge. Make sure your knees form a ninety-degree angle. Hereon, press with your left heel and kick your right foot in front of you. Do this for thirty seconds and change your legs so you kick with your left foot instead of the right one. 
    Reverse Lunge with a Front Kick

    Crunch and Punch with Dumbbells is the fifth exercise. You are going to lay down with both dumbbells in your hands; raise your knees so they each make a ninety-degree angle by the knee. If it is possible, secure your feet against a wall. Hold the dumbbells over your chest; roll up so you move your back in a diagonal position against the floor. While in air, punch into it with both dumbbells and move back to the floor. Repeat this exercise for one minute. 
    Crunch and Punch with Dumbbells

    The Arnold Press is the sixth exercise in this workout. You want to sit in a chair with your back against its back. Lift both dumbbells in front of your head so your palms face towards your face. Then lift both arms upwards and twist them in hundred-and-eighty degrees so both arms have rotated by the time they are extended fully. Lower and return your arms to their original position. Repeat for one minute. 
    The Arnold Press

    The Bent-over Dumbbell Rows with a Twist is the last of these exercises. Put your dumbbells in both hands and stand straight. Lower your back forwards so it is horizontal with the floor; bend your knees slightly. Hold the dumbbells down in front of your toes with your palms facing towards your body. As this exercise is with a “twist”, when you lift your arms back towards your chest, twist them around similarly to the Arnold Press before returning them to their previous position. You can do this one arm at a time, as well. Repeat for one minute.
    The Bent-over Dumbbell Rows

    Doing all of these exercises together may take longer than fifteen minutes; you do not need to do all of them, but it is recommended. Remember, when going through the total body workout bootcamp, you should not rest between the exercises and only for one minute after you have finished one set. 

    All of these exercises can be done in the comforts of your own home in little to no time. Usually, it is recommended you perform this workout before sleep, as that will allow your muscles more and better time to rest and heal and prepare you for the next workout tomorrow evening. And, do not forget: remember to stretch out after any exercise to avoid pains and misplaced joints. 

    Not only is this total body workout beneficial to you, the results will be immediate; performing this bootcamp on a regular basis will give you just the tone you need. If you wish to further improve and work on your health, combining this workout together with basic cardio training can, and will, give you the energy and confidence you need to go through your day.

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    6 Benefits Of Using Whey Protein

    6 benefits of using whey protein | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    Whey protein is not only a source of increased power, disease protection but offer much more advantages.

    If you ever see those toned muscles and big bodied muscles and wonder what they must be doing right and you not? With you getting a good lean protein, veggies, good carbs and reasonable workout sessions, but still you are not there where they are? The only difference is Whey protein. It is not only the source of a greater power but regular intake can yield astonishing results.

    Here are the top health benefits of having a tub of whey protein as part of your diet:

    1. Sustain muscle growth and get rid of extra fat

    Whey protein will help you to shed those extra pounds you have been yearning for long to lose. In a recent research by Minnesota researchers, a study was conducted over a period of 12 weeks, where the subjects were allowed to intake only 500 calories per day. Next, some participants were given whey protein and others were given isocaloric mix beverage. The participants consuming whey lost a significant amount of body fat around 6.1% with greater muscle sustainability. If you have a craving for snacks, try nibbling on a whey protein bar.

    1. Significantly increase strength and size

    Resistance training, extensive workout sessions to gain strength? In a recent study, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, researchers took 19 men on resistance training of a period of over 10 weeks. Some of the participants were given 14 grams of whey along with casein protein and also 6 grams of free amino acids, while the rest were given 20 gram placebo. Those who had consumed why were reported to have a greater fat-free mass and their muscle strength was also larger than others. The key, however, is to use the consumption of why in right order, that is, one hour before and after the exercises.

    1. Reduction in the hunger pangs

    Do you ever feel those really urgent hunger pangs which compel you to eat something and curb on some snacks? If yes, then Whey is the protein of choice for you. Whey protein can be very fruitful in reduction of those hunger pangs. It could help you a lot in the reduction of hunger and avoid developing a physique that very much matches a bowling ball. In a study conducted by Australian researchers, 28 obese men were given 4 different kinds of drinks. Those consuming the drink containing 50 grams of whey had remarkably low levels of ghrelin which is a hormone which indicates the state of hunger to your brain. And this low level of ghrelin were administered even after four hours of consumption of drink. So, next time you have a craving, try drinking a protein shake instead of unhealthy snacks.

    6 benefits of using whey protein | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    1. Helps fighting against cancer

    Cancer- a disease which has infected the lives of thousands across the globe. Cancer is a lethal disease which has destroyed the happy family trees far too often. However, it is possible to prevent from getting it. A trusted way is to get screenings on regular basis to test against the specific type of cancer which may have a family history. According to various studies conducted on whey protein, it is found that whey protein can be extremely helpful to fight against common forms of cancer which include colon and prostate. If you have a family history, and are at risk, get screened regularly and with the advice of your doctor and medical professionals, include whey protein in your diet.

    1. Manage stress

    Stress is one of the most common causes of various diseases. Do you feel stress in routine? Then never think to hide behind the support of liquor because various studies which have been conducted in Netherland recently have indicated a far better alternative. According to research, researchers at Netherland put 58 people through an experimental stress and gave some of them whey protein. Those who consumed whey protein were said to experience fewer symptoms of stress and depression and were generally in a better mood then the rest of the subjects of the experiment. Researchers found likely changes in the brain serotonin. So, instead of using liquor in case of depression, try using a whey protein shake.

    1. Improve immunity

    The strength of your immune system is important in protection against potential diseases and infection. Are you interested in improving your immune system? Researchers at University of Alberta have found out that male subjects of the study which were involved in tiring aerobic activity showed remarkably low levels of glutathione which impacts on things such as immune system, nervousness and gastrointestinal. Researchers also found that by taking whey protein, the subjects of the study experienced remarkably lower reduction in the level of glutathione. If you are into extensive cardio sessions but want to experience lower levels of glutathione, then whey protein is the solution.

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    19 Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat

    19 Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    19 Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    Most people struggle with fat in their bodies mainly because of their lifestyle and eating habits. It is important to understand that certain foods have a significantly high thermogenic effect than others so they scorch calories when eaten and others have compounds and nutrients that stroke metabolic fire.

     There is no single food that can be said to help burn fat on its own, but a combination of foods and proper diet will help you burn fat helping your body break down lipid that is stored for energy.

    Before looking at the top 19 best foods to burn fat it is also important to highlight a few tips that will help you burn fat in addition to the foods:

    • Eating a breakfast high in protein: Eating a breakfast high in proteins reduces both cravings and calorie intake for the day.

    • Don’t take fruit juice and sugary drinks: Most people trying to burn fat take lots of fruity juice and sugary drinks not knowing that this is some of the most fattening drinks you can put in your body.

    • Drinking water at least thirty minutes before a meal: Taking water thirty minutes have shown through research at the University of Birmingham to contribute significantly to weight loss. Take at least two cups of water.

    • Soluble fiber: Eat soluble fiber. Soluble fiber and supplements like glucomannan help in fat burning.

    • Tea or coffee drinking: Caffeine boosts metabolism rate for the body. Take as much tea and coffee.

    • High intake of unprocessed and whole foods: Whole foods are healthier, easily digested by the body and they help avoid over eating.

    • Eat food slowly: Research has shown that fast eaters gain more weight in the long run. Eating slowly helps you get full faster and will boost the hormones that help reduce weight.

    • Eat using plates: Researchers explain that when you use a smaller plate, you will definitely eat less food than when you use a larger plate.

    • Get enough sleep: poor sleep is a risk factor for gaining weight. So ensure you get a good night sleep.

    • Choose the best fat burning foods: It is critical to note that all calories are not created equal because different foods go through a different metabolic pathway in the body. The food we choose to eat will have different effects on our level of hunger, the calories we burn and weight hormones.
    19 Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |
    Here are the 19 best fat burning foods to eat:

    1. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are one of the “slow carbs” They help burn fat, are digested slowly and will definitely keep you energized for longer. They have a high content of carotenoids, antioxidants that stabilize the levels of blood sugar lowering the insulin resistance. This prevents calories to be converted into fat. They are also high in vitamins A, C and B6 providing energy to burn at the gym.

    2. Cayenne Pepper: A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explains that capsaicin a chemical found in pepper catalyzes abdominal fat loss. This is through boosting the body’s capacity to convert energy from foods. It is also an appetite suppressant. 

    3. Guacamole: This is actually one of the most effective hunger squashing and fat burning foods. Avocados are rich in Vitamin B6 which counters cortisol a belly fat building stress hormone. They are also rich in monounsaturated fat which prevents the distribution of the body fat around the belly according to Diabetes care journal.

    4. Wild Salmon: Proteins build more muscle and the more muscles built, the more the burning of fat. Fish is a healthy source of lean protein, more so from the wild salmon. According to Lauren Minchen a dietitian, wild salmon’s omega-3 fatty acid helps in fat burning and blocks storage of fat. In addition, proteins also help reduce cravings and keep off weight for longer. This is according to Alissa Rumsey of the Academy of Nutrition.

    5. White tea: According to a study by the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, white tea stimulates the breakdown of fats (lipolysis) and blocks the formation of fat cells. Research has also shown that white tea is rich in antioxidants that trigger the release of fat from cells helping the livers ability to turn fat into energy.

    6. Berries: Research from Texas Woman’s University showed that berries help burn fat because of their antioxidant called polyphenol. They also boost benefits from work out by ensuring improved blood flow to the muscles.

    7. Eggs: Eggs provide choline a fat burning nutrient that turns off genes that facilitate fat storage in the belly. A study by Nutrition Research explains that when taken for breakfast they help increase the fat burning pace for the day.

    8. Black beans: They are a source of resistant starch, a slow digesting insoluble fiber which feeds healthy bacteria in the gut triggering production of butyrate- a chemical that burns fat as fuel reducing fat inflammation in the body. It is important to note that a cup of black beans boasts 4.8 grams of the soluble fiber according to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical center.

    9. Coconut oil: Coconut oil helps burn fat in the body. It reduces abdominal obesity since its triglycerides are not stored as fat but burnt as energy. This is according to a study published by the journal of lipids.

    10. Almonds: Almonds contain a compound that helps limit the amount of fat absorbed by the body. The L-arginine amino acid in Almonds helps burn fat and carbs. This is according to the Journal of the American heart association. 

    11. Spinach: This leafy green food is rich in Vitamin A, folate and iron which are energy boosting nutrients help reduce appetite curbing calorie intake through a compound called thylakoids.

    12. Cinnamon: Cinnamon has polyphenol antioxidant that improves insulin sensitivity by altering the body’s composition. This keeps the blood sugar levels stable and prevents hunger.

    13. Cauliflower: According to Juan Carlos Santana of the Institute of Human Performance, this Crunchy crucifer vegetable is highly thermogenic helping the body burn more calories while digesting them.

    14. Black rice: According to the American chemical society, black rice is very rich in antioxidant, more fiber, rich in vitamin E with less sugar. This allows less inflammation hence less fat storage.

    15. Plums: Plums boost a phenolic compound which turns off fat genes and limits the amount of fat absorbed by body cells through gelatin.

    16. Peanut butter: Contains flat-belly nutrients, cholesterol lowering fats and are rich in plant proteins. Peanut butter also contains phenylalanine amino acid that triggers appetite reduction hormones helping in burning fat and weight loss.

    17. Garlic: Garlic contains a compound called allicin which helps in fighting body fat. It is important to note that the allicin compound is what gives garlic the pungent smell and taste.

    18. Olive oil: According to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, polyphenol a healthy fat in olive oil decreases fat storing inflammation. It also prevents COX-1 and COX-2, the two pro-inflammatory enzymes.

    19. Turmeric: The orange root is a great fat fighter. This is because of curcumin, an active ingredient which has a high anti inflammatory capability. A study published by the Journal of Oncogene shows that turmeric is actually one of the most effective anti inflammation food in our times.

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    Why Take Action On Obesity

    The Dangers of Obesity | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    The Dangers of Obesity | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    The number of people with obesity has rapidly increased in most parts of the world both for young children and middle aged people. While obesity itself does not technically kill people, between 100,000 to 400,000 Americans die from the diseases that come with it each year. Even at the lower estimates, it is still a massive death toll; much higher than other causes of death which get a lot more press attention.

    So, who exactly is classified as being obese? A formula called the body mass index is used to work out who is obese. While those with BMIs of between 25 and 29 are classified as being overweight, those at 30 to 40 are regarded as being obese. Regardless of exactly where you come on this scale, it is important to know the dangers of carrying around too much weight.

    Remember that the heart must work 24/7 to pump blood to supply and move this extra weight, and it puts a big strain on it to do so. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US, and those with a BMI of above 25 have at least twice the risk of dying from it.

    As over 80% of people who have Type 2 Diabetes are also overweight, there is also a definite link between obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, cancer has long been a killer many feared, and it appears that being overweight increases the risk of some types of cancers, including colon, kidney, and esophagus.

    The Dangers of Obesity | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    When people want to avoid being obese they use supplements, there are various supplements that they use. Many people think that obese supplement is the same as others. Other people think only one kind of obese supplement works well. Quite often this is the result of a person’s metabolism and how he or she deals with a chemical. Because all people have differences, what affects one individual may not affect another individual. People who want the right obese treatment need to spend time looking for what they need.

    Those are just some of the fatal diseases to have been directly linked to being obese. Diseases that tend not to be life threatening, but affect the quality of life, such as Osteoarthritis, are also a much greater risk for those who are overweight.

    Awareness of the dangers of obesity should be motivation enough for people to lose weight. Those at risk should check their BMI and take action today.

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    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Standing Forward Fold Pose |

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    When you feel exhausted and weighed down by the lack of exercises, stress, and poor food choices, you need to give your mind and body a reboot with detox. A detox does not have to be a juice fast, rigorous exercise, or eating a combination of nauseating herbs. You can do this through yoga as well.

    Yoga is a unique practice that will leave you more energetic on the outside and cleaner on the inside. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy these benefits. There are tens, if not hundreds of yoga poses that you can use to detox, strengthen and balance your body.

    Benefits of yoga detox poses

    • Improved sleep patterns.
    • Feeling wonderful every single day.
    • Increased passion and energy for life.
    • Shiny hair and glowing skin.
    • Balanced hormones.
    • Increased libido and weight loss.
    • Improved digestion.

    These poses not only take a short time but also leave you feeling awesome. You may choose the poses to practice mildly or just practice either of them anytime you want. Whichever pose you choose will leave you feeling good.

    Detox naturally with these 8 yoga poses.

    1. Revolved Chair Pose( Parivrtta Utkatasana)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Parivrtta Utkatasana |

    In addition to improving the health of your vertebrae and spine, revolved chair pose stimulates the spleen, liver, and digestive system and also tone the abdominals and improve the elimination process.

    How to do it

    Bring your feet together or hip width apart depending on your level of comfort. Assume a sitting position on a chair and bend your knees while ensuring that your knees are aligned with your feet. Put your hands at the center together and bring one elbow to the opposite. Finally, press your palms firmly together and squeeze your shoulder blades while opening your chest wide. While doing this yoga pose, do not let your knees in front of your toes. To ensure that your knees are pressure free, keep on weighting your heels and pressing your shin bones.

    2. Mountain Pose( Tadasana)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Mountain Pose |

    The foundation of your practice is learning how to stand. In this yoga pose, your shoulders, torso, and chest open while your spine lengthens. Just as plants and trees send branches to the sky and roots to the ground, this yoga will help you press your feet down and stand tall.

    How to do it

    Stand with your feet together and then press into all four corners of your feet. Drive your feet into the earth and lift your chest while rooting your lower part down. Next, move your pelvis forward and backward to see if you can find a place that feels right. Broaden your shoulder blades and pull your shoulders back. Finally, allow your palms to face forward, arms to hang by your sides and then look forward while standing like a mountain.

    Due to the balancing nature of this pose, don’t do it if you are experiencing insomnia, low blood pressure, and headaches. Also, avoid doing it if you are feeling dizzy. Make sure you are within your limit and reach while doing this yoga pose. If you have any question, it’s important to talk to your doctor.

    3. Eagle Pose( Garuda Asana)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Eagle Pose |

    Apart from stretching your calves and arms, this yoga stretches the upper back, shoulders, thighs, and hips. By tightly pressing your thighs, you will allow a deeper circulation to be supported in the legs. This will in turn help flush out the lymph system and the blood.

    How to do it

    Put your arms by your side and ensure that your feet are together. Move your left feet forward and bend your knee. Wrap the left foot on the right one, cross your arms at the elbow joint, and then join the palms of your hands together. Breathe in while holding the posture. Also, breathe out while holding the posture. Repeat the same process on the opposite side.

    4. Upward Facing Hands Pose( Urthva Hastasana)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Upward Facing Hands Pose |

    This yoga opens your shoulders, neck, chest, and torso. With your hands above your head, it helps relieves the gravitational compression acting on your body.

    How to do it

    While assuming a mountain pose, breathe in as you move your hands up and out shoulder width apart. If you are comfortable with this posture, you can bring your palms together while ensuring that your elbows are straight. Finally, take your gaze upwards.

    5. Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Shoulder Stand Pose |

    Inverted poses such as this help drain any accumulated lymph fluid from the upper body and the legs. It’s one of the best poses to do at the end since it will help flush all the toxins produced during the practice.

    How to do it

    Start the pose by lying down on the floor. Move your legs back into a pillow pose and then bring your hands on either side of the spine. Next, draw the belly towards the spine and lift the knee caps. Look towards your toes while preventing your head from moving on either side. Slowly lower your way down and return to your first position.

    6. Standing Forward Fold Pose(Uttanasana)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Standing Forward Fold Pose |

    Standing Forward Fold is one of the best yoga poses for your heart. This pose allows your head to be below your heart. It can also help relax and stretch your upper body. Like all inversion poses, it will balance and clear your mind so that you become fresh. If you have a weaker lower back or tighter hamstrings ensure that you bend your knees softly.

    How to do it

    Bring your palms to the ground while pressing your thighs and bringing your chin down. Move the crown of your head towards the mat and ensure that your neck is long. You may put a soft bend on your knees. If your palms do not reach the mat, you need to repeat this process twice.

    7. Eagle Head Stand Pose(Salamba Sirsana With Garudasana)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | Eagle Head Stand Pose |

    Almost all head stand poses improve the functioning of your cardiovascular by reducing the strain in your heart. If you have a depressed immune system, it’s one of the best poses to assume since it also helps with allergies. These poses also help to increase the body heat and the digestive fire. They can also improve the function of glands such as the pituitary and pineal glands.

    How to do it

    Put your fingers together, kneel on the floor and set the forearms down. Roll your upper arms and then press the inner wrists firmly down. Make sure the top of your head is on the floor. Breathe in and lift your knees up. Carefully move your feet close to your elbows while ensuring that your heels are elevated. You may also exhale and move your feet off the floor. While doing this, move both your feet up simultaneously even if you have to hop lightly off the floor. Place the right thigh on top of the left one and then stay there. Finally, press them together.

    8. High Push- Up(Plank)

    8 Yoga Poses to Cleanse and Detox Your Body Naturally | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | High Push- Up |

    High Push-Up Yoga poses help build both your upper and lower body strength while integrating and coordinating the whole musculoskeletal system. This yoga pose helps strengthens your chest, abdominals, legs, and arms.

    How to do it

    While you are in half forward fold position, exhale as you step back so as to be at the top. While standing on the balls of your feet, spread your shoulder blades, stack your shoulders and then pull them down. To engage your thighs, lift your kneecaps and then draw your navel up your spine and out of your belly. To lengthen your neck, set your gaze between your thumbs. If there is a lot of strain on your wrists, shoulders, or core, lower your knees while ensuring that there is a straight line up to the top of your head.

    These are the 8 yoga poses that you can use to detox body naturally. It’s important to know that all yoga poses are very important for the detoxification process. So, if you feel inspired to practice some of these poses choose the best one and then play by your own rules. Wherever level you are in- whether you are a beginner or you are moving towards advanced stages, you will not only enjoy the benefits but also experience the benefits of detoxing our body naturally.

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    Challenge for Toned Arms in 30-Days

    Challenge for Toned Arms in 30-Days | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    Challenge for Toned Arms in 30-Days | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

    This arm toning workout is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. It is arranged into four sections each lasting a week, so it offers the perfect mix of variety and stability. Let’s get started!

    Week One: 

    Day 1 starts easy with push ups. Try and do 10 (but if you can do more, challenge yourself!). Day 2 involves tricep dips (try 10 to start with), and on Day 3 you need to do some tricep push ups. Day 4 is all about the plank (see if you can plank 5 times, for a minute at a time) and Day 5 is all about the crouching tiger push up. On days 6 and 7 you challenge your endurance by performing all of the moves that you have done on days 1-5 one after the other.

    Week Two:

    Week two adds in dumbells. Do skullcrushers for day one, close-grip presses on day 2 planks on day 3, bicep curls on day 4 and overhead pulls on day 5. Try and do 20 of each, with a set of weights that is challenging for you. Again, on days 6 and 7 you do all of the moves that you have done throughout the week in one go as a longer, flowing workout.

    Weeks Three and Four:

    These weeks are partially designed by you, but there is one rule. On each day of days 1-5, you need to take one exercise from week 1 and one from week 2 and do them together. So, on day 1 of Week Three, you might do 15 push ups and then 20 skullcrushers. Make sure to mix things up so that by the end of these final two weeks, you have redone every exercise from weeks one and two. Days 6 and 7 of these final two weeks involve real tests of your endurance, which will be double the length of the endurance tests over the first two weeks as they will involve putting everything that you have done in the previous 5 days together.

    A few tips to make your 30 day arm challenge more successful:

    Tip 1: : make sure to stretch out thoroughly before and after workouts, and to spend some time in child’s pose after the workout to help you to cool down.

    Tip 2: not sure how to do some, or even any, of the exercises on this list? That’s no problem! There are plenty of videos on Youtube that will walk you through every aspect of a push up or skullcrusher.

    Tip 3: wear comfortable clothes when you work out and consider purchasing a yoga mat for the moves that involve lying on your back.

    Now you’re ready to go!

    In a month’s time, your arms will be toned like never before. This arm challenge can be done by anyone, and you can adapt it to make it more or less challenging depending on your needs. Adding in heavier weights or more repetitions are both effective ways to make the workout more challenging, for instance.


    Bicep Curls

    Tricep Extensions

    Bench Dips

    Push Ups

    Bench Press

    Incline Bench Press

    Up Down Plank

    One-Arm Dumbbell Row

    Upright Row

    Shoulder Press

    Dumbbell Flys

    Challenge for Toned Arms in 30-Days | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise |

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    Proven Benefits Of Apples

    Proven Benefits Of Apples | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    Proven Benefits Of Apples | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    Our favorite fruit harvest season is here, apple one of our super fruits is harvested in September and the season is approaching. It is important to know the health benefits of the fruit that led to the development of the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

    This phrase is not a fallacy as the health and nutritional benefits of the fruit are evident to anyone who frequently eats the fruit. Below I am going to take you through the major benefits of apples that will blow your mind to ensuring you always take an apple with you to work, school, field and all places we visit each day.


    Studies and research by various scientists and neurologists have proven that apples will help you keep your memory in check during old age. Concentrated apple juice helps in building up acetylcholine which nourishes nerve cells improving memory. 


    Apples re rich in water and fiber, the most essential ingredients in weight loss. They are also known to have good cholesterol; moreover, apples help in weight loss because they are filling. One way to lose weight is to eat foods that help you stay full most of the day and eat less such as apples. The fiber in apples also block absorption of fat in the stomach preventing excess fat accumulation.


    When travelling or hiking, apples are a good companion. The fiber and water in its flesh is satisfying and filling. For school goers and office workers, apples will keep you full until your lunch or day break. 


    Once you have reached your slim fitness goals, there is need to maintain it. One ways is by taking an apple each day. This fruit is known to ursolic acid in its peel. This acid helps in checking obesity and cutting excess fat in your body. It also burns calories and increases healthy brown fat, this fat is latter converted to muscles, which we all want. 


    This super fruit contains vitamin C, which is an immune booster. When you have a flu or cold you can fight them by eating apples and in the process boost your immune system, thereby keeping the cold or flu at bay. 


    Due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nature, apples are said to possess the ability of cleaning cancer-causing cells particularly in breasts and liver. 


    Eating apples may help lower chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Research done by the American Journal of Clinical nutrition has shown that patients with type 2 diabetes healed quicker when they ate apples. This was due to the antioxidants in the fruit and anthocyanin’s. Polyphenol present in the fruit helps in regulating blood sugar levels.


    Eating at least five apples in a week helps in improving air circulation in the lungs. The health magazine stated that this is possible because of the quercetin found in the skin apples. Quercetin also known as flavonoid regulates the body’s defense mechanism, prevents allergic reactions and reduces inflammation in the lungs. 

    Apples is an exceedingly nutritious fruit that contains many vital vitamins that keeps your body functioning and healthy; An all-round fruit addresses major nutrient requirements in our bodies. 

    Other sources

    Proven Benefits Of Apples | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

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    The Benefits You Get From Eating Eggs Regularly

    The Benefits You Get From Eating Eggs Regularly | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    The Benefits You Get From Eating Eggs Regularly | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    Eggs are some of the most nutritious, affordable and readily available foods. They can also be prepared in different ways therefore providing options depending on preferences. The main reason why they are regarded as some of the most nutritious foods is that they are extremely rich in iron, antioxidants and amino acids.

    The organic eggs are the ones recommended by nutritionists because they have the various nutrients but do not have antibiotics and hormones. Eggs are helpful to our bodies because they have nine fatty acids which compliment the eleven fatty acids that are produced by our bodies.

    These nine fatty acids are very important because without them you might experience weakened immune system, poor skin, loss of muscle mass, unhealthy hair and chronic fatigue. Here are some of the primary health benefits you can get if you use eggs regularly;


    Eggs contain selenium which helps the body to boost the immune system and regulate the thyroid gland hormone. This means that if you use eggs on a regular basis you will be able to get better immune system and therefore your body will be able to fight infections more effectively.


    The essential amino acids found in eggs play an important role of regulating the release of serotonin which a neurotransmitter that is responsible of calmness, good mood and relaxation. If you use eggs on a regular basis your body will get these essential amino acids and as a result will enhance you mental health therefore allowing you to easily deal with issues such as anxiety and stress.


    In every egg there is 200 milligrams of cholesterol. This might seem like a bad thing because most people believe that cholesterol is responsible of gaining weight. But the cholesterol found in eggs increases the levels of the good cholesterol (HDL) while lowering the level of the bad cholesterol (LDL).


    The best sources of vitamin D are eggs and the sun. This particular vitamin is very useful when it comes to enhancing the health of the bones and teeth. The vitamin also triggers absorption of calcium which is very useful in metabolism, the health of the heart and digestion.


    There is choline in eggs which is helpful in cognition. When the body does not have enough choline one is in danger of being affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairment and neurological disorders.


    Eggs contain a high percentage of the B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are known to be helpful in enhancing the health of the skin and hair. The vitamins also enable the eyes and liver to function properly.


    Eggs reduce cravings and this plays an important role in reducing overeating. Without the cravings one is able to control eating habits and therefore lose weight conveniently.


    In eggs there are two antioxidants, zeaxanthin and lutein. These substances promote the health of the health and therefore enhance vision. The also reduce the chances of the eyes being affected by various conditions that affect the eyes such as macular degeneration and cataracts.



    www.besthealthmag.ca › Best Eats › Nutrition

    The Benefits You Get From Eating Eggs Regularly | Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

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    Eat Fruits For Breakfast and Lunch to Lose Weight

    Eat Fruits For Breakfast and Lunch to Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    Eat Fruits For Breakfast and Lunch to Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    Did you know that fruits can help you lose your weight? Regular intake of fruits during breakfast and lunch is one of the best ways to cut your weight. Fruits don’t contain a lot of calories as compared to other types of food. Thus, they fill up the stomach space that would have otherwise been filled foods with more calories.

    Fruits that have not yet been processed contain plenty of water and fiber. This water and fiber are the ones that take the stomach space thus reducing your chances of eating other foods that contain calories. Besides these fruits contain essential nutrients that are required by the body for various functions.

    Below are ways you can eat Fruits for breakfast and lunch to lose weight, read on to find out more.

    Eating whole fruits

    You should have a lot of whole fruits in your house i.e. in the fridge-so you can access them quickly during breakfast and Lunch; this will prevent any chances of you skipping to eat them for breakfast and lunch. You should eat whole fruits that contain fiber and water; take note that fruit juice doesn’t contain fiber thus it will not fill your stomach.

    On the other hand, canned fruits contain less fiber while dried fruits have very high concentration of fiber and you should eat them in small portions of not more than 2 Tbsp. Your aim should be to eat fruits with the highest amount of fiber content. The USDA National Nutrient Database gives examples of fruits, and their fiber content i.e. A cup of raspberries contains 8g of fiber, a cup of blueberries has 3.6g of fiber while a medium pear has 5.5g of fiber.

    The best choice of fruits to eat to facilitate weight loss is the frozen or fresh fruits; this is because they still have plenty of nutrients and fiber that is free from any amount of externally added sugar.

    Eating Protein-rich food

    You should also have proteins in your breakfast and lunch meals to be accompanied by the whole fruits. Proteins play a major role in the weight-loss process contrary to carbohydrates. Hence, you should have these proteins in plenty for regular intake. You can also keep with you some alternative sources of proteins i.e. nuts and seed that contain protein.

    The protein rich foods include low-fat cheese, natural peanut butter, milk, poultry, yogurts, fish, meat, and eggs. They provide the required proteins for your body during breakfast and Lunch while helping you cut on your weight.

     Eat Fruits For Breakfast and Lunch to Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

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    10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

    10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil | weight loss | health | diet | food |

    Did you know that this simple, fragrant, white (or transparent) oil from the humble coconut tree has numerous benefits for your health? Here are ten reasons why you should consider incorporating more coconut oil into your diet and skincare regime. 


    Anyone who does even a little research into the properties of coconut oil will know that it is a rich source of saturated fat. These fats should not be used too much in our diet, but they are a valuable source of energy. If you want some fatty energy, coconut oil is a much safer choice for your body than steak, pork, other meats or cheese, What is more, the saturated fats in coconut oil have been suggested by some studies to have therapeutic effects for sufferers of epilepsy. 


    Studies of communities in the South Pacific that eat a lot of coconut oil has shown that they (like other populations that eat a lot of coconut oil) tend to have lower incidences of heart disease and other illnesses (such as cancer) than populations that consume other oils and fats. This is most likely a question of where you are getting your calories. We all need to consume a certain number of calories in our diets, but getting calories from coconut oil rather than fatty meats and butter is likely to be better for your heart. 


    Coconut oil is rich in MCTs (i.e. Medium Chain Triglycerides), a type of fat that actually encourages your body to burn around 10% more fat than it usually does. Thus, choosing this type of oil (and using it sparingly) will boost your body’s fat burning capacity.


    Coconut oil contains a substance known as Lauric Acid. Lauric Acid makes up around half of the fatty acids to be found in coconut oil. When the human body digests this acid it created monolaurin, a substance which is antibacterial and antiviral. Thus, consuming coconut oil can help you to ward off bugs like flu, the common cold, or other germs and pathogens. Many cultures use coconut oil to kill bacteria in the mouth, too, by swishing it around their teeth and gums. Killing oral bacteria in this way is called ‘mouth pulling’ or ‘oil pulling’ and it can lead to a bright and shiny smile.


    Those MCTs (mentioned in point 3 above) are behind this effect, too. It was found in a recent study that people who consumed a diet rich in MCTs had a smaller appetite, and consumed around 250 calories less per day, than people who had a diet low in MCTs. Thus, incorporating coconut oil into your diet could help you to feel fuller for longer and even to lose weight.

    10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil | weight loss | health | diet | food |


    Higher levels of ketones have been shown to reduce the incidence of seizures in patients with epilepsy. Coconut oil’s fatty acids, when consumed, are broken down by the human body to produce high levels of ketones in the liver and blood, having a highly therapeutic effect on seizure sufferers. 


    High cholesterol can lead to higher blood pressure and heart problems. Studies have suggested that the healthier saturated fats in coconut oil stimulate lower cholesterol levels when compared to other types of oil (notably soybean oil, which is strongly associated with higher cholesterol in the female body). 


    Highly moisturising, great as an aftersun, and useful as a light sunscreen too (though no substitute for a medically approved high factor sunscreen for people with pale skin when the sun is very strong), coconut oil leaves the skin plump, smooth, hydrated and radiant. Apply it sparingly to your hair as a conditioner, or coat your hair thickly in it as an overnight hair mask. 


    As the fatty acids in this lovely vegan oil have been shown to boost brain function, there are currently several studies underway to check whether or not it helps Alzheimer’s patients to slow down, or even halt, their symptoms. Studies are currently tentative about this matter, but so far the results look positive. 


    You may have heard that belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat to have, and many people find that no matter how much they shift fat from other areas of their body using diet and exercise, their abdominal fat stays put. Coconut oil’s fat burning properties, which have already been discussed in a few points above, are particularly effective when it comes to burning belly fat. Swapping that butter, groundnut oil or sunflower oil out for coconut oil when you’re cooking could be the best thing you ever did if you want to be able to cut belly fat effectively. 

    Ready to incorporate some coconut oil into your diet and skin and hair care regimes? Here’s a bonus point to get you more in the mood for this oil: it tastes delicious, too! It’s perfect in everything from curries to crumbles, and from flapjacks to home made moisturizers. So if you don’t do it for the health benefits, you could always do it for the taste!

    10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil | weight loss | health | diet | food |

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    7-Day Beginner’s 10-Minute Morning Workout Challenge

    7-Day Beginner’s 10-Minute Morning Workout Challenge | workout | weight loss | diet | exercise |

    7-Day Beginner’s 10-Minute Morning Workout Challenge | workout | weight loss | diet | exercise |

    The morning is a fantastic time to work out. Even a very quick morning workout will get you energized ready for the day ahead, kick start your metabolism, and boost your powers of concentration when you are at work.

    This amazing 7 day workout, designed just for beginners, is ideal for helping to ease you in to the routine of starting the day with a workout. Follow the easy schedule below and by the end of the week you will feel more powerful, energized and toned than you did at the start. You do not need to start on a Monday, you could start today!

    Day 1:

    Start the workout with some stretches to limber up, paying particular attention to your legs. After a minute or two of stretching, move in to some squats: try and do 10 squats at this preliminary stage, then shake your legs out and rest for half a minute. Now, follow up with 20 walking lunges. Rest for 30 seconds, and repeat. Don’t forget to stretch and shake your body out for 30 seconds or so afterward. We’re going to assume from now on that you will start and finish each workout with an appropriate stretch so won’t include it specifically in the rest of the schedule.

    Day 2:

    Today, we’ll be concentrating on the legs again, building strength and flexibility at the same time. Let’s go! Alternate between 10 leg lifts and 10 toe touches, pausing for breath for 30 seconds in between each one if you need to.

    Day 3:

    Now, we move on to the hips. Try and do 5 plank push-ups (these can be hard for beginners, so take your time) followed by 5 hip twists. Rest, and repeat. Try and do this combination of 5 push ups and 5 hip twists at least 3 times in the 10 minute session.

    Day 4:

    Get that heart pumping with a minute of mountain climbers followed by a minute of walking lunges. Rest for 30 seconds if required, then try and repeat the combo at least two more times. 

    Day 5:

    Mix things up with 10 alternating reverse lunges followed by 10 squats. Repeat at least two more times. 

    Day 6:

    Repeat the regime for Day 2 (leg lifts and toe touches), but try and do more repetitions, more quickly this time. You may be surprised at how much stronger you have gotten already!

    Day 7:

    Time for more push-ups and plank hip-twists. This is basically the regime for Day 3, so (again) try and perform more of those moves, more quickly. Really push yourself as today is the last day!

    Want to know how to perform all or any of these moves?


    Walking Lunges

    Leg Lifts

    Toe Touches


    Plank Hip Twists

    Mountain Climbers

    Alternating Reverse Lunges

    7-Day Beginner’s 10-Minute Morning Workout Challenge | workout | weight loss | diet | exercise |