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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Walking For Lower Back Pain

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Is Walking a Good Exercise for Lower Back Pain | weight loss | health | diet | food | exercise | back pain | walking |

Walking is often cited as a common treatment for sufferers of lower back pain. This is mainly because it is a rather gentle type of exercise: one that helps back pain sufferers to stay fit and active without putting too much strain on their spine. There are other key reasons why this type of physical activity can help to soothe and even to cure lower back pain, though. 

Firstly, walking keeps all the systems in your body functioning. It gets your blood pumping, your respiratory system working healthily and your digestive system running smoothly. Sufferers of lower back pain who decide just to stay curled up at home for weeks on end find that these vital systems in their body slow down or stop functioning to smoothly. This in its turn impacts negatively on their overall body health and thus makes it harder for them to recover from the back pain. 

Secondly, walking helps with pain relief. This is because, like all forms of exercise, it prompts your body to produce more endorphins. Endorphins dull your brain’s ability to feel pain and as such they mean that you do not feel that horrible lower back pain so acutely. 


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What if your back really hurts – too much to walk?

With very severe lower back pain, even normal walking can be too much. However, you can still reap the benefits of walking by exercising in a swimming pool instead. Swimming is probably the most low impact exercise that you can engage in, and it helps to get your blood pumping, your lungs working, and your muscles moving – all the while soothing your painful lower back with those precious endorphins. 

Incorporate a walk into your daily routine. 

The answer to the question, ‘is walking a good exercise for lower back pain’ is: ‘in general, yes!’. Low impact, pain relieving and good for keeping your body healthy as you wait for that pain to ease, walking is generally highly recommended for lower back pain sufferers. So, purchase some comfortable walking shoes, ensure that you have a spine friendly bag or backpack, and start walking more. You are sure to notice a positive improvement in your back.


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