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The basics of the deadlift, bench press, and squat

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The basics of the deadlift, bench press, and squat | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes |As a beginner, you have always spotted your focus on getting bigger and leaner. Such thought was always accompanied with heeding towards the bench press with full hopes of having a chiseled chest and big arms.

As you wander through your bigger size dreams, you start noticing other big guys in the gym and you take the decision to lift a bunch of plates on your back for a journey to the squat city. Words are easy, but squats are not. You definitely stumbled in squatting and weren’t able to lift such a burden on your back. To complete the pyramid of the powerful bodybuilder’s list, you decided to try deadlifting and you felt that your back was broken into two halves, yet it was too satisfying.

Such launch was favored by most of us in the beginning stages; however, we tend to redirect our thoughts towards more fancy exercises to focus on certain muscular development away from the basics. But for bigger gains, the basic multi-joint exercises outweigh other muscle-specific exercises in raising up the responsible hormones for growth like testosterone along with raising your metabolism to a high level that speeds up your size dreams.

To start, stick to basics and grab some heavy plates to hit those exercises hard and never heed off the target of getting your maximum effort every time you hit these exercises.

Pre-exercising – Start with a mock weight to lift to target your initial weights for maximum effort.

Frequency – Hit those three pyramids only one time per week to allow your body and muscles to grow via recovery. Beware that overtraining could hurt you instead of giving you super gains.

Take your breath – Multi-joint exercises demand a lot of rest since they hit many muscles, so give yourself 3-5 minutes rest between sets.

Reps – Go heavy with your sets 3-5 reps for 5 sets.

Pace – Push with your maximum speed in the most struggling part of the lift like in the positive reps.

Kindly note that you need to warm up your body properly and you need to make sure that you are using a proper form as well. Never be shy to ask someone to spot you.

Tips for safer and more efficient bench press


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  • Grasp the bar firmly as if you are going to tear the bar and crush it with your hands. Such firm grasp will force your elbows to be situated properly and tightly locked into your body. In addition, it will allow your secondary and assisting muscles to benefit from the exercise.
  • Lock your elbows into your body to avoid shoulder injuries and make your triceps and deltoids work as well.
  • Grasp the bar at a wide stance to shorten the distance the bar has to travel to touch your chest.
  • Take momentum by pulling your legs back and having a small arch in your back to push the ground farther for a better grip.

Tips for efficient deadlifts

  • Bare feet are extremely recommended for a better grip on the ground, or you may wear deadlifting slippers.
  • Make your elbows directed outside of your knees.
  • Have a firm grasp.
  • Avoid sudden lifting of the bar because it may shock your body with a sudden heavy weight. Apply the lifting force gradually for a safer lift.

Tips for efficient squats

  • Tighten your shoulder blades to make a comfortable place for the bar to rest on with a firmer grip.
  • Make your head ahead of your body with you facing upwards.
  • In your journey back to the start position, make your power source from your heels to engage your posterior chain more actively.
  • Tighten your glutes throughout the exercise and avoid making your knees buckle in your way back up.
  • Do not stand with your legs straight, but give your knees a small initial angle outwards to engage your glutes more actively.

The basics of the deadlift, bench press, and squat | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes |


If you loved this article, we think you'll also enjoy these other tips and chalanges:


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