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Benefits of Rollerblading You Didn’t Know

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Since the beginning of the 90s, rollerblading intruded the fitness programs thoroughly for its vast benefits. As most of us get bored from the regular cardiovascular exercises like jogging and cycling, rollerblading is a new spice that you can add to your workout to break the routine and add a significant value to your healthy lifestyle. Even though rollerblading is usually used to burn fats and lose weight, they are also used to work your lower body tremendously as it puts your legs in real hypertrophy. In order to prevent injury while rollerblading, wear a protective gear and stay safe.

High endurance and fitness

After several sessions of rollerblading, you will experience an overall increase in your oxygen intake. A study in the late 90s concluded that rollerblading is like running in that they both increase the consumption of oxygen. This study included people who worked out for a total of 9 weeks with 20-40 minutes of rollerblading and they conducted it at around 90% of their maximum heart rate.

Fat melting

As an intense exercise, rollerblading is known to be a strong candidate of the most fat-burning exercises. A normal person can approximately burn around 900 calories in one hour of rollerblading. So if you rollerblade for 4-5 hours per week, you can lose a lot of weight in one month!

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Shock Absorption

The most annoying matter about jogging and running is the shock you feel whenever your feet hit the ground, which could cause a lot of injuries and strains to your ankle and knees. On the other hand, rollerblading does not involve such shocking movements and is considered to be a safer exercise rather than running. So if you suffer from any sort of injury, stop putting excuses and start rollerblading, it is safe and powerful!

Muscle Shaping and Shredding

Concentric and eccentric sequential muscular contractions are the main reason behind the muscular growth engendered by rollerblading. Such sequential movements work all of the leg muscles twitches, enabling you to build a tremendous lower body endurance. Remember to keep your knees bent with a firm form to enhance the benefits of rollerblading..yes, it does magic! Accordingly, you will be able to activate your calves, shins, abductor, adductor, and quadriceps in a single exercise that builds you muscles and lowers your weight! Not only that, but also it enables you to focus on your upper body if you swing your arms while rollerblading, to give momentum.


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