How to burn more than 300 calories in 30 minutes

How to burn more than 300 calories in 30 minutes | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes |

On average, a person burns approximately 100 calories for each mile of running, so in order to burn 300 calories, an average meal, in half an hour, you need to do any cardio exercise or routine for 3 miles. Running is too boring for the fat loss process, so another workout will be presented in this article that is as effective as running, yet more entertaining.

It is scientifically proven that interval training is a very effective method for calorie burn. Interval training means switching between high intensity and low intensity intervals in your exercises to prevent your body from adapting to the high intensity, yet it surprises your body and burns more calories when you switch between low and high intensity intervals. In our proposed workout, we advise you to go beyond your limits in the high intensity interval since it is quite short to burn more calories since it raises your heart rate.

After a grueling high intensity interval, you are allowed to recover in the low intensity interval, yet your body is still burning calories due to the activity. The low intensity interval is meant to keep your heart rate in a good level that stills burns calories and allows you to catch your breath as well. Take a look at our strategy and workout and let us know how it feels!

You are required to do 10 rounds of high intensity exercises for 20 seconds, then switch to low intensity exercises for 40 seconds, which could be done in 10 minutes. After you finish the first cycle, rest for 60 to 90 seconds and repeat until you complete the 3 cycles for 30 minutes. 

To make it easier for you, we have posted tutoring videos below to teach you how to execute each exercises perfectly.

Round 1
High-Intensity: Burpee
Low-Intensity: Butt Kickers

Round 2
High-Intensity: Mountain Climbers
Low-Intensity: Skaters

Round 3
High-Intensity: Squat Jumps
Low-Intensity: Jog in Place


Butt Kickers

Mountain Climbers


Squat Jumps

Jog in Place


How to burn more than 300 calories in 30 minutes | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes |


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