Eat Fruits For Breakfast and Lunch to Lose Weight

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Eat Fruits For Breakfast and Lunch to Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |

Did you know that fruits can help you lose your weight? Regular intake of fruits during breakfast and lunch is one of the best ways to cut your weight. Fruits don’t contain a lot of calories as compared to other types of food. Thus, they fill up the stomach space that would have otherwise been filled foods with more calories.

Fruits that have not yet been processed contain plenty of water and fiber. This water and fiber are the ones that take the stomach space thus reducing your chances of eating other foods that contain calories. Besides these fruits contain essential nutrients that are required by the body for various functions.

Below are ways you can eat Fruits for breakfast and lunch to lose weight, read on to find out more.

Eating whole fruits

You should have a lot of whole fruits in your house i.e. in the fridge-so you can access them quickly during breakfast and Lunch; this will prevent any chances of you skipping to eat them for breakfast and lunch. You should eat whole fruits that contain fiber and water; take note that fruit juice doesn’t contain fiber thus it will not fill your stomach.

On the other hand, canned fruits contain less fiber while dried fruits have very high concentration of fiber and you should eat them in small portions of not more than 2 Tbsp. Your aim should be to eat fruits with the highest amount of fiber content. The USDA National Nutrient Database gives examples of fruits, and their fiber content i.e. A cup of raspberries contains 8g of fiber, a cup of blueberries has 3.6g of fiber while a medium pear has 5.5g of fiber.

The best choice of fruits to eat to facilitate weight loss is the frozen or fresh fruits; this is because they still have plenty of nutrients and fiber that is free from any amount of externally added sugar.

Eating Protein-rich food

You should also have proteins in your breakfast and lunch meals to be accompanied by the whole fruits. Proteins play a major role in the weight-loss process contrary to carbohydrates. Hence, you should have these proteins in plenty for regular intake. You can also keep with you some alternative sources of proteins i.e. nuts and seed that contain protein.

The protein rich foods include low-fat cheese, natural peanut butter, milk, poultry, yogurts, fish, meat, and eggs. They provide the required proteins for your body during breakfast and Lunch while helping you cut on your weight.

 Eat Fruits For Breakfast and Lunch to Lose Weight | weight loss | health | diet | food |


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