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The Most Effective Fruits For Maximum Weight Loss

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It can be a never-ending battle to lose weight or maintain a healthy size. By eating the right kind of foods however, it’s going to make that fight for a slim line figure a little easier. Fruit is great for getting rid of belly fat, in addition to other benefits like reducing your risk of cancer and other illnesses.
Fruit gives you that sweet fix you are craving but without the bad stuff that you would find in candy or cake. The amount of fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in fruit are huge. Fresh fruit is generally your best option but you can get it in other forms such as from a can and even frozen. As long as you choose fruit that doesn’t have added sugar or other additives (be sure to check the packaging,) you are all good!
Fruit is great to snack on and should be eaten on a daily basis. Below you can find a list of the best fruits to lose the largest amount of weight In the shortest time possible.

The Red Tea Detox
A large amount of your average watermelon is made up of water and you know how healthy H20 is. These juicy fruits are super low calorie and anything low in calories is already pretty ideal for weight loss. Staying hydrated gives your body energy and it also keeps you fuller for longer. Snack on watermelon on its own or add to a salad if you want to make it a little more interesting.
‘Pectin’ is a well known natural appetite suppressant and pears are full of this amazing ingredient. Keep the peel on your pear for an extra fiber fix that will help reduce bloating and keep your body regular. Pears have also been proven to lower cholesterol, therefore reducing your risk of heart disease.
One of the best fruits for weight loss is definitely apples. They are very low calorie and small enough to snack on when you are on the go. Apples will keep you full from meal to meal due to their high fiber content, which means you can ditch those unnecessary calories you might be consuming. This fruit will also balance your blood sugar levels which means you can make better food choices that you are actually happy with! All this plus maximum heart health and a natural cancer fighter, it seems that an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.
All berries are good to eat but small blueberries in particular. A whole cup of blueberries, which will keep you full for quite some time, are a mere 80 calories! Due to the nutrients found in blueberries, your metabolism is actually going to be boosted which helps burns fat at a faster rate. There are many ways that you can eat this fruit including on their own, in a smoothie or even infused in your own blueberry sauce.
A favorite fruit among many are bananas and it’s plain to see why. In addition to being delicious, bananas help you lose weight and have many other health benefits. A banana before or after a workout is great because it increases your metabolism and gives you an energy boost. Bananas can even relieve muscle cramps and regulate blood pressure so they are well worth fitting into your daily life.
Last but not least are grapefruits, this is a fruit with many weight loss benefits that is often overlooked. Grapefruits are filled with water so will keep you hydrated (ESSENTIAL for weight loss!) They also lower insulin levels and have fat burning enzymes. Some of the amazing ingredients found in grapefruits including potassium, vitamin C, folic acid and protein. These facts actually make grapefruits a super food in terms of weight loss and many health gurus swear by them. 
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The Red Tea Detox

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