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  • Bodyweight-Workout

    Legs & Butt Bodyweight Workout

    We have heard a lot of trash talk claiming that you either workout in the gym or stop day dreaming and forget about your physique goals. Well! That is nonsense, because simply this article has a prominent workout that is capable of burning your lower body efficiently and guess what? It is totally done at […] More

  • Rollerblading1

    Benefits of Rollerblading You Didn’t Know

    Since the beginning of the 90s, rollerblading intruded the fitness programs thoroughly for its vast benefits. As most of us get bored from the regular cardiovascular exercises like jogging and cycling, rollerblading is a new spice that you can add to your workout to break the routine and add a significant value to your healthy […] More

  • jumping

    Leg Muscle Warm-up Exercises

    Despite the fact that you might feel ashamed about the idea of warming up before you workout, it is tremendously important. Many lifters nowadays claim that warming up is a very obsolete technique that is nothing but a waste of time. In fact, warming up, especially your legs, prevent a lot of joint injuries that […] More

  • squats

    How to burn more than 300 calories in 30 minutes

    On average, a person burns approximately 100 calories for each mile of running, so in order to burn 300 calories, an average meal, in half an hour, you need to do any cardio exercise or routine for 3 miles. Running is too boring for the fat loss process, so another workout will be presented in […] More

  • deadlift

    The basics of the deadlift, bench press, and squat

    As a beginner, you have always spotted your focus on getting bigger and leaner. Such thought was always accompanied with heeding towards the bench press with full hopes of having a chiseled chest and big arms. As you wander through your bigger size dreams, you start noticing other big guys in the gym and you […] More

  • Mass-Building

    Top 10 Mass Building Tips

    Building up body mass does take work and time. So you want to make sure the time, energy and effort you put into mass building is effective. There are a few things that you may not be aware of when setting out your mass building routine. For a start, there is a short list of […] More

  • Lose-Belly-Fat

    Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Beginners

    Ready to lose your belly fat without spending a dime in a gym or workout program? Alright! You’re at the right place. Most people often resort to dieting as the only means they can lose belly fat. Nah! That’s not quite true. You need to take it upon yourself to do exercises that target towards […] More

  • 10-Minute-Weightless-Workout

    The 10-Minute Weightless Workout

    Most people’s schedules are so packed full of work, family, and just life, in general that taking care of ourselves is the task that always seems to take the back seat and overlooked. Exercise is an important part of life and is needed to stay fit in all areas of our lives; our physical wellbeing, […] More

  • 5 Trx Moves For a Full Body Workout

    5 Trx Moves For a Full Body Workout

    The TRX exercise program is tough but it is a full body workout. This will help improve balance, strength, and core muscles. This workout will help the abs get toned. There are 5 tough TRX moves for a full body workout that are effective and will help a person get into shape. 1. TRX Forward […] More

  • HIIT- Your one stop solution to burn more calories and fat

    HIIT- Your One Stop Solution To Burn More Calories And Fat

    HIIT- High-intensity interval training, is one of the most popular training styles which are known to greatly burn calories and to burn fat. Using alternates of high intensity exercise and small recovery periods, this training is perfect for those looking to burn some extra calories and fat. It not only urns fat and calories, but […] More

  • 15-Minute Full-Body Workout Plan

    15-Minute Full-Body Workout Plan

    Here’s the truth, and it’s good: regular 15-minute workouts can be just as beneficial as going to the gym. Of course, that is granted you are willing to maximize your time in those fifteen minutes to do your best. It may be hard, but once you are done – and it won’t take long – […] More

  • Toned Arms in 30-Days

    Challenge for Toned Arms in 30-Days

    This arm toning workout is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. It is arranged into four sections each lasting a week, so it offers the perfect mix of variety and stability. Let’s get started! Week One:  Day 1 starts easy with push ups. Try and do 10 (but if you can do more, […] More

  • 7-Day Beginner’s 10-Minute Morning Workout Challenge

    7-Day Beginner’s 10-Minute Morning Workout Challenge

    The morning is a fantastic time to work out. Even a very quick morning workout will get you energized ready for the day ahead, kick start your metabolism, and boost your powers of concentration when you are at work. This amazing 7 day workout, designed just for beginners, is ideal for helping to ease you […] More

  • 5 ways to fall in love with exercise.

    5 Ways To Fall in Love With Exercise

    Lacking the motivation to exercise? Check out these 5 fantastic tips! 1. CHOOSE EXERCISES THAT FIT YOUR PERSONALITY. Do you like to be social? Choose team sports or fun team classes like zumba! Do you need relaxation, and quiet ‘me’ time to think at the end of the working day? How about a session of […] More

  • Exercise

    Why is Exercise Important?

      Exercise not only improves health and energy, it also adds years to one’s life. The health benefits of a regular exercise schedule cannot be ignored and almost anyone can benefit from it irrespective of their gender, age or physical ability. Exercise not only prevents weight gain, it keeps the person more active to endure […] More

  • 8 Reasons Why Walking is Great

    8 Reasons Why Walking is Great for your Health

    While intense exercise offers a lot of benefits, it is important to note that even few steps daily can help to take you a long way. Longs works is a great exercise as it helps shed extra weight, tone your legs, and even calm you down your mind. It heightens your heart beat, improves blood […] More

  • Slim Stomach

    Two Big Secrets for a Flat Stomach

    Many people desire to have a flat tummy, regardless of their gender. For men, well defined abs are a priceless treasure. Women on the other hand abhor love handles and tummy fat that so easily accumulates around their mid-sections. Although people strongly hate tummy fat, that does not make it any easier to get rid […] More