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Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Beginners

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Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Beginners | health | diet | food | exercise |

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Ready to lose your belly fat without spending a dime in a gym or workout program? Alright! You’re at the right place. Most people often resort to dieting as the only means they can lose belly fat. Nah! That’s not quite true. You need to take it upon yourself to do exercises that target towards reducing belly fat. In this post, we are going to explain 4 simple exercises that can quickly help you lose belly fat.

You might want to ask why these exercises would reduce belly fat. Well, these exercises will help you because it’s all about muscle building and of course, fat losing exercises combined together. When your muscle is strong, your body won’t be too loose. So as a beginner, let’s look at the following exercises that can help you to lose belly fat.

First, you’ll need a mat to lay on the floor and a gym-timer Secondly, repeat each move alternatively for as long it can allow you do rest of the exercises, that means, what you do at one side do it to the other, either leg movement, or otherwise. This is for balancing. I would recommend 25-30 as a beginner then take a break about 20-30 seconds before you move to another exercise.

1. High Knees
In this exercise, you’re going to be standing all way nice and tall, and you’ll have to raise your knee up as high as you can and get hold of it with your two hands beneath your thigh then bring it down. Do this alternatively for both legs by bringing one leg up, and taking it down then take the second leg up and bring it down. Repeat this as much as you can and move to the next exercise.
Note: I will recommend that you begin your exercise with High Knees as this will help you prepare for the rest of the exercise. It helps you to stretch your legs very well.

2. Jumping Jacks
You can actually do a jumping jack without having to jump. How? Start by taking the legs out and taking the arms above your head. Together everything goes out and comes in likewise. If you want to jump, it’s quite simple, take both legs out and both legs in. At this, you sure will get the impact. Then repeat 20-30 times take a break and move to the next one.

3. Skaters
First of all you have to lean forward, keep your chord tight and make sure your back is flat. Good! Just like a skater movement, you will have to go back and forth. You will leap to the right taking your left foot behind and your left hand comes to the front. Do the same thing on the other side that is, leap to the left, taking your right foot behind and your right hand comes to the front. Keep going like that for about 30-40 seconds depending on your strength. Then take 20-30 seconds break and move to the next exercise.

4. Russian Twist
Alright, you will need a low bench for this one and if you can’t get just sit back on the mat. Grab your weight with both hands. I don’t mean heavyweight, just any light-weight object you can hold onto while you twist. Lean backward a little bit, raise your legs up and have it crossed then twist your ribs by both sides that are left and right side. This is called “rib rushing twist” As a beginner, keep doing it for 30 seconds or less if you can’t then take 20-30 seconds or even a minutes then move to the next exercise.


Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Beginners | health | diet | food | exercise |



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