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Five Tips For Running In The Winter

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5 Winter running beginner tips that you need to know #running #exercise #fitness #weightloss

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Get over the winter time boredom and lack of activity by running, yes, you can actually run in the winter season. Already packed your running kit? Get it out again because after reading this article you will be able to run in this boring season.

Runners hate winter the most because it is the time of the year where they retract and stop doing what they do the most. Yes, the weather doesn’t allow you to wear your gear and go for a run or even training for some races in outdoors. Most of the runners use this time of the year in increasing their strength and endurance. Also think of it, winter is the season most of use to give a lot of excuses to keep our pace.

I can’t blame you for that because it gets cold in some places along with having snowy roads and dark at very early parts of the day, which is capable of keeping your motivation level low, but here is what you need in order to overcome those problems and keep up your running pace in winter.

1. Layers, layers, and layers. Yes, stay warm by wearing more and more layers. I’m not asking you to wear your whole wardrobe, just wear several thin layers of running fabrics that you can take off little by little as you warm up.
2. Gradual warm up. Can you realize the difference between warming up your car in the summer and winter? It is exactly analogous to how your body responds to warming up in winter, and this due to the fact that your muscles feel stiffer in winter because of the constriction of your capillaries for more time in winter. You will even find hard time breathing in the first 10 minutes of your running because of the same reason. Accordingly, increase your warming up time and increase the intensity gradually too to allow your body to be prepared.
3. Pick the right company. Winter comes with a lot of negativity, that is why you need to be around people who have similar goals to yours along with keeping you positive about training and running. Meet a group of people and have a run together to stay motivated.
4. Moderate intensity. Don’t expect to break records in the coldest days by elevating your intensity to the maximum as your body will never respond to such intensity in a very cold environment. That is why allow your body to gain momentum through the session gradually by starting with a light warmup that takes its time to prepare your body and start running accordingly with increasing your speed and intensity as you proceed.
5. Cover up. After a long and tiring running session, you might pick up bacterial or viral infection if you did not change your clothes. Take spare clothes with you and change right after your workout to stay safe.



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