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Have A Fantastic Body By A 10 Minutes Workout

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Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

No, that is not scam, and we are not deceiving you. You can make a full body workout in just 10 minutes, and guess what? It is totally intense and insane that you will find hardships in completing it. Excited? Follow the workout routine found below with all the reps and sets written and repeat the whole round for a total of 3 rounds. According to its intensity, this workout requires a lot of energy, so pack up on some healthy and nutritious snacks to back you up.

Equipment Needed: 

3-5 pound dumbbells, 8-12 pound dumbbells, and a yoga mat.


Perform 12 reps for each exercise and follow the number of rounds based on your fitness level found below. Check videos for the exercises to make sure that you are performing them properly.

Beginner Level: Perform one round.
Intermediate Level: Perform two rounds.
Advanced Level: Perform four rounds.


Squat and Press:  This multi-joint movement will spot the focus on your lower body and shoulders in one snap. With the medium weights resting on your shoulders, squat down and push back up with contracting your body muscles and press the weights in the air. Do these compound movement for 12 reps.

Jumping Lunges: Start in the normal lunge position and instead of doing them normally, jump up in the air to alternate the lunging movement between the two legs for 12 reps each. 

Push-ups:  Blast your chest, shoulders, arms, and stabilize your abs with this movement. Make sure you have wider than shoulder width stance and hit the ground! Repeat for 12 reps and burn them pecs.

Crunch and Punch: Start with the normal crunching position with your knees 90 degrees bent and lift your shoulders up and punch one arm out and then repeat with the other hand for one rep! Remember to return your arms back into position and alternate your hands. To spice things up, try holding a light weight in each arm so that they put more weight on your abs and make yours arms stronger. Do a total of 12 punches and 24 crunches.

Jumping Squats: Raise your metabolism and testosterone levels by this powerful movement. Not only that, but also it will tone your lower body totally. Start in the normal squat position and go down in the squatting negative motion and instead of just going back up, explode your body and jump as high as you can and land back making another squat. Prevent leg straightening to prevent injury. Repeat this impulsive movement for straight 12 reps

Single Arm Row:  Rows are compound exercise that focus on your middle back, lats, and arms, making you look like a rowing athlete. Bend over and hold a medium weight in a single hand and rest with your other hand on a bench or table. Start with an extend arm position and pull the weight closer to your abdomen with your back tightened and repeat for 12 reps for each arm.

Squat Press

Plyometric Lunge


Crunch & Punch

One Arm Dumbbell Row


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