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Is brown rice good for weight loss?

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Weight Loss | Diet | Healthy Living

Compared to white rice and any other refined grains, it has been discovered that brown rice helps in cutting weight. Therefore, it should be inclusive of your diet. Per every half cup served of brown rice, it contains 110 calories, 2 grams of protein and also fiber. Nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorous, thiamine, vitamin-6, and niacin are richly contained in this whole grain. Similarly, your body source iron and some zinc from brown rice. There are characteristics of brown rice, responsible for it’s role in cutting weight.

In February 2008, a study in Nutrition Research’ was published where, advantages of changing meals with one having white rice, another brown rice and the other black rice was conducted. The results showed that, the subjects of the research who consumed mixed-rice meal lost more weight and body fat. This was unlike the research subjects who ate a meal of white rice.

Energy densityWeight Loss | Diet | Healthy Living
The water content and fiber in brown rice is high hence its relatively low energy density. It has beenknown that food with low energy density, have the ability to fill you up with less amount of calories. This is with comparison with those with higher energy density. Therefore, it is possible and easier for brown rice to aid in losing weight. It is much efficient when consumed at the beginning of the meal. This is so, in that it will prevent you from consuming foods with high fat and calories amount.


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Whole grains
Brown ice is a whole grain. Such whole grains are known to help in losing weight by losing body fats. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ published a study in 2008. It stated that people, who ate a low calorie diet including whole grains, were reported to have lost high amounts of fat in their middle. This was unlike those who ate a low calorie diet but only added a refined grain. Fiber, rich in whole grain aids in filling you up hence reducing the amount of calories consumed during the day. Therefore, most of your grains inclusive in your diet should be whole grain, especially during the day.

What to consider
For effective process of losing weight, the amount of calories in your diet should be very low. Therefore, you should consider totally reducing amount of fat, sugar and calories in your diet. This is because, one serving spoon of brown rice in your meal every day, may not help you in cutting weight. The crucial thing, is consuming very little amounts of calories. You should consider changing your choice of food to whole grains such as brown rice. Brown rice contains low energy density that enhances weight loss.

How to cook Brown Rice perfectly?

Apart from brown rice, other whole grains are oats, wheat, quinoa and millet. They should also be included in your diet. However, brown rice also has other health benefits such as lowering the risk of diabetes and maintaining healthy blood vessels. Avoiding excessive consumption of carbohydrates is another way of loosing weight. Brown rice on the other hand is known as a good carbohydrate because of its high content of natural fiber, vitamins and minerals. Consider changing your choice of carbohydrates to brown rice.


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