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Ladies! 8 Reasons You Should Lift Weights

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You still fear thinking about lifting and feel insecure about how will your body look like? Then you probably are in the right place now because weight lifting is not actually like how you observe it.

8 Weight lifting pros for women #gym #fitness #weightloss #diet

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Most of the women don’t like looking bulky as some of you believe that it makes you lose your feminine identity. The problem is that you also believe that weight lifting will put you on a rollercoaster of looking as a bulky lady. In addition, others also believe that if you stopped lifting weight, all of your muscles will be transformed to fats, which is a very known weight lifting myth! Stop screening the good effects of weight lifting because all of such myths.

Cardio exercises are wonderful and they can help you reach your goals, but actually doing them along with weight lifting will not only accelerate your results, but also will supply your body with a lot of health benefits.

You are not obliged to stop doing your cardio and yoga, but you are kindly asked to read through the article to be able to build the understanding of how beneficial weightlifting is.

1. Accelerated Fat Loss

Think weightlifting only benefits those who want shirt-ripping arms? Think again.

Weightlifting isn’t actually the only main parameter if you will get bulky or lose weight because other factors like dieting interfere. The trick here is to consume less calories than you spend, and weight lifting burns a lot more calories than cardio. Besides the fact that weight lifting allows your body to also burn fat and calories while resting. This happens because your body demands a lot of oxygen supply even after working out to recover, which aids the fat burning process. Such oxygen consumption also increases your metabolism and allows more caloric spending.

2. Enhanced Caloric Spending

Just as mentioned, weightlifting will help you burn more calories during exercising and even after since you contract your muscles daily, which demands big deal of calories. To actually lose weight, you have to spend more than you consume and vice versa.

3. Curves

Let us get to the point of losing femininity and that weight lifting will make you look bulky. If you know the amount of time, effort, and sacrifices you have to give in order to look as a bulky woman, you would never worry from this specific case. Women has low testosterone levels, which limits the male-type muscular growth, so don’t worry.

However, weightlifting helps you look fit and tones your muscles, which actually makes you look more feminine. Do you think that bikini models don’t lift weights? You are totally mistaken.

4. Sleeping Like a Baby

Yes, weightlifting helps you sleep better, deeper, and quicker, which makes you recover better and become healthier.

Sleeping helps in enhancing your mood, skin health, hair, and many more benefits that you should be knowing. Start to worry less about your sleeping patterns after weight lifting.

5. Higher Energy Levels

8 Weight lifting pros for women #gym #fitness #weightloss #diet

You might be surprised that weightlifting actually makes you fresher and concentrating rather than tired and drained. The caloric expenditure state helps you balance out your energy and oxidizes fat.

6. Cardiac Wellness

Cardio exercises aren’t the only good athletic ways to enhance your heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease because actually, weight lifting is as good, if not better, in promoting the health condition of your heart. Weight lifting will reduce your high blood pressure, glucose levels, and triglycerides. So why not stay fit while promoting the health condition of your heart?

7. Bone Health

Bone and muscle mass are susceptible to dramatic losses as we humans generally age, and especially with women. Osteoporosis is very common for females above 40 since your body stops releasing estrogen. In order to fight such natural phenomena, you have to go and lift some weights!

Strength training for a year for 40+ women can increase the bone mass dramatically as shown in various recent studies that recorded around 10% of increased spine mass. Don’t waste time and start lifting right away to benefit from such pros of weight lifting.

8. Stress Alleviation

Generally speaking, any physical exercising enhances your mood and helps you soothe life stresses. However, some studies claim that weight lifting specifically is the best physical exercising way to relieve stress and make you control yourself better in stressful situations. Nevertheless, weight lifting promotes your brain health and blocks most of the brain diseases that could hit you at an older age.

Start Lifting!

The excuse of losing your femininity and looking bulky is a cliché now! Stop looking for the bad mythical stories and look for the brighter part, which is an overall enhanced health condition while looking better.



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