Leg Muscle Warm-up Exercises

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Despite the fact that you might feel ashamed about the idea of warming up before you workout, it is tremendously important. Many lifters nowadays claim that warming up is a very obsolete technique that is nothing but a waste of time. In fact, warming up, especially your legs, prevent a lot of joint injuries that would make you regret your thoughts. In addition, warming up floods a lot of blood into your muscles, making you perform even better in your tough workout.

Although any simple warm-up is better than nothing, it is recommended that the legs warm-up be more activity specific. If not possible, a basic warm-up would do the job. 

1. Light Cardio

Basic and simple. Even before you start stretching and warming up with some weights, it is preferred to have a quick jog before moving forward.

Just upon completing 5 minutes of light cardio, you are on track to level up the intensity on your legs since they became warm and ready.

1. Leg Swing

As a perfect starter, leg swing is executed to warm up the hips, glutes, and stability muscles to be ready for higher intensity level.

Execution: Stand in an upright position and lift one of your feet and begin to swing it back and forth. Keep in mind that you should make your core contracted throughout the motion with maintaining a straight leg. As you progressively warm your muscles, try to swing back farther without moving your torso. Complete 20 swings for each leg.

After you have completed the back swings, switch to side to side in front of the stationary leg with the same technique for 20 swings for each leg.

2. Frankenstein March

Dominate your leg workout by warming up your hamstrings with this exercise.

Execution: Kick your leg in front of you in a straight manner while moving forward and extend your alternate arm to touch your leg. Try to maintain your legs being straight as much as possible and alternate between your arms and legs making 20 reps in total.

3. Quad Walk

Try this move and experience one of the best quads and hip flexors warm up.

Execution: Step front with a leg and pull the other leg to your buttocks and stretch as much as you can. Then alternate your legs and repeat for 20 reps.

4. Grapevine

If you already know the grapevine dance and can do it, then you are completely ready to do this warm up movement. It increases your agility and prepares your legs for lateral exercises.

Execution: Pick a direction for example the left side and take a step to the left. Then move your right foot in front of your left foot and make sure you cross it. Then take another step with your left foot and make your right foot cross your left foot from behind. Repeat and speed up as you move to one side. Switch directions after you finish 20 crosses for each side.

5. Ankle Pops

To prevent ankle injuries, you have got to do this move.

Execution: Slightly bend your knees and jump up with a little bounce and land on your toes. Repeat this movement for around 10 – 20 reps.

Leg Muscle Warm-up Exercises | health | diet | food | exercise | recipes |light cardio | leg swing | frankenstein march | quad walk | grapevine | ankle pops |


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