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Liquid Diet and Its Benefits

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Liquid diets are healthy and have been promoted a lot lately, but why? Liquid diets keep you away from bloating and keeps you fresh. In addition, it helps you shed of a lot of fats with maintaining your body balance. So, depending on your goal, you can try the liquid diet.

Liquid Diet And Its Benefits | Weight Loss | Fitness | Weight Loss Tips | Diet Meal Plan | Weight Loss | Smoothie Recipes | Healthy Food | Clean Eating

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

What Is a Liquid Diet?

Basically, liquid diet replaces the solid food in your diet with liquids ranging from protein shakes, smoothies, juices, and many more. The liquid diet uses such options instead all of your regular meals. You can also have a partial liquid diet where you replace most, not all, of your meals with liquids.

Why Liquid Diet?

According to some medical cases, some people have hard time swallowing and they do have problems in their digestive system. Therefore, it is recommended that they follow a liquid diet.

In addition, many people use the liquid diet as a detox and a weight loss factor. Replacing your solid meal with a liquid meal will give you more control over the calories you consume without having a lot of factors added that actually add many calories without you being able to count them.

Calories are very important in your weight loss process as you will never lose weight unless you are consuming less calories than you spend, therefore they must be counted properly. Moreover, juices for instance have many health benefits like supplying your body with a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that enhance your health.

Liquid Diet And Its Benefits | Weight Loss | Fitness | Weight Loss Tips | Diet Meal Plan | Weight Loss | Smoothie Recipes | Healthy Food | Clean Eating

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What Are the Benefits of a Liquid Diet?

  • Easier weight loss
  • More control over your portions and nutrients
  • Better nutrients intake

“Sometimes people can lose a few pounds,” says Isabel Smith, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., dietitian nutritionist and founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition. But, “they can also gain them back quickly, too,” she says.

Despite the fact that you can lose weight easily with being on a liquid diet, you can regain such weight very quickly back as a recurrence effect. Some studies claimed that limiting your food options to less ones will actually make you lose weight as your tendency to eat decreases.

For instance, people who used protein shakes instead of meals lost more weight than people who are solid meals for 4 weeks.

The benefits of a juice cleanse are increased vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake because of the amount of fruits and vegetables it takes to extract the juice.

Liquid diets are very healthy and beneficial since they include juices, which are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Such nutrients enhance your cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous systems.

Liquid Diet And Its Benefits | Weight Loss | Fitness | Weight Loss Tips | Diet Meal Plan | Weight Loss | Smoothie Recipes | Healthy Food | Clean Eating

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Cons of a Liquid Diet

  • Dizziness
  • Caloric deficiency
  • Not cost-effective
  • Not favored on long term
  • Less satiety
  • Misses out some nutrients

 You will never feel that your tummy is filled, which gives the feeling of hunger and starvation. Not only that, but also you will miss out many nutrients found in solid foods like fats, essential amino acids, and fibers.

Technically speaking, sipping juices only will make you miss out these nutrients, which are present in protein shakes, but missed in juices. Despite the fact you will be feeling actually detoxing, but this is a normal feeling with being on low calories. In the end of the day, there is nothing actually to be formed for your stool.

It is not time for fairy tales now, liquid diets don’t do magic in detoxifying your organs. Yes, you can aid the process, but that doesn’t mean you have to sip a lot of liquids to do that, your body is built to function and detoxify itself in normal health conditions.

Liquids do enhance your liver for example to detoxify your organs, but doesn’t your liver is functioned to do that? Or you might drink liquids to enhance your liver functions, but they shouldn’t be your main program for long or you also don’t have to sip a lot of liquids and flood your body with them in order to enhance detoxification.

Technically speaking, relying only on liquids is very costy as you have to get a lot of ingredients that are fancy and expensive to replace your normal solid foods.

Liquid Diet And Its Benefits | Weight Loss | Fitness | Weight Loss Tips | Diet Meal Plan | Weight Loss | Smoothie Recipes | Healthy Food | Clean Eating

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Differences in Nutrient Absorption

Solids require more steps to be digested and absorbed by your body as there is the chewing process. In addition, solid food has fibers, which slows down the digestion process and helps you stay full for longer time without starving, which is not present in liquid diets.

You need to check with a nutritionist or a doctor before starting a liquid diet because you need to make sure that your body is consuming all of the needed nutrients. In addition, liquid diets are better be used in short times, so seek consultancy in the period as well.



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