Consistency is the key to success in fitness and weight loss, that is why Yessfit insists on motivating you always and keeping you on track. Losing passion and motivation puts a lot of obstacles in your fitness journey, that is why read the motivational quotes by Yessfit.

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    6 Awesome Fitness Quotes to Keep You Motivated!

    Real therapy from pressure and negative energy is only in the gym. You push away all of your fears in the bench press, you get over all of the downs in your life in squatting, you capture all the positive energy when you are rowing, and you feel better and stronger every time you hit […] More

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    7 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Train Harder

    Having a healthy lifestyle has many pros and benefits that you might not even hear about. It is not only about looking fit, it is also about having a proper health and preventing diseases that could put a lot of hurdles on your life. Instead of suffering at a very young age, acquire a healthy […] More

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    7 Motivational Quotes for Kicking Ass in Life and The Gym

    It only requires 21 days to acquire a habit, so become disciplined in the beginning and you will start adapting to your new lifestyle. Never think that it is easy, no it is a tough journey, so you have got to have the spirit to keep moving forward and skip all the fears and doubts. […] More

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    8 Motivational Fitness Quotes to Push Your Limits

    Get over your fears, beat skepticism, unfollow doubts, get out of your comfort zone, put all of the negative energy out, and start believing in yourself. Begin your journey and never be satisfied with what you are achieving, but cherish your progress. Satisfaction might not keep you passionate and hungry as your first day, but […] More

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    7 Inspirational Weight Loss and Fitness Quotes

    You will never get the v line or have 6 pack abs while sipping beer and eating junk food all day and night. Not only that, but also your health will degrade and you can start suffering from many diseases at a young age just because you picked the wrong lifestyle. Acquire the healthy lifestyle […] More

  • 7 motivational workout quotes to inspire you

    7 Motivational Workout Quotes With Images to Inspire You

    Who ever said that the gym wastes your time? Only the lazy ones say so. Because whenever you hit the gym you have a clearer state of mind, a more relaxed brain, better thoughts, refreshed body, and better mood. So the gym basically helps you get rid of your life problems and work issues. Even […] More

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    9 Awesome Fitness Quotes to Keep You Motivated

    Life can put you down and press you to your limits, but you have to get out of your comfort zone and put this negative energy out by hitting the gym. Imaging that all of the pressure you are feeling is on the squatting bar and that when life puts you down, the rise back […] More

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    8 Yoga Quotes for Motivation and Inspiration

    Many people who are practicing yoga quit because they fail to reach the expectations that they set when they began practicing it. Keeping yourself motivated and making sure that you are always enthusiastic about yoga is one of the best defense against quitting. For more motivation, kindly check out our Pinterest Motivation board that will fire […] More

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    5 Gym Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

    You can cheat on anyone or anybody, but not on your workout. People come and go, but the gym will always be there for you as your best friend and therapy zone. The gym does not complain about your absence, nor it blames you when you come back. The gym is the only thing that […] More

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    6 Quotes That Will Make You Want To Workout TODAY

    You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great. Do not blame your genetics or your circumstances for not being fit. Do not make excuse of your age because age is just a number. It is never and it was never too late to start. You can acquire the […] More

  • motivational-quotes-fitness-goal

    5 Motivational Quotes To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

    The hardest step in success was never the start only, another hard step is maintaining your peak performance. We have always known that staying on the top is always harder than reaching the top, which is similar to the physique goals. Which demands loads of motivation and positive energy to stay on the top. When […] More

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    5 Motivational Quotes to Keep You on Track

    You will never start with claiming each and every single time that next week is your start, instead of such fake claims, get up and fuck the weights and get that negative energy out with the sufficient motivation to reach your goals. Such lazy actions are an indication to lack of motivation, and that is […] More

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    5 Weight-Crushing Quotes to Keep Your Level Up!

    You do not have to be great to start, you have to start to be great. Life is really short, so why spend it and you are not fit? You will never know how it feels until you are there with a new lifestyle that will make every day better than the preceding ones Such […] More

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    25 Inspiring & Motivational Quotes to Start Your Day

    Words are easy, but actions are not. We all wish to achieve our physique dreams, but we stumble at many points in our journey. Achieving your dream physique, demands hard work, commitment, and motivation to stay positive through the dream body trip that is full of pain and sweat. In order to help you stay […] More

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    5 Awesome Fitness Motivation Quotes To Keep You Going

    It can happen to even the most fitness conscious, the professional athlete, and those who generally love working out. The lull in motivation, or a day when it’s simply harder to get yourself moving, and out the door for your run, bike, or weight training session. More

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    10 Fitness Quotes For Daily Inspiration

    My equally brilliant interpretation and application to the fitness world: Find someone who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish, then learn as much as you can from them about how they did it. 10 Fitness Quotes for Inspiration! More