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Spanish Tortilla Recipes

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Spanish Tortilla Recipes | recipe | diet | weight loss | tortilla |

Spanish Tortilla can be served cold, which makes it an excellent lunch when outdoors, or you can cut it into small portions and serve as tapas. People tend to use more oil in the preparation of this dish, but there are no more worries as we have a clean a healthier way of making it without usage of much oil, only a slight of olive oil is applied, and you get that you find this to be a tasteful dish than you ever imagined.

Some of the Nutrient Content in this Dish Are: –

· sugar

· protein

· sodium

· Energy

· Carbohydrates

· Low fat

Spanish Tortilla Recipes

Rate this recipe

Cal P/serve 277 | Kj P/serve 1160 | Fat P/serve 7.0g | Carbs P/serve 33.7g | Protein P/serve 16.0g | Sugar P/serve 5.2g | Sodium P/serve 150g | Fat % 2.3% | Energy Rdi% 13.3%

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Ingredients to Use

  • · 6 Glass strip of Capsicum
  • · S & P for condiment/seasoning
  • · ½ lemon peel
  • · 1 tsp. Capers, chopped
  • · 2 cloves garlic
  • · 2 table spoon of olive oil
  • · 5 eggs
  • · Oil spray with olive oil
  • · 3 large potatoes, - use a potato to light skin
  • · Sprinkle the parsley
  • · 1 onion, diced
How to Prepare the Spanish Tortilla

Whisk the eggs, Pierce potatoes with a skewer 4 times each. Microwave it for 10 minutes or until you are ready to start to cook, use finely chopped potatoes, add 2 tablespoons. Olive oil and place half of the potatoes neatly flat on the skillet. Put the lemon mixture and anchovy on top of the potatoes, onion capers, parsley, and pepper and let it season. According to this arrangement, add the next layer of potatoes and pour over the egg mixture and cover it either with the lid or aluminum foil and bake or covered heat it for about 20 minutes. For it to cooks evenly: - Put a plate on top of the panand flip the tortilla and then slides it into the pan. After which it is ready to be cut into pieces and served, you can choose to serve with your favorite salad.



Spanish Tortilla Recipes | recipe | diet | weight loss | tortilla |

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