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Sugar Detox Done Wisely

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How and why you should try a sugar detox #weightlose #detox #diet

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

There is no way to convince you that eliminating sugars and desserts is possible, and we don’t want you to believe that it is because actually you can be smart about it and satisfy your dessert cravings, but properly with sugar detox done properly.

Having a balanced and intermediate diet is always the best option to minimize the times of weakness and to have a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved solely by implementing sugar detox in your regime. Don’t be shocked and don’t panic, we are not asking you to go on a full week streak without eating sugars, you will actually manipulate the sugar levels and your intake until you get used to it.

Anything that tastes good makes us feel good, but remember that most tasty and sugary stuff are actually very harmful to our bodies and limits us from reaching the physiques of our dreams. Accordingly, moderation is needed to maintain a better cardiac health at least…

A lot of studies also mention that eating a lot of sugars can harm your teeth, increase your weight, elevate your blood pressure, increase your cholesterol levels, harm your cardiac health, block your arteries, and put you in a higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes. Those are all health issues that no one wants to face in all genders and ages.

Looking for the long run, having a steady healthy lifestyle is much better than eating sweets and satisfy your cravings today with risking your health. Changing this lifestyle is definitely difficult, but think of the pros and cons of both situations and you will most likely pick the sugar free life.

As it is a very difficult action and process, sugar detox is needed and it needs to be executed in the right way in order to prevent recurrence. Being low in sugar needs to be added to your list of habits, which requires patience, persistence, consistency, and discipline, so be ready!

When many people claimed that sugar is like cigarettes in terms of health conditions and addiction, they were right because your body level of satiety always asks for more and more, leading to more cravings.

How and why you should try a sugar detox #weightlose #detox #diet

This positive feedback system leads to nothing but a degraded lifestyle and health issues. Sugar becomes your new drug where you might sometimes feel that your mood is off because you didn’t eat something sugary today, which is a purely psychological effect that accelerates the process of you destroying your health by your own hands.

Imagine quitting smoking, coffee, or any other habit that you got used to do daily…you will probably hate it. But the bright side here is that this feeling is present only in the beginning, until you get used to the total opposite case. So why don’t you use some natural sweeteners instead of the bad ones, like eating bananas or honey instead of sugar?

You will feel dizzy, faded off, and out of mood with low levels of energy due to cutting sugar, but this is a short-term feeling only. Imagine trying to adapt to a new habit and stopping an old one? This is how it will feel like when cutting sugar.

How to kick off your sugar detox diet

According to the possessed harms of consuming a lot of sugars in your daily intake, there are tons of ways to acquire a sugar detox diet. Don’t heed off the main goal here and just cut sugars from your diet, despite the way you will start your detox diet. Having the sudden change is not always the best option, so many people prefer to remove the added sugar from single meals at a time until they get used.

No more desserts, sugary beverages, sugary snacks, candies, and so on. Not to mention, you will need to start reading nutritional facts about everything you eat because you aren’t supposed to eat more than 25 grams of sugars daily to prevent harmful diseases.

Feeling lost about how to make a healthy and sugar-free diet plan?

Here you go:


Healthy Cereal Or A Tasty Oatmeal

Cereal and oatmeal are the best breakfast options because they supply your body with a lot of energy to be able to kick off the day but the thing here is that many cereals are packed and loaded with sugars! You might notice it, that is why it is recommended to read the nutritional facts carefully and know how many grams of sugar you are consuming in your serving.

Regarding oatmeal, pick a healthy oatmeal that is not sweetened. You might feel bad about eating that is totally plain, so you can actually add a fruit to your oatmeal or cereal to have a natural sweetening alternative.

Lunch: Protein + Veggies

Lunch is your second powerhouse of the day after breakfast, so you need to fuel your body but wisely. The best way to fuel your body at lunch is by eating a meal that is rich in proteins and veggies to increase your energy levels without sugars and calories.

Snack: Handful Of Nuts Or Some Leafy Veggies

Between lunch and dinner is a very critical point because many of us start feeling hungry or might ask for something that is sugary. You have to be careful here and look for a healthy alternative like a handful of mixed nuts that are rich in healthy fats or eat some leafy carbs that will make you feel full without sacrificing calories.

Dinner: Reward Yourself

We are assuring that you are sugar free, but eating some whole wheat pasta won’t harm you a lot as it is whole grain and you might be craving sugars crazily. Don’t be afraid to eat yams as well! This doesn’t mean you are allowed to refill your carbs, having a one cup of pasta is moderate.

Dessert: Fruit

It’s time

Still craving sugar right? Well, you can compensate that partly with eating a fresh fruit, which is best case scenario alternative to what came to your mind.


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