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The 6 Best Jump Ropes You Can Buy

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As a fitness guru, you probably know that jumping ropes is a key exercise to maintaining your fitness level and shedding off fats. Jumping ropes is extensively recommended for beginners who are aiming to lose weight since it burns a lot of calories and doesn’t demand a lot of joints work like in other traditional cardio exercises.

The variations in jumping ropes also makes it more fun and competitive. Jumping ropes fit many athletes and many goals depending on the type of the rope. Accordingly, here are our 2019 top picks of jumping ropes.

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Our Top Picks

Top Pick: XYLsports Jump Rope

Looking for a jump rope that uncoils easily after a lot of skipping and a safe one that doesn’t trip you? Then XYLsports jump rope is your to-go rope. It is very simple to use and it resists tangling. You can adjust the rope based on your preferences and use various grips for your own comfort. In addition, it doesn’t really hurt when it smacks your legs!

Ropefit Heavy Jump Rope For Enhanced Fatloss

For advanced level athletes, sometimes you find that the normal ropes aren’t actually sufficient to meet your fitness goals, that is when you decide to look for heavier ropes that helps you reach your fitness goals. This rope can come in various thicknesses, so if you are a beginner who is looking for burning more fats, you can use the thickest rope.

This rope is designed to help you burn around 1000 calories per hour, which is definitely something people look forward when talking about losing weight and shedding off fats.

Master of Muscle WOD Whipper Jump Rope for Higher Pace

Another technique to level up your jumping ropes technique is to actually increase your speed, but this doesn’t come out of nowhere. In order to increase your speed, try the Master of Muscle rope that helps you become faster with its special handle that makes you have a very quick spin.

This rope is very smooth and it allows you to do the double under, which is the main exercise for making you quicker in jumping ropes and generally. Buying this rope gives you an access to an e-book that has 20 jump ropes routines that will help you get even fitter.

Best Boxing Rope is WODFitters Speed Jump Rope

Boxers are definitely looking for jump ropes that are very elastic and flexible beside the fact that most boxers prefer shorter ropes. In addition, they should be durable, light, and uncoils easily. The WODFitters jump rope fits all of these criteria.

Take your boxing level to the next one by trying this rope with the property of adjustable length to find what makes it challenging yet smooth for you. The rope is very thin and light and helps you to increase your speed and fitness level as well.

BuyJumpRopes Segmented Jump Rope

Segmented ropes are favored by some people for their easy rotations and spins that makes the athlete or beginner be more able to control the swinging process. You can easily adjust the length of this rope, which is basically designed to meet the expectations and interests of the people who like to control their motion or have a specific one.

Green Toys Jump Rope for Kids

Your kids can jump ropes for fun and health too! Those greeny ropes look really attractive for the kids. The rope length is adjustable and fits kids older than five years old. The handle is designed specifically for kids to help them handle it properly.


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