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The Fat Burning Kitchen – An Honest Review

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You can guess already that The Fat Burning Kitchen is just a kitchen that eliminates all of the unhealthy nutrients that can hinder your fat loss goals and spots the light on the healthy alternatives that promote your health.

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Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Struggling to control your weight?

Honestly, this book solves this mystery for you as it looks for the safest and healthiest way to help you lose fats permanently without rebound with also preventing you from serious diseases that can hinder your normal life activity, especially if you are still young.

Mike Geary’s The Fat Burning Kitchen

Weight loss is not centralized about spending hours and hours in the gym without taking strict care of what you are eating, or in other words, of your kitchen.

The purpose of this book is to educate you regarding what to eat in order to lose weight. Both training and dieting are partners in your journey, so you have to know exactly what to eat to fit your body’s needs.

The bright side too is that it can allow you to eat foods you thought they could be harmful to your weight loss process, which will give you a lot of relief and confidence of the foods to eat without worrying much about them.

Mike Geary Quick Biography

In every book, there is a preface, and knowing who the author is and his background will make you absorb the knowledge of the book more effectively.

Curiosity might also lead you to question why is the author good at what he is doing, and why this release gained a lot of hype and popularity, which is good enough to help you clear some of the doubts that you have towards any author or book.

Basically, Mike is not a superhero or someone who bumps a lot of weights in the gym, he is just an average person. Despite not being involved thoroughly in the bodybuilding or fitness process, he made a lot of impact by having a pen and a paper.

Seems illogical? Well, a coach might not have been a player…He is a normal person that attains a healthy lifestyle.

What made Mike a figure in the world of fitness and bodybuilding is that he is a talented person who puts the right amount of effort in what he is doing, which was sufficient for him to be where he is.

Fat burning kitchen review #weightloss #fat #kitchen #healthyfood #food #recipes #mealplan #diet

Basically, Mike is a nutrition specialist, so he actually studied what he is doing, not randomly writing stuff based on experience rather than on both science and experience. This wasn’t enough for Mike to build the trust and experience he looked for, he is also a personal trainer specialized in fat loss and power training. Not to mention, Mike maintains a healthy body as mentioned previously with a healthy lifestyle attitude.

Technically speaking, the career Mike choose was giving knowledge to people on what they should eat and how to stay healthy for a better lifestyle, which is surprisingly his method of having a living.

Instead of training people and being a fat loss specialist, he chose to write hundreds of articles and books educating people about nutrition. His passion of educating people made him famous since the audience actually felt his love and care of making everyone have a healthy lifestyle.

Mike Geary’s most famous books that actually influenced a change in many people’s lives are “The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging”, “The Fat Burning Kitchen”, and “The Truth about Six-Pack”.

Mike Geary’s routines and regimes are very challenging at the very beginning, but as a goal-oriented person, you will start adapting to what you are doing when you see the astonishing results you get from his recommendations.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Advantages

Simple and Applicable

This book is very user-friendly and doesn’t use sophisticated language or scientific terms to make it accessible for all of the community members. The purpose of this book is to educate you, not overwhelm you.

Reality Exposure Before it is Too Late

You will be surprised that a lot of manufacturers do not tell the truth regarding the nutritional facts of there products to sell, neglecting the fact that they are deviating some of the consumers from their own goal. However, Mike states clearly those misleading foods and products that can hinder you from reaching your goals.

Why One Author When You Can Have Two

Yes, Mike Geary isn’t the sole author of this book. This book is written by two experts and this combination gives you the best outcome of both worlds to equip this book with science and experience.

Guaranteed Enhanced Physique

This book offers a lot of valuable information that helps you reach the best physique of your body. The information in this book doesn’t deprive you totally from all foods because some of the misconceptions found today claim that fats are harmful for your weight loss journey, but this is not true for all fats as some of them can help you actually have a better physique.

Video Demonstrations

Want to feel more engaging with the author and the book? The eBook comes with video lessons that make the Fat Burning Kitchen guide more enjoyable.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Disadvantages

Diet Alteration

You will feel so disappointed that a lot of foods that you thought were healthy aren’t actually healthy, which will force you to change your diet totally that is very challenging. Not everyone has the willpower to start with such change, but with the results, everyone should be able to follow this diet.

Hitting Plateau

You might start losing weight at first and then hit a plateau as your body adapts to the program. Hence, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle without using a lot of different techniques when you feel your losses aren’t consistent.


All in all, Mike Geary was able to deliver a lot of valuable information in his book with giving the readers the knowledge needed to know what they should and shouldn’t eat for a healthier lifestyle and more steady weight loss. The information provided is based on both science and experience, which is a positive thing taken for this book.

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