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Top 9 exercises that will help you in weight loss ranked from the most effective

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Exercises | Fit Body | Weight Loss | Fitness

It is said that loosing weigh is more difficult than gaining weight. Some people can attest to be a living proof of this statement. However, the statement is not entirely true. Specific weight loss workouts may not be enough to take you through an effective weight loss process.

This is the reason why you need to know about this 9 weight loss exercises that will facilitate the weight loss process after you have hit the gym. Burning more calories after the main workout is known as the afterburn effect. If you can modify your afterburn effect appropriately, your body will burn calories continuous even after you are done exercising.

In this post, we are going to arrange the content in three sections. For every exercise, we will give aan approximation of calorie burn per hour and then followed by a bonus burn.

Exercise: Jumping the rope
The most recommended way to skip a rope is making 120 skips in every minute.
The burn: This exercise will help you burn between 667 and 990 calories per hour.
The bonus burn: As you can see, jumping the rope can help you lose a lot of calories in an hour. However, there is even a more interesting addition that can help you lose more weight. Try using a heavier rope to engage your shoulders and arms more as compared to a lighter rope.

Exercise: Running
A suitable speed to adopt for effective weight loss is 10 minutes per mile.
The burn: running at a speed of 10 minutes per mile will help you lose between 566 and 839 calories per hour.
The bonus burn: If you run at a steady pace, your body will continuously burn calories throughout the day. To even burn more calories during and after running, you can include short sprints in your run. The ratio of work to rest should be kept at 2:1 for you to get the most out of your running. For instance, if you run for 1 minute, you cannot rest for more than 30 seconds. Resting for an period similar to or longer than the active period affects the effectiveness of the run and does not burn calories as expected.

Exercise: Kettlebell intervals
The burn: This exercise will help you lose between 554 and 822 calories per hour
The bonus burn: According to gym trainers, kettlebells can elongate the afterburn process 36 hours after you leave the gym. However, to get the best out of the kettlebells, you are required to maintain a fluid circuit and not to stop for a rest between a move. You can also switch between the lower and upper body movements to elongate your exercise duration. You can do a complete set comprising of kettlebell squats, kettlebell swings and kettlebell presses then take a rest between 15 and 2o seconds after the set.

Exercise: Kickboxing
The burn: this exercise can shed between 582 and 864 calories per hour
The bonus burn: The only way to ensure you get the best results out of kicking is to ensure very short rest periods between kicks and jabs. Strive to keep your rest period at 30 seconds for every 90 seconds of kicking.

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Exercise: Stationary bike Stationary bike exercise needs to be done at a vigorous pace.
The burn: this exercise sheds off between 498 and 738 calories per hour.
The bonus burn: If you want to get the most out of stationary bike, you will have to eliminate complete rest and instead pedal slower for a short while as you await to pick up again. You can begin by pedaling intensively for 10 seconds and then pedal slower for 50 seconds. Increase the intense pedaling by 5 seconds to 15 seconds and reduce the slow pedaling period by 5 seconds to 45 seconds. As you increase the time for intense pedaling, remember to increase the resistance of the bike.

Exercise: Rowing machine
The burn: A rowing machine rated 150 watts can help you shed between 481 and 713 calories per hour.
The bonus burn: You can obtain maximum torching power from a rowing machine by rowing very fast for a minute and then take between 30 seconds to 1 minute doing push-ups, planks and squats. If you row very fast for a minute and then take a passive rest of 30 seconds, you are likely to obtain very little benefit from the exercise.

Exercise: stairs 77 steps on stairs in every minute can be very helpful in weight loss.
The burn: 77 steps per minute will help you shed between 452 and 670 calories per hour
The bonus burn: Stair climbing provides both anaerobic and aerobic exercise making it a very significant exercise to include in your weight loss exercises. To get the most out of stairs climbing, you can hold a dumbbell between 1 to 5 pounds in your hands to fire up the upper body.

Exercise: Elliptical/arc trainers of resistance level 8
The burn: Elliptical/arch trainers can help you shed between 322 and 478 calories per hour.
The bonus burn If you want to attain an admirable burn, keep changing the pace while on the elliptical. Things get even more interesting when you keep playing with the inclination and level of resistance.

Exercise: power yoga
The burn: power yoga burns between 226 and 335 calories per hour.
The bonus burn There are different types of yoga. To get the best burn, you can sign for vinyasa flow class. The practices are strength driven to match your breath to your movements.

Exercises | Fit Body | Weight Loss | Fitness


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