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Two Big Secrets for a Flat Stomach

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Many people desire to have a flat tummy, regardless of their gender. For men, well defined abs are Flat Stomach | Weight Loss | Healthy Living

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12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

a priceless treasure. Women on the other hand abhor love handles and tummy fat that so easily accumulates around their mid-sections.

Although people strongly hate tummy fat, that does not make it any easier to get rid of. People try all sorts of methods to destroy this fat, often to no avail. The media in particular encourages people to engage in strenuous exercises so that they can get flatter stomachs. People are encouraged to do countless crunches and sit ups as a means to get defined abs and to annihilate tummy fat. As many who have tried this will tell you, it is no guarantee for losing this stubborn fat.

It is therefore easy to understand why the title of this article probably intrigues you. Everyone certainly wants to know the two big secrets for a flat stomach. Before I unveil them, let me first put a disclaimer that they are nothing strange or remarkably novel. It is the same things that health books insist that you do, but the method in these secrets is what makes all the difference. The secrets to my flat stomach and well- defined abs are diet and exercise.

Secret No.1- Diet
Have you ever had it said that abs are made in the kitchen? No truer words have ever been said. You are, in fact, what you eat. Metaphors aside, this simply means that what you eat has a huge impact on how you look and the state of your health. As such, it is of great importance that you include all the necessary nutrients in your diet. Additionally, you must take great care to minimize your intake of unhealthy fat because it does not do your body any good. Diet determines a great deal whether or not you will have a flat stomach. Here are a few tips to help you tailor your diet towards losing tummy fat and revealing the perfectly shaped abs that lie beneath.

Flat Stomach | Weight Loss | Healthy Living

Follow A Structured Diet
The greatest advantage of following structured eating plans is that you consume only the number of calories that your body needs without any excesses that might be stored as fat. Such diets also contain all the nutrients that your body needs, so there is no risk of suffering from nutritional deficiency. But brace yourself for temptation that accompanies such diets, because it can be somewhat overwhelming.

Snack on proteins
One of the most efficient ways to cut down on your overall calorie intake is to consume moreproteins. They keep you feeling full, so that you consume far less food than you ordinarily would. Protein shakes make good snacks for this                          

Cut down the junk and AlcoholFlat Stomach | Weight Loss | Healthy Living
If you are trying to lose tummy fat, junk food needs to become a sworn enemy. Of course it is not as easy as it sounds, but you have to put some effort in reducing your consumption of fast foods in order to see results. While at it, also make a point to reduce your intake of refined carbs, because they are nutritionally empty but have a high calorie count. Cut down on the booze as well. Studies show that alcohol makes it easy for the body to store fat, and one of the areas where this fat is deposited is on the arms.

Eat more fiber
Try to increase your intake of fiber. Like proteins, fiber helps increase satiety which in turn leads to consumption of fewer calories. Studies also show that fiber helps in the burning fat, and when you are trying to lose tummy fat, you definitely need all the help you can get.

Drink more water
One cannot overemphasize just how important it is to take enough water every day. Keep yourself hydrated, and see the wonders it can work for your fat-burning efforts.

Use natural fat burning supplements
You can also give natural fat burning supplements a shot, although this should generally be a last resort. Most natural fat burning supplements are made from herbs such as Garcinia Cambodia and green tea extract which have been shown to increase the body’s metabolism rate.

Secret No. 2- Exercise
The second secret for a flat tummy is exercise. My secret lies in exercising using somewhat unorthodox methods, but at the end of the day it is the efficiency of the exercises that matters. One of my key secrets while exercising is using interval circuits. If you have not heard of these yet, don’t feel bad, because most people haven’t heard of them either. But more people need to hear about them. As pointed out earlier, the media is partly to blame for this, because it depicts crunches and sit ups as the only way to get rid of tummy fat and get abs.

Flat Stomach | Weight Loss | Healthy Living

Interval circuits simply mean that you carry out strenuous exercise for a few minutes, rest for a while and then resume the exercises. My daily workout routine lasts a meager ten minutes, but I owe it my abs and flat stomach. You don’t have to take my word for it: research actually shows that interval circuits are more than effective when it comes to burning fat. They boost your body’s metabolism so much that your body continue to burn fat long after your work out.

Another image that the media and even some trainers have sold to the public is that you can target certain areas of the body during your exercise and expect your body to burn the fat stored in these areas. This is a faulty theory because research shows that fat is burned all over the body, and not in certain areas. This is why your workout routine should target all areas of the body, and not just the stomach and surrounding areas.

Of course there is nothing wrong with doing as many sit ups and crunches as you please, just don’t do them in the hope of losing tummy fat. These are actually great exercises for strengthening your core, but for a flat stomach, stick with interval circuits.

How you do the interval circuit exercise matters a lot. If you do not use the right technique, then you are better off not working out at all, because you might even end up injuring yourself. Also, be consistent with your exercise: ten minutes a day is not too much to ask for, is it?

Flat Stomach | Weight Loss | Healthy Living

Now you know my two secrets for a flat tummy. Be sure to try them out, and wait to see the tummy fat disappear. It might take long before you see great results, but with persistence you will eventually see a transformation. Never give up; keep pushing on and your hard work will eventually pay off.


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