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What to Do Your First Day at the Gym

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Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

You might be intimidated from being judged when you are a newbie, but just remember that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so you need to get out of it and face your fears. Everyone was a newbie when he/she started and the key point here is to keep moving. You either face your fears and elevate, or you be daunted and turn your back….and believe me, you will miss a lot.


Always remember your goal and why are you here. Putting this in mind will keep you motivated enough to bust more and more out of yourself.

Whatever your goal is, hitting the gym for the first day is the first stair on the ladder of achieving your goal, so never be shy or daunted…Get in and push yourself to your new limits.


Having a gym in your neighborhood might not be your best option since it can be really crowded. Take a close look and don’t be shy to check the gym carefully as it will make a great difference if you are comfortable about it or not.

Go and have a tour in your neighborhood gyms and check them at busy times so that you make up a whole idea about whether you can tolerate the crowd or not. As technology proceeded nowadays, you can check any gym online or have a friend who acts as an online tour guide to show you the gym.

In addition, you have to choose the gym based on your goal. If your goal is to build strength and power, find a gym with a lot of free weights and plates and a wide free area to bump some heavy deadlifts, you might not care a lot about aerobics and cardio machines. If your goal is to do cardio exercises, pick a gym that has a lot of treadmills and stationary bikes so that you avoid being stuck in crowd to do your cardio exercises.


As we mentioned earlier, you can be intimidated in the beginning as everyone is already settled down and they know what they are doing and you still wandering here and there figuring out the gym. Well, the key point number 2 summed up a great deal here…the first gym tour is very healthy as it will not stress you in the scope of knowing where your mostly used stuff is.

Do not be shy to pose in front of the mirror or jump around after finishing a tough exercise. Try countering the feeling of being intimidated by being on your nature behavior.


What to Do Your First Day at the Gym | weight loss | health | diet | food | meal plan | workout plan | weight loss benefits | workout plan for beginners | gym motivation | gym tips for beginners | gym tips | gym workouts |

Having a buddy will make you feel better about yourself, you are not alone. A buddy will help you not feel intimidated by the monsters out there, because you are not the only newbie out there! You do not have to find a buddy to soon, but you will certainly find one.


Keep on remembering why you started and check your progress regularly. You will eventually start hearing positive comments and they will help you a lot as we are all result-oriented people. Read a lot of quotes and get those goose bumps before your workout.



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