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Why is Exercise Important?

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Exercise | Fitness | Weight Loss

Let’s make that dream body a reality! Our 12 week body challenge will change your life.

12-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Exercise not only improves health and energy, it also adds years to one’s life. The health benefits of a regular exercise schedule cannot be ignored and almost anyone can benefit from it irrespective of their gender, age or physical ability. Exercise not only prevents weight gain, it keeps the person more active to endure the obstacles of the day with ease. An exercise program should be maintained regularly and not be disrupted too frequently. This is not only ineffective, it also could lead to a lot of injuries with sudden bouts of hard exercises.

A lot of people assume that doing a tremendous amount of exercise will show faster results. Although it could, it could also damage the body and cause adverse effects such as loss of lean tissue, fitness level plateaus and muscle/tendon strains which could cause permanent damage to the body.

Why is exercise important? Here are a few reasons for exercising that could help lead a healthier and happier life :

Helps reduce and maintain weight :

A rigid exercise regime can burn a lot of calories and energy. This in turn prevents the food from being turned into fats to be stored in the body. Even the residual layers of fat stored are burned as energy which results in weight loss in most. The key to reducing weight is to burn more calories than consumed. It isn’t necessary to hit the gym every day to lose weight. Keeping oneself engaged in physical activity also helps burn calories and aids in uniform weight loss.

Helps prevent diseases :

Regular exercises help prevent a number of heart diseases , cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and a lot of other diseases at an early stage. Since the human body is created to constantly on the move, it needs a regular dose of exercise to function on a daily basis.

Improves Stamina :Exercise | Fitness | Weight Loss

Exercising also helps improve stamina by training the body to become more efficient in utilizing the energy for a work. In this way, as the person’s conditioning improves, it also normalizes the heart rate and the breathing rate to the resting levels quickly after engaging in any strenuous activity.

Strengthens and tones :

Lifting and exercising with weights helps develop and boost muscle mass, strengthens the bones and ligament for increased strength and endurance. Not only that, it makes the muscles more firm and toned and also improves posture making the person feel and look great as well.

Stops aging :

Research shows that people who exercise more tend to age slower than those who do not have an exercise regime since exercise helps in the reduction of inflammation that comes with age, along with a lot of other diseases.

Enhances Flexibility:

Stretching exercises help keep the muscles from getting too tight and also help posture by keeping the body limber in order to bend and twist better. This boosts blood flow to all the muscles and improving the flexibility also decreases the chances of injuries by improving balance and coordination. Stretching can help loosen the stiff back or neck muscles by applying specific stretching exercises to those spots before performing any rigorous weight lifting.

Here are a few types of exercises that can be incorporated into any exercise regime :

Cardio :

Cardio is a key element for anyone looking to lose weight. It is also best to start slow for a few days a week before increasing the difficulty level. A more experienced person can go for cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging or cycling according to their capabilities.

Weight Lifting:

For anyone looking to increase their muscle mass and attain a chiselled frame, weight lifting is the ideal exercise and is more effective if it targets the corresponding muscle groups on certain days. Since muscles cannot be trained effectively if they’re sore, focusing on certain areas provides time for the sore areas to recover.

Stretching :

Almost every exercise routine starts with stretching in order to get the blood pumping to all the parts of the body. Flexibility is key in order to get the body warmed up before and after a workout session.

Thus, exercising should be slowly incorporated into a routine and increased as one gets their body attuned to the training in order to achieve the desired results. Not only that; exercise also helps to reduce stress, improves mood and helps sleep better at night, thereby making the person feel fresh and energetic in the morning.


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